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With the change of the quick, let's HuYin and make public have to admire, anyway, let's HuYin, the sound DuGe is anyway not shout of export. DuTianYe although heart feel some wrong, but didn't also objected, after all, make public here, there is no stranger, SuXiaoGong so call pour a nothing important also. Sue little mandarinate since: "eat what?" ZhangYangDao: "food I point, and burned the goose, the wild turtle stew, with four word vegetables!" SuXiaoGong this just think of yourself as wine fell in the car, got up and went out to take the liquor, back when holding a five pounds of wine with jars came in. Make public and DuTianYe winery is superior, from the jar will see that some of the different, DuTianYe took the altar wine, took a look, some astonishment way: "this altar wine can be a year." SuXiaoGong XiaoYingYing doesn't speak. DuTianYe put the wine jars looked it over, and lift looked at the bottom, is startled way: "this altar wine mbt kipimo have fifty years?" Chapter two hundred and fifty-nine 【 wine with the wind 】 Sue small mandarinate since a! "With more than fifty years, my grandfather to the past is woven factory. Sleep copy mouth wave win, wei he heard the news, specially for the altar wine, eight in old house buried up he said the war of resistance against Japan hit eight years, do not know to want how long can China recoveries, common people to live a good life. Then buried the altar when eight wine. Wine has ten years caches of, so well wine should be around 1935 brewing. To XiongNian liberation, my uncle, triumphant return. Grandpa opened an altar wine, closing of time, I two" come back, my grandfather and opened an altar. Soon the domestic political upheavals. My grandfather had been taken, and because of his illness plus heart grievances. Leave soon died, my uncle, they also because of my grandpa's things been affected, who don't recall also have six altar wine. Until after the end of the cultural revolution, my father was able to think of it, and in that time I remember father and two "opened an altar wine, two people got drunk and cry, laugh is not long, my father died, and my two" also passed away in 85, I also gradually forgotten about it. The first two days old house to tear open change, I suddenly thought of it, in the yard, dug up six altar wine, now have existed in the royal holiday wine cellar.

Today please DuGe for dinner, so I specially take a altar!" DuTianYe way: "so precious. I have some reverential awe!" Sue little mandarinate since: "you are my help benefactor, and an altar wine?" Make public have know SuXiaoGong good at communication, said SuXiaoGong are not the heart DuTianYe? His heart for DuTianYe p slow, after all SuXiaoGong and HongWeiJi things make your topic. DuTianYe political future good, can't be affected her. Make public say with smile: "I also like to drink, how don't you out for I drink?" Sue little mandarinate since: "last week just thought of things, you want to drink just to take!" Make public DuTianYe from received his that altar wine. Weighed the deal, then pat to la FengNi seal, a enticing bouquet elegant in the atmosphere. Make public in small bowl fall down a bowl, clear colour, fragrance pubi. DuTianYe great way: "good wine!" HuYin's boss will come up without cold dishes, at this mbt katika time, with a flowing out from under the snow. SuXiaoGong open steamer to HuYin radha and red wine on himself, she raised his glass way: "let's cheer today not drunk everything!" DuTianYe frank loudly way: "good!" He leans back stem this bowl of wine, and wine only feel them. Long pure, full-bodied soft, unrecoginized bouquet inward parts. A warm feeling of the womb stretch to spread. Instantly spread through the whole body, every pore feel comfortable. Make public is also a dry that a bowl of wine. Great way: "good wine! What good wine!" HuYin she would say with smile: "are you a cat, wine. Today let you meet good wine I'm afraid for a drop of not left." DuTianYe way: "good wine can't alone!" ZhangYangDao: "this wine made me suddenly thought of luoyang spring!" "Luoyang spring?" DuTianYe wine culture to absorb is quite deep, but also have never heard of this wine. He know what make public is in nostalgic? Make public say with smile: "accidentally drink to, small mill. Now was closed for years!" He is not to say false words, the distillery had closed at least to the one thousand years. HuYin radha and SuXiaoGong conversation and business related.

