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Originally just feel a little LingFeng often pain. Can make public to internal force into, he felt like a fall of fire, general burnt and clinking.For a while kung fu, the body have already is sweating. Show off their own make public effort to dispel the internal force of the chill his body, although loss some really yuan, but often LingFeng, it is the only way to do just have the largest persuasive. Actually make public that less than LingFeng often start the role of disease eradication, often LingFeng have now of the disease, and his predisposition, think to basically solve, must improve the internal organs of uniting the constitution. Even so, ZhangYangYong internal force in LingFeng often run three body meridians circulation, also let LingFeng often feel cable car glides body, opened his eyes. Just like MengYi reacted like a sigh of relief, besides the sunglasses. Only feel eyes also can adapt to the light. Make public is smiling to stand up, took a clap your hands a way: "have to feel much more comfortable?" Often LingFeng activities once arm, this activity freely he no longer feel. Full of surprises mbt pia way: "really feel much more comfortable!" Make public say with smile: "what you call the disease is not healing stone can solve the problem, only to practice internal force, with some basic training, drug therapy, like this can completely solve the problem." LingFeng often to make public words have believed eighty percent, he nodded way: "a director, I wonder if you would like to receive the disciple I?" ZhangYangDao: "often sir polite, or that sentence, as long as you will come to help me, I do investment free teach you a set of internal strength method, we also wouldn't name a pupil, when friends!" Often LingFeng be boring pains for so many years. Have been longing for the can like normal person life, meet make public, finally let him see the hope of recovery, inner beggared description. Often LingFeng not the common person, he certainly know make public won't help of the something for no reason, the young a director is to want to get his return. Often LingFengDao: "a director, I promise to help you, but do business the people I have always free to lax. May you system suitable for me, I hope that life is not you to make sure that I freedom."

Make public say with smile: "no problem, as long as you can help me to do well, other investment promotion and capital introduction section of it doesn't matter problem!" Often LingFengDao: "have you this sentence, I trust!" Actually make public at present LingFeng how confident or not often, but GuJiaTong since LingFeng so often to esteem, prove this man shall not simple. Despite other silent, just his degree, Japan waseda university international economics doctor, this is not the ordinary people want to. Make public have recently begun to more and more value to degree up. He himself is now a correspondence undergraduate course in, graduated from a period of time and distance. For wide officer person, then handed over to a set of meditation LingFeng often takes time, often LingFeng are studying hard, but apparently he didn't say how much talent, very simple a meditation. Teach him two whole. Hours have grasp the key points. Four o 'clock mbt kisumu in the afternoon, make public received a phone call to epoetin epoetin show your nervous, "zhang, the director of the bad, the hiring too much. For discontent, recruit personnel had conflict between import, playing up!" Make public is wrinkly to knit the brows, surprisingly finally still made things, he whispered, "are there not the police? Start out, I'll go back to control processing!" Often LingFeng heard something born shortly after said to make public the past and look together. Make public now live from old municipal party committee not far. Less than ten minutes arrived there, see two or people surrounded the old municipal party committee meeting outside, the recruitment confusion, because now factory gave birth to fight. And temporary transferred to 20 of the police, the situation has been basic control,, the cause of the riot is very simple, that is some people waiting impatiently. So each other had conflict. Hundreds of five people were all temporary control up, JiangLiang came to the scene, saw make public. He waved to, make public walked past: "how are things?" JiangLiang wry smile way: "really have you! You what job fairs, even a person released after serving his sentence to join in the fun!"

Make public leng: "the situation? A?" JiangLiang pointed at the corner of the squat down a bald way: "this guy named GuoDongYi detention, three years out of the network for a month, now also to you here. You can apply for investment promotion do enough cow!" Make public a listen to the fire, according to GuoDongYi butt is a feet, GuoDongYi tread down to the ground. JiangLiang flurried stopped him: "what?" GuoDongYi bellow way: "the police a hit. The police a hit!" JiangLiang nu way: "give me to shut up, you still want to go in?" GuoDongYi was he a fright, honesty closed his mouth. Make public GuoDongYi nose pointing to scold a way: "I recruitment signs written out neatly, bachelor degree or above, major in you his mama graduate from primary school not incredibly also dare come over the abuse? Super sucks!" 【 YaNa style 】 chapter two hundred and sixty Book east righteousness despise way! "Cat" jin is a hot spot cat. Consumption as long as mbt haraka stroke, disorder "to investment. You tube what I graduated?" JiangLiang up in his head light took a slap: "be you this the bear kind, you can also pull to investment. Nowadays braggart don't declare dutiable goods?" GuoDongYi "hum, no longer speak. JiangLiang and make public went aside, he whispered, "see no. For the good and evil people mixed up, I doubt among was deliberately trick or treat you this job fairs, come so, was sure to get down that thing, maybe someone already against on it. "His words not finished, make public telephone rang up. The municipal party committee secretary DuTianYe direct phoned in. Roars way: "make public, what are you up to? LuanDanQin, fast into the job fairs, hurriedly give I joke ended up!" Make public well with me. He stood to the distance of the LingFeng often went, bad consciousness smiled say with smile: "now the scene in a bit of a mess, you join this big collective investment promotion do the mood is too urgent, so just appear for some unexpected situation." DuTianYe way: "you can really do, recruit better turn into a, nets to investment promotion to fisticuffs I toss out so much things!" "Du secretary of trust, I deal with it as soon as possible!" Make public hung up the phone, to LingFengXiao often laugh: "someone has here....... Things go up tong"

