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AnDeHeng behind a way "zhang director, or you rest, I'll drive." Make public wanted to think, indeed as expected to stop the car, and AnDeHeng in a position, Ann language morning also came to the back, to make public a left a right to hold the elderly, homes for the eyes always looking out of the window, looking at the home of the scenery, he finally gives birth to the eyes of whimsical little warm, people in the most sad sad time, only to his hometown and relatives to the comfort. Homes for the hometown of attachment for, like make public of big sui dynasty occasionally, he is an orphan, playing I can remember in teacher zhang side with learning fighting skill of healing, the master died, he just walked out of the mountains to changan, where his fame chicken on, just like a comet rise in the following, make public think of yourself unlimited scenery, although do not wake the palm right, but ZuiWo shut people knee every day to practice must be is the homework, think of the past indulgence and natural and unrestrained, lenovo to now intertwine and contradictions, and big officer person involuntary mbt kisumu 2 sigh, times of different feelings to the concept of the different caused, oneself in the s is still a heterogeneous, want to be in this age of mixed fish in water and ease, can't compete with The Times, but also can't blind to this age rules, he will walk out of its own characteristics of a road, this and the major policies of the state or in compliance. Underwood newest but pretty good, in tight slow 18 plate bend technology demonstrations incisively and vividly, ZhangYangXian this fellow still has a lot of advantages, mature steady, a successful career, handsome many gold,'s fighting skill, driving also so good, but the more so, opened the more officer person feel uncomfortable, this is a strong rival ah, he apparently QinQing produced a wave of involved heart, make public silently make up your mind, let's communist party to the generations of capitalists never any chance, and he wants to protect the QinQing, avoid bourgeois ideology to let's communist party female cadres corrosion and temptation, fundamentally eliminate the possibility from the way is to QinQing laid hands on as early as possible, from the mind and body double conquer her, thought of here, opened the officer person corner of the lip involuntary emerge a sinister smile.

He has been observing the Ann language morning surprised track, "make public, you laugh well sinister!" "Is there?" Sitting in the middle of the elderly incredibly nodded his head. Make public their place is arranged in the village behind the home of qinghe built, old LiuChuan oh originally heard that AnZhiYuan party a will to New Year's day, or played very resist, but he also embarrassed blows the make public face, special make people ready, each room soil grain is burned a hot, anyway, he can't go on show up, so that their contact with life, the enemy killed father!!!!! Old party even though, a communist party member, also can't be good for bad mind, but he killed his father and the enmity between the SAN also is the thing, what would be on the head of AnZhiYuan also are far-fetched. Homes for the living environment of satisfied, sitting on the patio can see for I tall green yunfeng, here is his native land, at present of scenery so kind so real, settled in the elderly, make public unloading the special purchases from, he will need to return to the county, with his family, and LiChangYu tomorrow after a will and come mbt panda back here. Ann language to this morning was the peasant yard, things to see see, turned about again, have returned to make public side way, "we'll stay here to eat, how to solve?" Make public say with smile, "I told LiuDaZhu said, he would come later cook!" Speaking LiuDaZhu has come in, his enthusiasm to make public the hello way, "a director, AnXiaoJie come!" LiuDaZhu follow make public to Beijing after a lot of eyes open, don't like it used to have their blind hatred, he also understood that the enemy would have said in the past, but now they are all in the ninety s, the state promotes stability and unity, all in the economic exhibition is given priority to, make clear to taishan bring investment, bring economic benefits, change the face of poverty hometown, LiuDaZhu up as a magnanimous attitude should take out, this is called mind. Make public and to LiuDaZhu dictated it, let him must take good care of their basic necessities, LiuDaZhu nodded way, "zhang, director of the trust, you to my thing, I certainly to complete all!

Must won't let you down!" LiuDaZhu is a grateful, if not make public, and now he is in this ShanGouGou nest inside here, is make public take, he went to Beijing, become the peasant small courtyard chef, had a let folks the envy of income, this year went home to home technically still added a shadow color TV set, garment jin RongGui nothing more than that, even his dad LiuChuanKui also so proud, mentions the son, now the most often say word is, this really have this ability came. Chapter one hundred and twenty-five of the pain and happy 】 In the afternoon LiChangYu thirty-five to reach ChunYang, at this time the sky has started to float up light snow, make public in the snow has let two elder brothers before ZhaoLiWu opened a business the family sent advance in the past, he one left, etc LiChangYu come over. LiChangYu open is one of the river city government santana, he also didn't think halfway will snowing, from the vehicle, frozen straight rub hands: "make public, morning in the city held a's, so just came to night!" Make public jolly nod, from LiChangYu of this sentence have heard out, lee vice mayor mbt imara and begin to take part in the city the leadership of the top political activities, this is a heartening. He with the inside of the old Sue the route and GeChunLi dozen hello, pointed to the park in the nearby mitsubishi jeep way: "or the open jeep go, snow, or the open buggies safety." LiChangYu a the things, come out and the jeep. The jeep is from ZhaoXinWei bo wei make public garage temporary borrow to come out with, in very good condition, the most suitable for running snow mountain roads. GeChunLi and Sue get along very well of the old, sister-in-law two chat on the happiness and laughter from time to time. Make public while driving to LiChangYu way: "LiShu, I heard you the head?" LiChangYu light smiled to smile, he whispered, "thanks to the gu secretary... also thanks to you." LiChangYu no secret of make public appreciation. Make public say with smile: "let's family also forget it!" A LiChangYu of a warm heart. LiChangYu nodded, looking out the window of the personal snowflakes, low voice way: "you interested in river back to work?"