She HuYin because business reasons, has been listed as a sign the bill will be real holiday unit, to make your new SuXiaoGong a woman hairdressing club interested. The woman talked about beauty never stop. Make public and DuTianYe is chatting something else, ZhangYangDao: "your house to do have no?" DuTianYe nodded his head: "good, next week, this year Spring Festival move past lives I put all parents took it, and let my brother and sisters all of them to the Chinese New Year river!" Make public wanted to think, to a recent busy always had no occasion to ChunYang visits father and mother, also should take the time to go back to a trip. DuTianYe looked out of the window, it was dark. Heavy snow mountains and rivers will cover, everywhere is a snow-white scene. HuYin she whispered: "xue jing beautiful!" SuXiaoGong sigh a way: "it seems that tonight I royal holiday and no business......." Make public smile way: "snow day drink day, this weather drink most great but!" DuTianYe mbt nama think of is the snow will bring trouble river, the pressure of the department of transportation tomorrow of highways and big, the river traffic face under a lot of pressure, hope years later sanhuan road project completion after open to traffic, highway traffic conditions to improve. Make public and DuTianYe are mass, just two hours an altar wine has been they stem bottom up, of course, make public is the main force, DuTianYe also drink nearly 2 jins. He saw the snow still didn't stop signs, and got up and went way: "this go, otherwise the snow will FengLu......." ZhangYangDao: "I send you!" Sue little mandarinate since: "or I to send it. You drink so much wine not safe, feed, she would you send make public back!" DuTianYe also way: "you that jeep and then throw in here, and come back tomorrow open!" Make public point nod, SuXiaoGong has put his ", DuTianYe her forced Mr Car, snow is slippery, SuXiaoGong also dare not drive fast, after a long while, she just drive the big red audi sight of the path. She HuYin to make public to his jeep keys, the snow is so big, or the open buggies some be guided. Make public is just slightly JiuYi, smiles to say: "I have no matter son, drive no sweat!" She HuYin little track: "so heavy snow, let's not go back tonight!"

Make public leng leng, time and not the xi come over: "that what, what are you going to in the car? The car cold!" The HuYin RuGong face which cui way: "what a shame! You want to where go to!" She open the door started the jeep, make public also follow to drill in. She didn't tell HuYin and in SuXiaoGong's car after forced to leave, but to the opposite direction, along the south lake reservoir dam of careful progression, make public this just understand she is to go to small lake nanhu villa, make public say with smile: "there can live for?" She HuYin captivating smile way: "go to you know it!" Just a little way, HuYin pays for half an hour's drive, the wooden villa roof has been covered with snow, she would stop HuYin jeep, make public headed off down, but see wooden stand there quietly in between landscape, like a beautiful picture. She HuYin walking arm in arm with his arm, along the snow-covered road walked past, open the gate. Enter it, in the yard of everything by the snow cover, just built good pool is no water injection, is also covered with snow. She HuYin from take out the key in the handbag. Will mbt rafiki the door open, a stream of wood and the smell of it. Walk into the room, she took his palms, the hall light lit up, orange light, let just experience the storm's they felt a warm. The display of wooden cabins will also log primarily. Let a person feel the warm warm, make public in the sand to sit down, she would HuYin will be key to throw in tea table: "you have a rest, I go to kettle!" Make public nodded his head, he walked along the stairs to the second floor, there were three log cabin , Fu, two rooms. Besides have two bathrooms, two rooms the kitchen, the sitting room also small a baby; From the second floor of the sitting room door can pull to wooden platform, in the platform on, as far as the small lake nanhu kethleen 's5 small lake nanhu has completely the ice, it fell a thick layer of snow that looks like a flat a piece of white snow fields. Make public suddenly thought of, if the own confidante all around, that this is how of happiness, left hold right embrace, before the night, the life is so husband after what asks? HuYin she slipped into his back. The body of the make public embrace from behind, soft track: "it's cold outside, back to the house to go!"

Make public patted her back, two people together into log cabin, downy lamplight to bring people warm at the same time. A kind of ambiguity of the atmosphere also easily be out, sitting in sand, drank a cup of HuYin radha bubble good black tea, make public hand began to troubled on her activities up. She HuYin the glad eye such as silk, charming pressed to make public on the body, your breathing will become more rapid rise. Finally can't stand make public the damned hand, JiaoSheng way: "take a shower, sleep?. Make public certainly understand her in the words meaning, is preparing to go to the bathroom, his mobile phone rang, through to the phone, but GuJiaTong call you back. GuJiaTong haven't talk hit two sneeze: "make public, I'm at the airport!" Make public is not what she meant: "here, you don't snow rush back!" GuJiaTong way: "river airport, the plane delayed two hours, very not easy to fall down. This want to give you a surprise, the mbt moja airport shuttle bus and bad on the road, where are you, quick to pick me up!" Make public looked at HuYin radha, at that time do not know how to answer, leng carried a way: "I will go to pick you up, and right field road is?" Get in GuJiaTong affirmative reply after, make public have hung up the phone, said the heart trouble, HuYin radha and GuJiaTong struck a, the bowl of water tonight what DuanPing? HuYin radha expression but there are not any different, her soft track: "you take a shower? I to pick up beautiful tong elder sister, you drink, snow and big, drive not safe". She picked up the key on the tea table. ZhangYangDao: "you be careful." HuYin she would say with smile: "know, her face kissed a play written, rose up and departed. Big officer person breath, walk into the bathroom. Bubble is in bath crock put hot water, the mind at the moment and some dizzy, she would know he HuYin and GuJiaTong relationship, GuJiaTong also understand that he and she HuYin between the ambiguity, but this layer ChuangHuZhi finally still not crush, tonight or honest. , GuJiaTong in JiChangLu classy for nearly an hour. Now to see make public jeep to come over, she took the baggage from the bus went down. Open the door, to see their own is to pick HuYin radha. She wants to know HuYin radha and make public together.

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