Often LingFengDao: "people come to so much. Recruitment standards to improve! The bank above is really too much." ZhangYangDao: "that will improve to graduate student degree!" Often LingFeng say with smile: "that to need not, so it's hard to find the real (tecoda recruitment is talent, or else or according to the English level come, requirements and English level is high degree, others first screened!" ZhangYangDao: "how to recruit?" Often LingFeng looked at the crowd, smiles to say: "two or people just, a director, we come, let others help maintain order! More than a hour should be able to fix!" Make public and often LingFeng came to PingWeiXi sit down, the others all were sent to maintain order, often LingFeng let to apply for one of the personnel in long lines before mbt sapatu came to epoetin at the gate is responsible for screening, bachelor degree once, phased directly, even if is such site left more than one hundred and thirty people. A player came to PingWeiXi before, often LingFengDao: "you have what special features?" "I'm familiar with languages, Britain, France, Germany and Italy and Japan!" Often LingFengYong Japanese greetings from a, and with Italian said 1, that player am tongue-tied, often LingFengDao: "go!" Two words have put out another. The next nets just went up, make public JiuDao: "go!" The players some not pleasure: "how to don't ask let me go?" ZhangYangDao: "you look like wouldn't meet my aesthetic standards, can not pass the interview!" This reason seem high-handed actually reasonable, if get investment promotion do, big officer person day watching the slanting melon crack the appearance of the date, the mood is hard to comfortable. The next a player English is good, that works in a bank, can often LingFeng asked a professional problem let his words, natural escape out of fate. Often LingFeng performance to make public, all this surprise, from the situation, he intimately familiar with at least seven countries or more languages and his financial accounting, economy, management all be called master, so the scene appeared English department, Japanese is the professional graduate is he asking too sails, financial management department of gao just before him depressed scene.

Make public and often drink tea LingFeng smiling. They offered little rest, the 21 people, estimates that less than half an hour to fix, make public have a premonition. With the standard of LingFeng often, today for the personnel to, I'm afraid of a pass all have no. ZhuXiaoYun replace epoetin shout number: "the number! ZhangRuiRong!" Make public looked up, it is a man in a simple girl, she was wearing a blue sportswear, chestnut plunge a ponytail, on the face and no makeup, although there is no QingChengQingGuo beauty, can also be called on the above the average, particularly difficult is looks pure, not many woman body of the world's taste. She look very calm, often LingFeng looked at her material, top write is flying years old, fudan university international financial professional, English level six level. Often LingFengYong English greets her a, ZhangRuiRong answer very fluently. Often LingFeng smiles to say: "young lady, besides English mbt ema chapter you still have what special features!" ZhangRuiRong in Korean way: "South Korea words. I walk in the streets of Seoul, others won't listen to my are foreigners!" Often LingFeng also use Korean way: "just say a few words of Korean is not what special features!" ZhangRuiRong way: "I will drink, can sing, can run jeet kune, can dance, I learned to international financial, when the graduation result in the same period the first rank in the graduates, and these are all true." Often LingFengYong English asked ZhangRuiRong a economic problems, ZhangRuiRong answer in English Flow. Often LingFeng satisfactory nodded, pointed to the side chair way: "come and help me to arrange material!" ZhangRuiRong shows light smile and often LingFeng so means she has through the investigation. Less than half the time when the next in LingFeng often and the rest of the people examine again, to incredibly and selected and to a man named ZhouYi young man. Because conditions do not conform to the investment promotion others do requirements, all be eliminated. The hiring of the day after completing a job, is already at p.m., make public looked at the time.

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