Make public YiZheng slightly, the heart is a joy, it seems LiChangYu is to honor to whom honor is due, he in Beijing office although feel comfortable mix away, can after all that reflect a power unit pomp, big officer person can't find any officer of pleasant sensation, he want to further improve, he want to be in the official to another level, then scurrying to nod. LiChangYu way: "I want to transfer you to the market opened, and river tourism administration competent river tourism administration work. The tourist drive your business, are relatively easy to get better at." "Tourism administration market open place!" Big officer person heard the unit somewhat disappointed, ChunYang tourism administration he is clear, is CaoTai team at a, overstaffing, then government, usually, even the year-end bonuses are not to come out. Want to come to the river is no better, after all fundamental not tourist city river, every year to travel here basically go GuoLuKe, you want, who will be coach outlet store online coming to a severe pollution heavy industry base of tourism? LiChangYu see the loss of make public, smiles to say: "after this exhibition will be the river tourism priority, you do not look down upon tourism open." "I didn't look down on, I knew, no difficulty work you will not to me to do, who let me have the ability to come!" This fellow never modesty. LiChangYu burst into laughter. Back seat the GeChunLi say with smile: "make public, tourism administration but a beauty of a place that you go to there is not soon!" LiChangYu say with smile: "ChunLi, you don't teach bad he, I let him go to work, not let him go to love!" The snow, the bigger the make public can't speak distracted, attention focused on the pavement ahead of, because of the sleigh was slow, fully opened more than two hours to come to home d Home gate hanged two string of red lantern, give home smooth added a few minutes of festive atmosphere, make public the family has arrived, ZhaoTieSheng XuLiHua there ready to special purchases, ZhaoJing see a car coming, jumping to meet up, get off the LiChangYu, kind of call way: "who!" LiChangYu laugh, GeChunLi took out a prepared to ZhaoJing red envelopes, ZhaoJing and sweet let out a cry: "let them know!"

A group of people were all laughing, GeChunLi although commonplace scenes, but couldn't help some red face, she and LiChangYu is not a name, hear ZhaoJing so call heart is happy and shy. XuLiHua came to Sue arm in arm in old meet. ZhaoTieSheng is only an ordinary worker, know today come of is all great men, even words will not say, only know station giggle. AnDeHeng an umbrella, and pushing elderly were out to admire the snow. LiChangYu to voluntarily walked elderly home, before the elderly to squat, holding the hands of elderly thin way: "elderly! Remember me?" AnZhiYuan smiled and nodded: "lee vice mayor!" LiChangYu way: "come here to New Year's day is a family, you call my long yu line!" All the time... etc.to home, Ann language to the back of the make public the guard in his on a blow to zhu, dozen of make public almost ChaQi, nu way: "girl, you had a problem!" Ann language morning whispered. "say stir not official. You pour good, standing vice mayor are reputed to get!" Make public say with smile: "he is my sister, who is of, by!" "For you is to us by, is an officer!" Ann language morning some gas is not suitable. Two people talking, Sue and XuLiHua old stand far off stare, Ann language morning immediately feel two of his elders with critical of look in the eyes, face which couldn't help herve leger dress red up, make public is aware of this, dragged her to Sue the old XuLiHua and front, say with smile: "Sue big niang, mom! I'll introduce you to them!" Sue old smile very reluctantly: "no introduction, I know, and impressed... I went to the kitchen to cook!" XuLiHua also smiled turned to follow. Ann language morning lips couldn't help jue up, spirit in the snow off the stamp foot a way: "as for? A see me full of disgust, as if I hang out with you like!" Make public of hippies smiling face looking at her. Ann language morning nu way: "look! Look! See fart! Do you have any good ah, each one when you baby like, I just despises you!" "Wenches. Not ah, we are teacher and pupil, how can you link to it?" Ann language morning then realized he slip of tongue, qiao blush with shame of the more severe and twist to grandpa there ran past.

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