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She would make fun of HuYin way: "WangDao going to please his clap x-rated slice?" The king must ha ha big say with smile: "a director's shape is very good, is the best I've ever seen a!" How to make public the smiling Xin yan way: "I figure good?" What Xin YanGong a face which cui way: "how do I know?. Make public turned again to HuYin radha, HuYin fear she would ask the this fellow what outrageous words, frighten right away to a part to go. The king must raise and the film and television cooperation river things. Make public say with smile: "have already and lee vice mayor said. His side have no problem, you take time to talk to him, the specific details you agreed!" The king must joy way: "thank you for a director bother!" Advertising although already shot over, but the brand new drug has not established, she would ask for make public opinion HuYin, make public want a way: "just call a needle card!" "A shot?" Make public nodded way: "a shot!" Beijing's autumn the temperature has very low, GuJiaTong wearing a brown leather dust coat, standing in the golden of fallen leaves, quiet quiet mbt wingu looking at the door of rehabilitation. GuMingJian tall figure finally appeared in drug rehabilitation center outside, until the iron slowly close behind him, he then turned around and look out over the elder sister, face smile appear a little stiff. GuJiaTong greeted him, want to the hands of the trunk took the brother, GuMingJian whispered, "I'll do it myself!" Then he strode to the front of the Mercedes went, the suitcase on the reserve. GuJiaTong start the car, whispered, "MingJian, are you blame me?" GuMingJian shook his head, pull open the shade of the make up lens, took a look oneself of face, low voice way: "it was I wrong, and you have what relation?. GuJiaTong wen wan say with smile: "MingJian, I help you arranged ticket, tomorrow to saipan on holiday. For fun!" "I don't want to go!" GuJiaTong slightly YiZheng, turned his face looked at him: "why?" GuMingJian from store content box of take up the GuJiaTong bag lady cigarette, to take a lit. Take a hard, full of feeling way: "I lost a lot of time, I don't want to continue to waste it." "MingJian!" GuMingJian way: "elder sister, I know you for me, but I have no good, I'm an adult, I don't want to so big is in the care of your life, I can handle their own things.

Can I responsible for himself!" GuJiaTong silence down, she realized that brother put himself on his concern and care as a kind of negative tired, she whispered, "MingJian, I would be prepared to blue ocean to you!" GuMingJian didn't speak, and, after a good half-day have way: "blue ocean is your blood and bit you made, I don't!" GuJiaTong way: "I later life, will go to pharmaceutical factory; I can't give consideration to the sea! Bunches. You don't have concerns. I regret embellish to you. Sigh the blue ocean real to you. I won't have any of the blue ocean business interfere." GuMingJian down half the window, the window of cold wind to come in, he narrowed his eyes seem to feel comfortable some: "elder sister, give me some time, let me alone?" GuJiaTong slowly nodded his head: "have time, to dad a call!" Continue living Beijing or have quite a lot of friends. From the day of the drug rehabilitation center, WangXueHai will call greetings,mbt sini and invited him to the zijin cabinet. Party to welcome him. GuMingJian consider it, and promised to go. Because GuMingJian prior requirements be sure to clean. WangXueHai didn't ask others. Looking at a full table of substantial dishes, GuMingJian insignificant say with smile: "let's two people, don't so big scene!" WangXueHai say with smile: "you is my best friend, today to celebrate your escape cage, regain a new life. I said what had to said!" GuMingJian sighed, WangXueHai put the bottle of louie 13 open, give him to a cup, end up glass way: "after have any plan?" GuMingJian end up took one sip of the wine cup, low voice way: "my elder sister to blue ocean to me! I want to be long stay in Beijing!" WangXueHai way: "with a flat sea so good conditions you don't use, run to the Beijing to do???????" GuMingJian with he touched glass: "you in the dongjiang river, the piece of land?" What about the things WangXueHai appear rather helpless. Dongjiang copy woven department stores investment is his business suffered from the biggest since the setback: "still stalled in there, dongjiang city government struck tomb, because let me stop open!"

