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Say with smile: "how can he not come?" HuYin's way: "drink many, I worry about him drive an accident, so come over!" The vice GuJiaTong in settled in, whispered: "take-off time is good, the river is snowing!" HuYin's way: "you tonight for dinner, so his secretary du drink two cup, see snow, he didn't go. Tonight in the log cabin stayed." GuJiaTong nodded his head, did not speak. In fact, her to make public and the relationship between the HuYin she knew, also have long accepted it. But after all the two never in this issue discussed directly. HuYin she would also embarrassed to say, just openned a car to small lake nanhu silently the direction of the cabin. Because the snow, the bigger the so of the car is not on slowly, GuJiaTong way: "early know so, I will stay at the airport hotel, save trouble". HuYin RuQiao face a slight heat: "the good elder sister, don't trouble tong, log cabin just to build, you haven't seen!" "So fast?" "Well, that is the last time you to send in accordance with the plan of construction, in order to free the property right of trouble, hut is my name". GuJiaTong didn't mbt chapa gtx mind. She would feel HuYin can have the necessary explained: "I can at any time into your name." GuJiaTong insignificant say with smile: "feed, if she would mind if I, I will ask you to give me management pharmaceutical factory?. HuYin she would face a hot, it seems that but one's want to think more. At the beginning GuJiaTong in know make public and determine when to start chu relationship, have lost, but soon she was accepted the fact, she once tried to play alienated make public, not long before she realized her can't do it, in the brother after an accident, she thought of her first person is make public, may make public can't bring her marriage, but he brings his own security and warm feeling is that no one can replace. She is a HuYin reason awake the woman, her from the start in love with make public, have clear the position, well put her in the future and the relationship between the make public, she even see the make public problems. Want to solve some trouble for make public. Back to the villa, it was already midnight 12:00, make public have to sleep in the room. This let GuJiaTong and HuYin's comfortable many. HuYin she would give GuJiaTong arranged room, to the first floor room to sleep.

To GuJiaTong bedroom is the biggest one. Rush about a big, GuJiaTong really some tired, she lay in the warm baths, quiet quiet relaxing with his charming of hunman body, the door is pushed open. GuJiaTong surprised track: "who?" In the mirror to see make public slip of the smiling has come in, a pair of eyes looking at the GuJiaTong water vapor in the exquisite body jiao haunted, full of desire. GuJiaTong red the face which, will hand towel to throw the past him, make public and bath towel a off. Come on. Hands down in GuJiaTong smooth sweet shoulder, leaned over in her face kissed a record qiao. GuJiaTong cui way: "you not to drink more have been asleep?" "I pretend!" GuJiaTong anger way: "I am not river. You look no less do bad things!" Open arms GuJiaTong will mbt maliza make public body in the charming from baths held out, GuJiaTong out a scream, can immediately and shut your lips, fearing that voice drive HuYin radha. For GuJiaTong wrapped towels make public, smiles to say: "not afraid, the log cabin specially made sound insulation treatment, can not hear!" He GuJiaTong carry them in his bosom, and have put to shame and excitement. Put her arms around his neck, lips gather together in his ears bitten a gently, "I'm tired." Make public embrace her out of the bathroom, low voice way: "I came to help you relax!" GuJiaTong be him and put him in bed, and charming as mattess body ups and downs, before she pauses. Make public has EHuPuShi as blunt go up. GuJiaTong fine white jade arm stretched out, will berth lamp go out. Indoor into a darkness, she felt on a share on a cool idea, then make public burning Don't fear of the oppression. GuJiaTong tight live make public body, the dark feel slightly fierce jiang busy feeling newsletter full of himself, she couldn't help ah 1, begging forgi-veness must way: "you gently some" "No!!! I am a partial yokel!" GuJiaTong in his arm gently twist once, but matchless gentleness voice way: "what I like!" The snow fell silent, she would have HuYin go to sleep, but in the hazy, but felt someone came to your side. She is some surprising turned, almost scream, lips but was over, hear the voice of the make public way: "be me!"

