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Make public also ShiXiao was dumbfounded. He got up and offered GuJiaTong poured cup of black tea, put in his presence. Make public hold her hands, up her to pull down in his bosom, and took up her charming hindquarters let her sitting on his knees on, whispered: "how, recently belly pain?" GuJiaTong extremely enchanting saw his one eye: "since eat you gave me that after paying for a drug has good, you still really a gynecological Chinese poetry!" The smiling make public way: "not only that. Now you is true woman!" GuJiaTong red the face on him dozen once, arm hook in his neck, in his kiss on the lips a record little track: "strange, each time you are directly, but I why not pregnant?" Make public ha ha smiled to get up. GuJiaTong ashamed to be in public, malicious twist live his ear: "see you still dare to smile!" ZhangYangDao: "I use the internal force inactivated, these is on this kind of skill of few!" GuJiaTong red face the way: "I still think that you have a problem?" Big officer person ignore nu way: "incredibly doubt I have problems, like to try?" GuJiaTong scared to push his way: "don't be commit mbt tataga tomfoolery, somebody else not convenient!" At this time the secretary and HuYin bulletin said she would come. GuJiaTong from make public body up, into position to sit down, newsletter adjust clothing. HuYin she would walk into your office to make public smile, she walked up to GuJiaTong report of production. ZhangYangWang the GuJiaTong and HuYin's intimate conversation, between two people with such a tacit understanding, it gives birth to sense of comfort in the heart, this is state, this is expected to open the border of the officer person. The report's HuYin after, turned and walked away, when to make reasonable avoidance, in her heart clear. HuYin after she would go, GuJiaTong out of a piece of bank from handbags to ZhangYangDao: "this card. You take the first to use. Make public some wonder way: "what? Really make me when to eat dinner?" soft" GuJiaTong say with smile: "which have? Let's pharmaceutical factory you are a shareholder, although in science and technology manufacturer equity material on there is no indication of it, but I will not something for no reason greed not something that belongs to you."

ZhangYangDao: "we're still between each other?" GuJiaTong very earnest of say: "although regardless of each other, but this is your money, even if you take the money to spend on my own, will also give money to you!" She insisted that it card handed it to make public, little track: "but card is my name, avoid someone in this fuss!" She's very thoughtful consideration to make public. Make public say with smile: "the good elder sister, there have made much money?" GuJiaTong say with smile: "I actually give you is not much, according to the several drug sales ten percent of the profits to pay!" ZhangYangDao: "how many?" GuJiaTong way: "it's now two hundred thousand, according to current sales, there should be a year will be no lower than one million!" Make public a scare, I depend, the incredibly so easy to earn money, oneself muddleheaded became a millionaire. He put the card away, smiles to say: "the noon eat what? My treat! The river hotel casually you point!" GuJiaTong was he the BaoHu appearance laugh: "however, you still don't too high....... Is, after all, let people know six mouth as your ridge mbt staka beams is bad to say 2 d bone!" Make public nodded his head. GuJiaTong again way: "you don't have to work today? Not to say that do very busy merchants?" Make public took recruitment things said to her, GuJiaTong cannot help but say with smile: "GuangZhao wise men really is a good thing, but you so hiring the lack of clear purpose, I give you a suggestion!" Make public is sincere forward owed the owe body: "please gu always know!" GuJiaTong say with smile: "the real said to make investment promotion, first you have to have a wide range of contacts, this, you a considerable advantage, I, feed, and chu's collected, even including those friends around you. No matter which one can do you do work investment promotion." Make public nodded way: "or simply go? Do I Ming gets!"GuJiaTong way: "you honest point listen!" Big officer person sit right away. GuJiaTong way: "we can give you as a consultant at ordinary times, can help you to pay attention to the information in time. And these messages to you; but do the work, specific investment we are not the time and energy for all my friends, this talent is in existence. She open a drawer, take out their own address book. Find a person's name. Show make public looked at the way: "often LingFeng, Japan waseda university international trade, Ph.D.

