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Make public took the opportunity to complained. ZuoYuanChao say with smile: "don't worry, as soon as possible to help you solve!" He went on to make public spoke about this year's investment promotion task, the preliminary plan, investment promotion of investment promotion missions will do in the basis of last year doubled. Make public didn't feel this is what important event, in his view to attract investment enterprise reform than the difficulty of the small lot. But when he put most of the city's preliminary plan to do in the interior of the investment promotion meeting said, the whole investment promotion do immediately fry pan, the deputy director of the XiaoGuiTang for is, XiaoGuiTang loudly protested: "a director, last year we have completed the task of investment promotion very reluctantly, now to give us city doubled task, no consideration to the reality, we do business in only ten people, where so many investment recruit? A director, it must mbt shoes sale and above talk about." "About what?" XiaoGuiTang way: "of course is talk about the index, even if it can't keep down last year, also can't go up the index so much, we finished the task will deduct pay bonuses, if that's the index, and I'm afraid we these people a year to drink northwest wind......." Make public say with smile: "there is pressure will have power!" Several other name also in succession, deputy director of the filed a opinion, deputy director WangHaiQuan way: "the past dong, we of the director of the index rising investment promotion do most no have twenty percent." He say that finish this sentence and feel some wrong. Make public sneer at a way: "dong director been detained, she corruption misappropriating public funds, has offended the laws of the state, wang seems a good relationship with her!!!!!" WangHaiQuan red face the way: "colleagues, I'm just a hard-eyed!" Zheng, deputy director of the new hydrographic: "add a ten percent return about, if is one hundred percent, we simply to finish, since finished the task, we stay in the investment promotion do? Wait for a sham?" Make public say with smile: "today is New Year on January 3, has only just begun, you one by one they said the more discouraging words, I also wonder, investment promotion work so hard to deal with?

Is but the city added some tasks, you see you one by one sorrow." XiaoGuiTang way: "how can not sorrow? Now what age, be in WuJi FuKuaFeng, people have more bold in how much, I'd like to a river in investment promotion and capital introduction to, but I say out billions, I do get? I said go out, and who would believe? A director, you still deliberating once, and talk to the city, the index is not matter. Things" Make public heart this help the worldly play looked down upon the system operator, usually a RenMoGouYang, to do a specific work, soon suffer badly, ZhangYangDao: "you don't get to complain, and now is just a preliminary intent, haven't settle down, if DongGongYu does not have an accident, this year's mission would have come down, I understand that to you, at mbt kifundo that time in the city to task is the basis of last year by one hundred and twenty, now because DongGongYu an accident, considering the investment promotion of difficulty do, just to give you a twenty percent reduction, if not letter, who find left the mayor asked!" Few of the deputy director of the make public that also hear said the remarks stopped, ZhangYangDao: "is there, the city inside let us and do all moved to old former municipal party committee courtyard, office place ready, I go to see the environment, it is also good, we next week moved past!" XiaoGuiTang way: "so suddenly!" Make public say with smile: "all right, let's move past investment promotion in the day to do, in this office is not convenient!" He took up the folders on the desk "ke, this is he just a habit, says nothing can be more diversity. Few of the rose up and leave the deputy director of the small meeting rooms, went outside, deputy director ZhengXinHai walk to XiaoGuiTang side sigh a way: "it seems that this year's hard times." XiaoGuiTang way: "day fall down a big top, let's not take charge again, tube so much?" The make public accounting MengMei stayed, MengMei has received the notice of account thaw, her long sighs way: "finally!" These days she truly was afraid to make money. Can make public immediately now, the account thaw also not is what good thing, MengMei took a thick stack votes let him sign it, this is left over issues before, big officer person spent a whole afternoon, to find out that these tickets purposes, is preparing to sign yu, was knocked on the door gently。

HuYin she came in, she say with smile: "a director, is really rare, you could honestly stay in the office." Make public looked up the wall clock on the wall, this just know already diameter off work, I sigh a way: "vexed, true in with his mama be vexed, this investment promotion do business expenses really much!" HuYin she would say with smile: "how to just get tired of the office?" Make public nodded way: "I don't have a capable assistant!" He took those bills into the drawer: "home, leave!" HuYin's way: "I come over is to want to let you to do me a favor." Make public say with smile: "help you? As you have the need to, I must do my best!" HuYin radha to listen to his the implication, white his one way: "seriously, I want to please YuZiLiang, ZhouXiuLi couple when mbt unono we factory medical adviser." Make public want to down. After all, he and YuZiLiang or some friendship, oneself to mention this, YuZiLiang shall not refuse to already he'll give YuZiLiang dozen telephone, YuZiLiang with left? YongJun together, make public to during the river, he and left YongJun and medical cooperation for the things about several times, attitude is not as start so resolutely. YuZiLiang to make public the telephone, he was left with YongJun investigation mining bureau central hospital? Jiang city the first people's hospital just keep mining bureau to gobble up the central hospital, foreign say the power-and-power union, in fact mining bureau central hospital has become the first people's hospital river affiliated hospitals. YuZiLiang hear that, smile and promised to come down, make public the telephone to the HuYin radha, let her directly and YuZiLiang said, she would HuYin on the phone and YuZiLiang agreed to meet the talk the time. Put down the phone, she would HuYin happily collected, in make public face kissed a record. In make public stretched out his hand to embrace her to before, lightsome and turn around and returned just of the seat. Make public exclaimed: "for a while, you don't pay attention to how the action newsletter!" HuYin's way: "still not you taught that set of fighting skill, I practice every day!"