HuYin's tight charming hindquarters this just relax, from the this fellow body state immediately she guessed he want to do what, red the face which cui way: "you don't honestly, not afraid Paul elder sister is back to know?" Make public say with smile: "she tired!" She HuYin quietly scold a way: "absurd, you play with enough" ah" Make public the HuYin bent down and kissed the's lips, warm hands touching her charming hindquarters, whispered, "strange, this wine is not SuXiaoGong add the aphrodisiac potion? I how so xing know, SuXiaoGong bring wine of course don't have any problems, make public so extraordinarily brave excited, not just because of the influence of alcohol, he tried to make GuJiaTong and HuYin radha both felt his love, he doesn't want to a single one of them felt left out in mbt raha the cold and feel his grievance. GuJiaTong woke up in his pyjamas came to the sitting room, and she would have HuYin now where breakfast, two people eye contact together, each other some blush, exactly what was born last night. Their heart is plainly, dark scold make public absurd and at the same time, also don't feel awkward. She would take the lead in HuYin broke this embarrassing atmosphere. Whispered: "he early in the morning to go to work!" GuJiaTong freely way: "is really energetic!" Spoken immediately feel some wrong, watching HuYin radha, HuYin's face has red, phase himself will also is same. Two people are all in business and waves. But last night the experience of this there has never been. When the relative alone could feel some shy and embarrassed. HuYin's way: "nothing to eat in the fridge, but also some eggs and instant noodles exquisite some!" GuJiaTong smiled, two people on the table relative and sit, each other's eyes fell on the other side of the powder above the neck, their neck are left a deeply kiss mark. GuJiaTong bite bite lips. Make public is really damn on top of the world, she can almost certain that he is intentionally. Specially for them a, mark. HuYin she whispered: "snow still didn't stop, if he does not give us dinner at noon, come over, I'm afraid we will be hungry belly."

"He is a bad thing!" HuYin radha sympathetically of nodded his head. Two people look at each other, understood each other heart in thinking about what, suddenly laughed together. Make public is also very happy, and although he didn't put HuYin radha and GuJiaTong ye together with big was sleeping, but two people from last night in light of the expression, certainly they have to accept the existence of each other, this is a very good start, make public the idea began to his future plan and, he began to see the harmony of hope. Heavy snow to the river traffic brought greatly inconvenience, make public from the south lake villa to municipal government office building, 10 km distance, witnessed the five accident. Road traffic has fully mobilized for, but still can't adapt to in a short time the lake-effect requirements, many enterprises and institutions and the organization from shoveling snow, the way you can see the ride from passers-by fall. The mbt pata snow buggies advantage was fully showed up, even so, make public came to the municipal government office building or spent more than forty minutes. What of the municipal party committee, yard in, all the way in front of the sweeping clean, but the snow was still in the sporadic, a little while the ground and covered the thin a thin. ZhangYangXian went to the former do, now director of the former MaHuaCheng do have several lad is lying in the central heating chat, ZhuXiaoYun see make public come in, surprise shouted to get up. Make public say with smile: "early morning, don't a surprised a first!" Busy to give his epoetin tea. ChenJian and HeShuLei two, each holding his over an arm please him to sit down. ZhangYangDao: "what? Really make me when strangers? I still do former vice director of!" The tea on before epoetin make public "zhang director, you now are in the heart save investment promotion do, recently didn't see you come here!" Make public ha ha say with smile: "you do I trust. Former now do on the track. Investment promotion over there, I do is virtually over there of course requires treatment!" When saying this heart not some satisfied, now holds the two big department is equal to the authority of scenery in many of the river is the degree ZhengChuJi cadre also not saw.

ZhuXiaoYun way: "zhang, the director of JiangLe can now, when the prestige of the party secretary, secretary after long-term political." Make public say with smile: "how?? Or you'll regret it SuJiang to pedal, now change in time!" ZhuXiaoYun red face cui way: "a director, which have so said family!" A group of people together to laugh. ChenJianDao: "a director, heard that enterprises do and investment promotion, do to move together?" Make public nodded way: "good, move to old municipal party committee, share an office building yard, and I would be convenient, province upstairs downstairs to HuiCuan." HeShuLei way: "a director, heard that DongGongYu the charges not light, like corruption many!" ZhangYangDao: "heel you have relationship?" HeShuLei shan shan say with smile: "it doesn't matter!" "Then don't ask, system speak???????" ZhuXiaoYun way: "every man own skunk. Which tube others tile cream!" Make public pointed to ZhuXiaoYun way: "something goes wrong ah, who taught you? Is SuJiang that mix son!" ZhuXiaoYun way: "tell him it doesn't matter, it is my own wu to come!" Talking and laughing all the time, MaHuaCheng clip broken umbrella to walk to come in, he and make public a. Hello, sigh a way: "snow and bigger, not so much a few years under the snow......." Epoetin mbt kaya way: "horse director sigh what spirit? Michael cover three layer is this year, next year under the head slowly. Good sleep!!!!!" MaHuaCheng way: "there is good and bad. In many places the power went out, everyone work isn't very convenient traffic department, under a lot of pressure." ZhuXiaoYun way: "what is director of the horse, think about is comprehensive cadre." MaHuaCheng smiled, and to ZhangYangDao: "investment promotion do there work? I heard that you add to the city this year a lot of task!" ZhangYangDao: "I used to think that do a beggar, former do can now look at, China merchants do is the real beggars do, special reached out his hand to others priest MaHuaCheng way: "now beggar WanYuanHu also many!!!!! I see those people in the square of begging, monthly income is higher than me!" ZhangYangDao: "China is so big, what people have, these phenomena to the much more." MaHuaCheng know do not good situation of the investment.

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