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DuTianYe stared at him way: "you little boy to me nonsense! You think everyone like you?" He intended to board up face way: "say, you how Xin yan with how?" "Innocence, pure, a glass of water, said out certain to let you down!" DuTianYe shook her head. "I don't believe in! Your boy had better give me the convergence points, is my niece collected, if you dare I'm sorry she, I first not let you!" Make public cough a track: "I said, I just talk of du on where to? How do you to women so interested?" DuTianYe ha ha smile 1, end up with glass he touched, will the rest of the wine to drink a dry, employed a peanuts into his mouth: "you to ZuoYuanChao and LiChangYu how see?" Make public lean back on the back: "bad to say, they all have strengths and weaknesses. LiChangYu mbt meli practical, but things tend to be conservative cautious, ZuoYuanChao long run, but do things some radical!" DuTianYe way: "as far as I know your private feelings and said LiChangYu better, it is he brought you out of the hand ChunYang promoted up." Make public point nod, think of yourself and LiChangYu during the past was between Sarah laughing in the heart. If not LiChangYu and GeChunLi peep of cheating in the river, he made the mistake of the met, would not walk into political career? And if not LiChangYu in, now has become too came. ZhangYangDao: "for good, but I LiChangYu he many times not to do some force! It is a lack of final drive!" "ZuoYuanChao?" "He for the past me, but since the last and lanshan competition national economic open after the things. Of my attitude improve!" DuTianYe smiled to get up: "that's because. Now a lot of people know that you are the governor's future son-in-law, song or deputy prime minister of the godson!" Make public say with smile: "also is not just this reason, I estimate that he didn't want to and I am afraid of me, mainly is in him and LiChangYu competition on the issue of mayor tamper with." DuTianYe nodded way: "you make to break skill is the first-class!" ZhangYangDao: "you asked me so many do you want to do in their two people in a choice?"

DuTianYe way: "the two men are not too much suspense, LiChangYu used to get their appreciation, secretary of the river can be the other day, to GuJiaTong accident sanhuan road brought some trouble, this made the gu secretary was not happy. LiChangYu although river in tourism to make some contribution to the river, may to the old industrial base for. The leaders would like to see is not the result of tourism industry, but each big enterprise change!" ZhangYangDao: "you are to say LiChangYu catch the wrong key?" DuTianYe way: ", he could have different functions in education and medical make some achievements, but his luck and seem to be not too good, education system, medical system had an accident, couple of things make him the impression in the province is much mbt tembea worse!" Make public low voice way: "you to his impression also not good?" DuTianYe way: "I spoke to him the impression still can. At least one can withstand the investigation of the commission for discipline inspection, the volunteers in the party spirit in principle not too many Ran problem! But I now he is rare in female six words, such as what you said just now, he works for thousand cautious. Will and set aggressive reform is, a careful person. It's hard to do lead the burden of this reform. ZuoYuanChao person is different, he is missing * point, the look LiChangYu greater than, and he always is make economic background!" Make public say with smile: "you not afraid he robbed you stole the show. This kind of words? And only he dare to ask out. DuTianYe say with smile: "I wish he robbed me of my thunder, as long as the reform of the river to make up, the economy can get real exhibition, rob some thunder?" ZhangYangDao: "you tend to ZuoYuanChao reason is because LiChangYu is HongWeiJi factions of the people? You don't want to use him?" DuTianYe way: "is not don't want to use, but to consider how to use, again say the mayor's candidate I said is not! Only to advice! I tend to ZuoYuanChao was the real reason for the leadership, he is better than the relationship LiChangYu, want to lead a team, the government must be able to will be a very good cadre unity around themselves.

Of course this is only in their initial impression, a lot of things to come and see later on ZhangYangDao: "have no much time, and, after a year's NPC!" DuTianYe say with smile: "YanXinJian is a doer, his mind not XiaoMing flexible, but this man have bear!" Make public heart dark joy, if oneself DuTianYe this in the comments told YanXinJian, I'm afraid, vice mayor of music and the strict to sleep. DuTianYe chat xing is strong, can make public starts her yawn: "not line, I could not support the, have to go back to sleep." DuTianYe but way: "here are guest room. You can stay here with me talk more for a while!" "That what DuTianYe say with smile: "you somehow is also a national cadre, have to pay more attention to the impact "I didn't do it out of bounds, you don't use the color with the glasses watch me not?. " The second day early in the morning, zhang coconut six was DuTianYe from slumber, this is to let his secretary du with to green yunfeng? Make public mbt tariki looked at the time, but at five o 'clock in the morning, and shook her head. "are you energy excess, sleep so late last night, the son and got up early!" "Early to early in the afternoon, I'm going back to ChunYang open area see!" Make public having either way: "early know so let your driver to be with you." He first to any Xin yan a call, about what Xin yan together up the hill. Wait until he finished washing gargle, came to the restaurant. Now Sue slow has sent entertainment for breakfast, it is not the star up. Make public and DuTianYe after breakfast, how Xin YanCai came to a house number, girls home dress always need time, make public hands her early in the way the eat, take the responsibility of the DuTianYe driving, let the party secretary when the driver, are not ordinary treatment. DuTianYe is the second time to clear taishan to, but the last time is to follow together to eat meat make public. And not enough time to enjoy the scenery of taishan. This was an opportunity to visit the qing taishan. The road to the green has laid yunfeng finished, they came to clear a foot of the time is 6:30, b the convoy have been arrived in 66. Enter the scenic area, you can see a huge billboard, printed the taishan and tourism ambassador clear what a giant photograph of Xin yan, DuTianYe say with smile: "it is clear HeXiaoJie taishan tourism ambassador!"

