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He sighed way: "regard, you always go back to rest, here I am staring at! What passed, I'll call you!" GuJiaTong shook his head, the condition is not clear, how could she assured? At this time XuZiDa to call the truth, GuJiaTong picked up the phone away into the distance. XuZiDa voice seem to be some tension: "the good, the bad to do things Paul, your brother tong injury that CaiXuDong, is built appoint, deputy director of the health minister chua his father is my father and is also old friends. Their old house of CAI such a son. If something had happened, I'm afraid" "I know!" GuJiaTong dim and hung up the phone. ZhaoGuoJiang concern at GuJiaTong: "gu total, is not quite trouble?" GuJiaTong forced smile, she looks very pale. ZhaoGuoJiang way: "you haven't eaten it. I go to buy you breakfast!" GuJiaTong shook her head: "don't bother, bought I can't eat any more!" The operating room lights was put out at last, GuJiaTong stood up, and she and ZhaoGuoJiang afraid to come near, far from looking at the door of the operating room, and the reaction to his family from CAI, CaiXuDong should not worry about life. CAI mbt sirima home to the direction of someone they seem. ZhaoGuoJiang low voice remind way: "let's go!" GuJiaTong nodded, and ZhaoGuoJiang together in a hurry left here, but when they came to the time before the elevator, and heard a voice behind call way: "you stop!" GuJiaTong stopped, looked around, but see a woman to 30 s she walked by. She is CaiXuDong sister CaiXuMei, she recognized the GuJiaTong, just because the injury so concerned about brother and not pay attention to GuJiaTong also came here, GuJiaTong rose up and departed, CaiXuMei now to see her, so just ran after me. Facing the injured family GuJiaTong somewhat nervous, she still surface calm as normal, whispered: "seek me something?" CaiXu MeiGong the circles way: "I know who you are! I knew you, is your brother. He was a murderer GuMingJian! What do you want? They?" GuJiaTong some panic turned, and she pressed the elevator, want to leave here as soon as possible.

CaiXuMei voice stirred CAI home several of men, they also walked to come over, CaiXuMei mood very excited, she caught GuJiaTong arm: "you GuGuRen so grass tube? I want your life to my brother a say!" GuJiaTong pale face which way: "I'm sorry. Let's just calm down, the police will deal with it!" ZhaoGuoJiang also accompany say with smile: "I think is probably misunderstand!" ZhaoGuoJiang say well, this words say export immediately angered CAI home several of man, a burly man, and caught the ZhaoGuoJiang collar put him down on the wall: "fuck you big ye of! All murder or misunderstand?" Scene suddenly confused, and GuJiaTong harsh voice way: "you let him go! Things have life. Naturally to judge the law!" A man pointed to GuJiaTong nose nu way: "don't look you are a woman, I took you from this have to throw out!!!!" The elevator door slowly open, dressed in black leather coat make public out of the elevator, his eyes and looking mbt sawa around at all fall in the quiet of the above GuJiaTong face which. Show the sunlight bright smile: "the good tong elder sister! Someone humiliate you?" GuJiaTong see make public the warm face. No longer can not inhibit the sour, a pair of beautiful eyes welled tears of glittering and translucent, born of infinite heart feeling, make public smiles to say: "not afraid! Have me in!" Just the man GuJiaTong fingers sneer at a way: "Ran is you!" Before he moves, make public has been lightning was holding his fingers, a twist a wrong, the man's middle finger to immediately take off, the pain he cries up. Make public sigh a way: "I am this person may not be the most see big man bullying woman, have skill you rushed me!" ZhaoGuoJiang also break the flight the man's palm came to GuJiaTong side. CaiXuMei way: "phone, call the police!" A slightly smoky female track: may, you make enough? Also don't think home is not enough mess? " CAI static down family, but see a 3023 old girl walked to come over, she is CaiXuYang two younger sister CaiXuHong, is currently in a office under the state council, 16 female CAI is the most CaiXuHong looked at GuJiaTong nodded way: "you go, here don't welcome you!" Make public didn't speak, to the man grabbed his arm, help him to take off to finger reduction.