In Japan, the famous enterprise work for many years, and now due to illness back out. I just was established in pharmaceutical companies have considered him, but he has no interest in business too much, he good family, parents are the dongjiang river, university of science and technology, the elder brother often old professor volley is Nancy city standing deputy mayor, my father was very appreciate his LingFeng. Often this year 29, is said to have had never, who filled the pursuit of money is not high, and body is not good, now the main speak on calligraphy and painting of energy, painting is a good picture, write a good word." ZhangYangDao: "this is talent ah, good tong. Help me contact his sister!" This fellow quite a bit for taste. GuJiaTong say with smile: "well, LingFeng are often very reputed visits, I this case? The Buddha will help you to contact him!" She picked up the phone, call and tell before make public: "this person horizon. Although I help you mbt wave high contact, but cannot guarantee that he will be ready to help you." ZhangYangDao: "no problem, I was always good! Convince him, I justify confident enough!" At noon on the make public and GuJiaTong together in the south for the work next to the temple SuCaiGuan contained fete often LingFeng. Big officer person is not like a vegetarian, but in order to show their sincerity, but also because KeSuiZhuBian. Often LingFeng figure is not high, people are very thin, pale and appearance some malnutrition, even in the hotel, he still wore dark glasses, it makes the person feels some distance, make public began to suspect that such a person will have what skill? GuJiaTong for him and often LingFeng introduced later. Make public the initiative and often LingFeng shook hands often LingFengDao: "I photophobia problem again, so where are with dark glasses, the two don't mind." GuJiaTong way: "often sir, you body or bad?" Often LingFeng wry smile way: "home for illness one and a half years now, not only have no signs of improvement, but worse! Now body joints everywhere, these bones pain if you meet YinYuTian is unbearable." He looked at the table vegetarian dishes way: "having a meal also is a gross. I live to animal. I to this point, have no fun." GuJiaTong way: "Mr. Often, I bring a director is specially trained you come!"

Make public nodded way: "yes, I am responsible for investment promotion do work, specially river please often over to help Mr!" Often LingFengDao: "I and gu always friends of many years, her face of course I want to, but a director, you can see I now body state, it was not suitable for work. But regardless. Since then, and I always will carry some of their own view!" To make public LingFeng often fall for a drink, often LingFeng incredibly even drink also don't drink, he only drink boiled water, in make public opinion, often LingFeng this kind of person all to no life fun. Often LingFeng took mouth cold boiled water way: "I am idle bored, talked about the economy, in fact river river reform of the roads or good, open area construction, improve the traffic. It is said that immediately and to improve the railway station, built the airport, saying that to become rich first roads, only good traffic environment, can better attract more and more merchants to mbt habari come to. But the river economic let me feel optional sex is too strong, may be you city leaders are anxious to show's sake, east a hammer of west a wooden stick, let's open area, it now to open OuDeZhan river all to no key! Lanshan economic open area main high-tech, dongjiang economic open area main electrical appliance industry, and do you open the main river area is what brand?" This sentence to make public the ear WenZhu, in his opinion as long as it is to the investment is, of course, the more the better. Which would also consider the problem of what flagship brand. Often LingFengDao: "highlight the key do the special features. To find the shortcut to the show!" ZhangYangDao: "highlight the key will let investors think we open area to do for your single?" Often LingFeng say with smile: "the samples as well as fine, do something, mark on both at home and abroad. The other relevant industries need not spend too much effort, will then show up." GuJiaTong way: "that main pharmaceutical!" Often the LingFengXiao shook her head: "must consider the characteristics of the place itself the most advantage, to seize the industry, it is possible in the shortest possible time to achieve maximum effect, create the strongest influence."

Make public is like have feelings, respectful way: "Mr. Chang. Please consider, can we do to investment promotion work?" Often LingFengDao: "not that I don't want to, but my body condition not allowed." ZhangYangDao: "I was a nasty temper, so also can't play out of the organisation, Mr. Often, as long as you promise to help me. I do investment can ensure that let you in a month to restore health. Body state all returned to normal!" Often LingFeng little surprised at make public, he thinks that make public is in great to know him to her illness, visited countless famous doctors, finally do not have any effect, but make public the haikou so unexpectedly boast. This is not exaggeration??? What??? GuJiaTong but don't think make public is in great boasts. The ability to make her more than anyone to clearly, an internal force can be used to destroy the people live sperm. On these and is there anything he can't do? Thought of here GuJiaTong a mbt shuguli gtx heart beating up pleased, by this fellow to go wrong, this time should think of it. GuJiaTong inner adjusted mood, often to LingFengDao: "often sir. That I can help a director, he will testify qigong is very severe of!" Often LingFeng say with smile: "I don't ZhangYangDao: "I'm not. Is the what qigong martial arts, you take medicine this disease is cured, must from within the internal strength training, use condition, I teach you a meditation pranayama method, you as long as you follow my ways to do that. I can guarantee you a month is to restore a normal." Often LingFeng see he said so sure. It also some believe, he whispered, "really?" Make public nodded. "Mr. Often willing to help me?" Often LingFengDao: "if a director really can cure me of problem, I must go to investment promotion do, help you!" "One!" Zhang: big officer will do persist, the day after dinner. The LingFeng often brought to his own house, he would be in the shortest time to obtain LingFeng often trust, must want to take out the can give him credit means. He let often LingFeng take your coat cross legs sat down, the LingFeng often sit behind in the, in the often LingFeng vest to finger holes, air inlet, lung, heart, instruct yu yu yu, fat, liver, spleen yu yu yu, stomach yu, triple warmer, kidney yu yu, qi hai shu point all the way, from BaiHuan yu yu turn up to the waist has been point to the way, wait for a way of acupuncture point time, change to stick in the palm, a stream of vigorous heat flow from LingFeng often a way through the rolling into the hole.

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