GuMingJian frowned way: "is really not!" WangXueHai way: "what is the han dynasty tomb? Just a common grave, a bit of archaeological value all have no, not because LiangChengLong bid bears a grudge, and using his failure in the relationship between the dongjiang deliberately give I made hard!" GuMingJian way: "LiangChengLong this person is not simple!" WangXueHai sneer at a way: "he is on his uncle to give him up, LiangTian is deputy prime minister and walk was close, this society, where have to pay attention to relationship!" GuMingJian and didn't have a lot of interest in this. Took a sip of the wine and touch out a box of marlboro, started to smoke. WangXueHai looked at GuMingJian way: "is a chain-smoker ah, is still thinking about that thing?" GuMingJian shook his head: "forget! Don't!" WangXueHai sigh a way: "joy of field of play even if the thing, I didn't expect you will and XuNa entangled so long time, more thought that she will advise mbt kimondo you touch the thing!" GuMingJian wry smile way: "I don't blame you, is my own bad" he paused again way: "XuNa?" "This woman? She tube drink!" WangXueHai urged. GuMingJian perceive to some wrong, low voice way: "XuNa do now?" "She someone!" GuMingJian holding his glass hand trembled. See that he tried to control his anger: "Who?" "MingJian, this dusty woman you don not serious, take part in accidental amusement play it?" "You tell me who is it?" "Build appoint a cadre, CaiXuDong!" Make public is in at one o 'clock in the morning is short of the phone woke up with a start, he picked up the phone and call came GuJiaTong panicked voice: "make public" only let out a cry make public, she began to cry. Make public worry to the extreme, thought she what: "the good tong elder sister, why? You don't cry, stable in the mood to say again first!" "MingJian take away, said he hurt!" Make public heart a heavy, GuMingJian had just come out from the drug rehabilitation center, how so quick story out? This period of time in order to brother things, GuJiaTong rushing around, in the spirit has been under huge pressure, she thought things from now on will be well. But things didn't expect the violence GuMingJian and with the attack has plunged, have strong GuJiaTong could no longer bear, she thought of her first person is make public.

Make public comfort way: "the good elder sister, don't cry, Paul day fall down and I in! I'll be right to go to Beijing to!" GuJiaTong tearful nodded, she ChanSheng way: "now still don't know the man is alive or dead. I don't know what to say to my father!" Make public whispered, "hide not to live! You still like your father to tell the truth, he will not sit back ignore!" GuJiaTong stable the mood way: "this judicial organ has intervened each other's background is also very complex!" "Don't think about other things, you must not nasty, tomorrow I will to Beijing!" "Make public!" In the GuJiaTong chung dumb Chiang's taste. One thing make public and did not say wrong, father even if at all is not deceive, GuJiaTong and ZhangYangTong after finish words, finally decided to father a telephone. GuYun known this phone, only family know, he wrung bright berth lamp, pick up the phone, the heart has been aware of must have something important mbt tupu life, this is a kind of natural feeling. GuJiaTong in and make public said after this event. Sentiment has been stable for many, her little track: "dad! Haven't sleep?" GuYun know from her daughter's voice still detect a strange, he whispered, "the good MingJian had an accident. Is it made?" GuJiaTong surprised father keen insight, she gently well with me. "Don't panic, slowly say!" GuJiaTong this just will often things said the younger brother, from GuMingJian for a call XuNa woman, and appoint a cadre of gave birth to conflict, a hot GuMingJian mind with fruit knife chuo hurt each other, now of the cadre is still in hospital. 's still alive, police have put GuMingJian away. GuJiaTong way: "I've been looking around for XuZiDa let him go to ask, flat sea I didn't dare to Beijing office, afraid they bring up the bad influence!" GuYun know heart heavy on top of the world, he was silent for a moment, have a way: "the good tong, you have done well, it temporarily stir not flat sea Beijing office. I'll give it to you XuBoBo to make a phone call. Let him help you find out it over there, the public security organ, let the help with you, this of things no matter how MingJian hurt the cause, has become a fact, he broke the law of the country, you go to the hospital and wait, to see the case, if the "Daddy! You to Beijing?"

GuYun know not talking, after a long time just openings way: "something clear after, I'll go to!" At one o 'clock in the morning is no flights to Beijing. The train is same, can make public know. Now is the GuJiaTong needed him most help, he must appear as soon as possible in GuJiaTong before and he decided to drive went to Beijing. Drove into the high road after, to make public security from zhaohui and made a phone call, he had commissioned from zhaohui shut and take care of better tong, toward the fai may be able to know and some the truth of the matter. By this fellow at midnight from zhaohui xing wake appear a little angry, but when he heard about GuMingJian hurt also appears rather surprised: "this thing I don't know! He is not in the drug rehabilitation center? Just out. This little trouble it is not save worry!" ZhangYangDao: "boss this time you have to help me check, the cause and effect of the clear. I'm to Beijing? Come out, again good mbt goti thank you!" In the impression of evil from zhaohui this fellow also have never had so polite, and he seemed to homely things or really worry, evil from zhaohui nodded way: "I help you find out, the way you drive safely!" , GuMingJian continuous two knives let each other, liver and spleen rupture. Appeared massive haemorrhage, surgery has conducted five hours, still see the wounded from the inside out. GuJiaTong more and more nervous, each other's family, are in the operating room door sweating out, sometimes hear the mewl of women. GuJiaTong far away, far from looking at the family. She can't go past, while her heart is extremely stray helpless, and even a side that talk person all have no, she always thought that his strong enough, but when things real life. She didn't realize her wish have a pair of solid arm let her rely on, she is some tired close beautiful eyes. "Despite the total!" Blue ocean Beijing branch of the ZhaoGuoJiang appeared in front of GuJiaTong. GuJiaTong opened his eyes, whispered, "farewell, order?" ZhaoGuoJiang far to took a look, in GuJiaTong side sit down, whispered, "it is because a woman!"

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