ZhangYangDao: "now it seems that ChunYang Xin yan signing can be occupied with the cheap, at the outset endorsements to much ah, now Xin yan endorsements of started rising. No, not bothering to might". What Xin yan cui way: "I was so snobbish? I love the mountains and rivers, not really considered money thing!" DuTianYe say with smile: "entertainment can have HeJie character of this does not see more!" ZhangYangZheng want to speaking to, she would HuYin the phone call came in, HuYin she would be looking for sending fighters into his obsequies: "make public, you have to turn what Xin yan I where to go?" Make public say with smile: "I said hu, early in the morning, the internal heat of how so big? She's here, we go to the qing taishan playing!" HuYin's way: "said today, even signing you introduce me to the Hong Kong director must also HeXiaoJie consultations with the king of the details of the shoot." ZhangYangDao: "the evening should go back!" "You mbt haraka black have to clear the taishan? King in film and television, must base, you took the time to meet with him, to see if his plan". Automobile driving to rush dragon waterfall stop, the journey they need to walk, walk more than a hour after, came to the sea of qingyun, make public received the king must call, he is base on location? And how to make public and Xin YanXian to him there to see. DuTianYe didn't have much interest in this kind of thing. And make public agreed in the purple xia view see each other, he alone went to the top of the mountain. Pharmaceutical factory must take advertising is to find the king of make public recommend, the king must also very to make public face, just a symbolic ten thousand yuan fee, he Xin yan cooperation before and what photographed the river brewery advertising. Make public and what Xin yan came to exterior base, the king must is directing the photograph of a group of ace of the battle scenes, two stuntman action is not in place, the film is not satisfied, spirit the king must use the ji inside gung la of cantonese a scold mercilessly, and then put the site to the deputy director. To make public in front, the king must face and smile an idea: "a director, not you as to qing taishan come!"

Make public smiled: "everyone is the man, I accompany HeXiaoJie come talk about advertising things!" The king must way: "I have an idea, just make this clear, HeXiaoJie change into the costume CaiYao taishan, then switch to an ancient medicine fang pictures. The antique, lasting appeal is boundless!" He is a pay attention to efficiency of person: "HeXiaoJie since I'm here, today let's clear shots of the taishan to finish filming, back to fill some old street river took the lens, the whole advertising than". What Xin yan also didn't want to shoot a delay too long time. She nodded way: "into! Finishing signing is the same HuYin again she would they are all brothers, of course, need not worry about the default problem. ZhangYangDao: "that you stay here. I have to let shot to the top of the mountain to see see!" The king must but way: "you don't have to rush off! This advertising have to please a director help!" He had seen of make public skill,mbt sirima black so there will be such a request. ZhangYangAn way: "force on national cadre to you when an actor, you can think of enough!!!!! Please afford me?" 7 The king must say with smile: "director zhang figure. I'm going to have a type of advertising in pharmaceutical companies to give you a figure." "What?" "Half that!" "Your brain? Let me have a short that a party member take off in holding play?" The king must way: "my idea is a girl, the ancient medicine CaiYao basket, carrying one slip down from the cliff, the key moment, a * * in the upper body strong LouFu a seize her. Then two people fall in love at first sight, and the camera then switch to the ancient medicine the making process of the lane and then switch to you two continus back, a director of the global didn't want to. I can only find someone else Big officer person listen to, to find someone else with any Xin yan continus, this also get, my woman which can let others touch!!!!! He immediately nodded way: "I shot a!!!!!! So make public also follow makeup girl into the make up. Now that is LouFu, clothes will not, of course, is showily, put on a gingham trousers, deng top straw sandals. Upper body * *, big officer person don't normally have little exercise, size and strong and handsome, muscle well-balanced, because the skin long after sunlight is also healthy tan, the dia in gas makeup girl dia, stretch out LanHuaZhi pinching make public arms way: "You figure it. This fellow was wide officer person got chills.

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