Make public ha ha laughed, and he teaches these confidante fighting skill goal is to let their self-defense, lest meet accident, now it one by one all made progress, wait until their internal strength with foundations after, can consider to teach some advanced fighting skill.HuYin's way: "I'll treat you to dinner!" Make public say with smile: "or the south lake the farm house!" HuYin she nodded, get up first left, and now is the time from work place in with politics, she inconvenience and make public counterparts. Make public office for a while in, this just downstairs start his jeep jeep driving to the gate, see DuTianYe walked to come over, because DuTianYe lives in the next government's in with a move, so he seldom labor driver, are walking back to place. Make public stopped a car window falling way: "du secretary, don't I send to you?" DuTianYe than with his kind, opened the door to sit in. "Where to? A?" DuTianYe a jolt neck way: "to find a place to drink!" Make public leng once: "the son so good interest? Don't go back to accompany your service stars?"DuTianYe stared at him: "SuYuanYuan caught a cold!" Make mbt sadiki black public say with smile: "I feel you today how free!" He drove to open the direction of the reservoir region south lake. DuTianYe also not ask him where to, put out the radio tuned to the local machine, is at this time broadcast news, now news also is not substantial content, DuTianYe heard two is boring closed: "you make a joyous to the dongjiang!" Make public smiled to get up: "I that but let's cadres, let's xu river by the minister can't let the people so humiliate!" DuTianYe way: "regard the secretary I scolded!" ZhangYangDao: "I see him quite good of, on this thing on our side!" DuTianYe way: "he said I, small collective organization bending over backward ideas too heavy!" Make public smiles to say: "good, and through this matter, you du cadre of river defend the interests of the image is set up, xu minister things, and let's unprecedented leadership solidarity river foreign." He said this DuTianYe listen to also couldn't help laughing: "you! What are your truth, right, XuBiao recovery?" "I don't see yao great things, then rest half a month is almost!"

DuTianYe nodded, and was about to speak, his cell phone rang, and it is from the SuYuanYuan, the telephone of SuYuanYuan nasal are very heavy, still worrying about the DuTianYe evening meals, DuTianYe heard her ill still does not forget to take care of their own thing, the in the mind it some moved, whispered: "don't worry, I have dinner together and make public, what your peace of mind for illness, rest for a few days, I don't consider the matter". Hung up the phone, see ZhangYangZheng with eyes of the corner of his eye he looked at her, some disgruntled stared at him: "what? Haven't seen the other people make a phone call?" ZhangYangLe: "call common, but du such a gentle call secretary of the first time I've seen." DuTianYe XiaoMa way: "your boy again, be careful of your nonsense I the position of!" "I don't believe, du secretary for integrity, selfless, how do the communique about nay?" DuTianYe laughed, and laughter did not lie, make mbt gil gil public telephone rang, it is SuXiaoGong call up and say, want to let make public about DuTianYe eat together, thank DuTianYe last save her thing. Make public listen and smile looked at DuTianYe, he promised: "so, you would have to go to the south lake farm house, she also went to the HuYin, night you please to have a meal!" Hung up the phone, DuTianYe cannot help but ask: "who? We two people eat don't need so selectmen?" "I said du secretary, I HuYin and she would almost have a meal together, is your hard follow ceng rice, as to who else to, with you all right?" See SuXiaoGong, DuTianYe also relieved to, SuXiaoGong say with smile: "du secretary, I have been looking for a chance to express gratitude, but considering you work too busy, can't scare you, today happened to have the chance, this meal must let me shout!" HuYin's way: "get, hong jie come, that I will put the treat the opportunities to you!" DuTianYe smiles to say: "now that sit together, everyone still only talk about friendship, other things don't ask!" He is not to suggest that SuXiaoGong secretary is hanged on the mouth. How SuXiaoGong sophistication, right away that the DuTianYe mean, smiles to say: "that I'd cry DuGe!"

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