He told CaiXuHong way: "I and CaiXuDong are good friends, help me to him!" CaiXuHong fought to heart sad way: "!" Of the two house CAI miss the performance is quite a bit of tolerance. Enter the elevator, GuJiaTong and powerless against the public in body, make public open arms, living his charming pulled hindquarters. ZhaoGuoJiang early in Beijing, two people of the relationship will cried foul, so replace didn't see, came to the first floor hall, ZhaoGuoJiang excuse find familiar physicians to ask, left in a hurry. Make public hold GuJiaTong came to the car, looked at her face which haggard, full of pity way: "I take you to eat something, then rest!" "I can't eat!" ZhangYangBan up face way: "be sure to eat. Otherwise I spank you!" GuJiaTong bite bite lips, finally obedient nodded his head. Make public with GuJiaTong came to the hospital opposite of breakfast to spread, for two cage tianjin dumplings point two bowls of soybean milk, he received a phone call after mbt nafasi white that, dusty to Beijing, is a little hungry, GuJiaTong although also be night didn't eat, can whine worry, without any appetite, in make public of the build, mian mix ate two steamed stuffed bun, drink a bowl of soya-bean milk. After breakfast, make public let GuJiaTong lying in a jeep in sleep, have rested from more than ten minutes, ZhaoGuoJiang called him, and said CaiXuDong have been away from the dangerous life, but GuMingJian altogether CaiXuDong poke through the five knife, lead to CaiXuDong spleen removed, left the liver resection, bowel was also part of the surgical removal, a lot of blood loss, at present it is in a coma, prognosis effect is hard to say. CAI family mood is very excited, be sure to CaiXuDong TaoHai justice. GuJiaTong heard that CaiXuDong dangerous without life, this just long sighs, she immediately to the father called. Telephone, reported the news to the father. GuYun know this all night and couldn't sleep. Although he turned on the flat sea, but not without a heart all the attention of Beijing xuan condition, son provoked the scourge is not little, to a woman barrel hurt CaiXuDong, already broke the law. GuYun know understand the son of waiting for what will be. He dare not go to the end of the matter results, now he can do is play a father's role, try your best to find out the cause and effect of this matter.

GuYun know: "the good tong, tomorrow I will fly to Beijing, you don't make a move, also don't and CAI home life, all temporarily to your contact XuBoBo processing, I've told him." "Dad, I know!" GuYun know again way: "keep raising there first, don't tell her!" GuJiaTong bit biting his lips: "I'm sorry. Dad!" GuYun know smiles to say: "silly wench, you have no excuse me my place, MingJian he's doing something wrong, should be responsible for yourself!" Hung up the phone, GuJiaTong and couldn't help but cry. This period of pressure is too great to let her have to bear. Make public of love her sweet shoulder, on her forehead kissed a record way: "I send you back to rest. The other things you don't want to wait for you, first come over to say again first! Daddy" GuJiaTong nodded his head. The GuJiaTong back to make public place, he to rest, about the evil in the case of coffee from zhaohui than meet, evil from zhaohui because I was caught in the traffic jam mbt fanaka gtx of the agreed time than for twenty minutes late. Make public today show enough patience. Help from zhaohui called a cup of blue evil, evil from zhaohui took out the handkerchief wiped the sweat on his forehead, and then end up coffee cup took a bite. ZhangYangDao: "so cold day, still make so many sweat. It seems a little empty ah, I help you clinic's pulse!" From zhaohui xing smiled, but have not put his hand reached out, fall coffee cup way: "GuMingJian CaiXuDong assassination is to a woman, the woman that XuNa. Things after birth, she ran away! There is no whereabouts, GuMingJian to addicts. Once before and XuNa cohabitation over time, his drug may and has a direct relationship XuNa. GuMingJian into drug rehabilitation center, after XuNa soon and CaiXuDong mix together. That's exactly what led to the GuMingJian suddenly out of control in the bar, he found XuNa, want to take her CaiXuDong. Find the stop, start to copy with the fruit knife CaiXuDong even more to stab sword!" Make public sigh a way: "the impulse is the devil, GuMingJian not what good temper, but after all he is a trained education, and is not a FaMang, why be wrong so outrageous?"

Evil word from zhaohui "one in drugs, character born after the change will not independent, the ability to control his emotions certainly sent some, plus, before he had not a few wine, is perhaps the alcohol anesthesia he! Let him become rampant!" Make public freely asked: "in British Columbia accident?" "Manners bar, the boss called LinYuWen!" "LinYuWen?" Then some of the make public stare big eyes, LinYuWen and CaiXuDong relationship. He more than anyone to clear, LinYu twisted and WangXueHai cloth is in CaiXuDong around the pieces, isn't this a series of things and WangXueHai relevant? Can WangXueHai why do you do that? From zhaohui xing low track: "is not remind of what?" "Help me find XuNa! This woman must know what! I can guarantee that, GuMingJian CaiXuDong assassination of things not so simple!" From zhaohui xing light smiled: "make public, I know you and family-centered relationship is very good, but do not because this matter and affect mbt lami you to the case, the judge is one common QingSha case, criminal motive, witness who saw the accident material evidence do, and the family is very foundation, but also not easy and CAI home the generation. I see GuMingJian this trouble!" Chapter two hundred and forty-two of the hero to follow 】 Month from zhaohui points xing afternoon! After. Make public to let them know ROM evil spirit rather a call. "The state council and is deputy prime minister, is also the health minister CaiSiXiang directly under leadership, WenGu face CAI home must give some. Make public and is not to want to let LuoHuiNing interfering with this, he just wanted to go to visit CaiXuDong, now CaiXuDong's still alive. The injury and GuMingJian later the perpetrator criminal responsibility has the close relation, if he is ok. It might also be able to head in the right direction shows, if there really is what happens to, I'm afraid the revenge is" a big. LuoHuiNing also have heard about it. She didn't think of make public reaction could be so rapidly, the first time arrived Beijing, this shows the godson of relationship is not GuJiaTong and general, LuoHuiNing was is going to visit CaiXuDong, hear the meaning of make public, not hesitate promised to take went with him. To the north sea on the way to the hospital。

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