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LuoHuiNing to ZhangYangDao: "this person is very painful CAI minister son, even some of the children, so XuDong complexion was not obedient, and then into the build appoint, the turbulent life carelessly, and now finally out of the important event!" She paused and sigh a way: "not old homely child is this, like, their tutors should be very strict, but why make such a mistake!" ZhangYangDao: "to let them know, you say they may have two elder brother?" LuoHuiNing insignificant say with smile: "things become so big, the whole city all know the elder brother, CAI minister the temper? Not willing to!" "If CaiXuDong safe?" LuoHuiNing looked at the make public, she certainly understand the meaning of the make public, also know that make public means, make public want to visit CaiXuDong, but also want to help CaiXuDong tide over the difficulties, he wants to resolve this matter, LuoHuiNing from the bottom of the make public is want to help, but she also mbt tabia understood that, this matter to want to dissolve the odds are slim, she sighed way: "make public, it is not convenient, the stranger in how to do it, I want to know GuYun than others have to understand!" The standing committee on GuYun know did not show any different, his expression still thou not wave. On this morning, a newspaper story about GuMingJian murderers XiaoZiBao were scattered in the provincial government of the door on the main road. Almost immediately in the topic of the already, GuYun know also saw that piece of XiaoZiBao, surprised news spread at the same time, his heart is also understand, it not only related to the son, also some people through this thing to malicious revenge, are using this thing damage his reputation. GuYun know in politics experienced countless waves, has long been the storm not jing uniting the mentality, the more serious things, his heart the more calm. After the meeting, DaiShengChang SongHuaiMing caught up with the first leave of GuYun know, low voice way: "gu secretary!" GuYun know nodded, smiles to say: "walk while say!" SongHuai md: "the things I've heard Beijing!"

GuYun indifferent know say with smile: "news travels fast, it is to let I didn't think of!" In SongHuaiMing before, he did not conceal necessary. SongHuai md: "the world never short of his little man." GuYun know: "tomorrow I will go to a trip to Beijing!" This has been on the SongHuaiMing expected, he whispered, "gu secretary trust, flat sea thing I'll attend to!" GuYun know: "people want to say, how say, I get this deal with, will give us a clear statement!" SongHuai md: "your housework didn't need to be made to others!" GuYun know thoughtful way: "there is a position, your problems will mbt garissa be all!" CAI left to take care of the house CaiXuDong is CaiXuHong and CaiXuMei sisters, and, of course, many CaiXuDong abandoned qi stay there for help. The arrival of the LuoHuiNing let CAI was very moved by the family, but they also see the LuoHuiNing side make public, for the purpose of LuoHuiNing immediately produce the police fear the heart. But because LuoHuiNing identity put in there, and they even have a heart of ideas, the mouth or bad to say it out. LuoHuiNing to CaiXuHong way: "jerry rainbow, this is my godson make public, he and XuDong the past are good friends, I heard that XuDong things that come and see!" CaiXuHong or show a magnanimous, to make public smile nodded, CaiXuMei no sister that the self-control, cold looking at make public, although did not say what, but don't welcome to make public the meaning has been played very full. Make public won't and a. The woman dispute, and what's more, the gu indefensible, he wanted to do something to help gu some pressure off. In the ward of the visit, CaiXuMei finally can't help to 1: "my brother is still very weak, and is not suitable for too many people visit!" LuoHuiNing smile on his face still: "jerry may, is let me go?" A Ran words CaiXuMei face changing color, CaiXuHong flurried explained: "ROM the aunt, twilight may not mean that! She usually talk shoot from the lip," LuoHuiNing way: "30 years old, you should learn to control their own mouth! Don't forget, whose daughter are you and some words freely said, others will blame you out of the parents tutor lax!"

Zhang flail heart dark joy, to let them know neville, imposing manner is not disappear. CAI is said to be home and sisters flushed and in front of LuoHuiNing they simply had no rebuttal of courage, can only eyes looked down at the make public follow LuoHuiNing into care. Two change of isolation uniform, LuoHuiNing laid flowers aside, she didn't close to the bedside. Make public to bed, looking at the CaiXuDong pale face, heart andao: "but I don't know how this fellow hurt?" He stretched out his hand and took CaiXuDong wrist, low voice sigh a way: "XuDong! It's me, make public! I'm coming to see you!" In the voice with a stream of sadness seems to, in fact CaiXuDong of help and he has nothing to do, he just won't to this fellow? Sad, but performance is a must. CAI home with the sister and come in and see make public performance, unexpectedly really some believe he and brother are good friends. Make public to detect CaiXuDong fine weak pulse, a stream of interest mbt shuguli in the quiet sent in CaiXuDong was is in the dim moonlight, in make public the MaiXi stimulating, unexpectedly really opened my eyes. See the eyes of the make public, he ate a surprised, but the muzzle is covered with oxygen mask, to speak. So close to the distance make public of course can't speak aloud, otherwise will hear people around, he used the sound into the secret to CaiXuDong way: "CaiXuDong very heavy. I give you hurt medicine, you win me to eat the commanded according to the kernel month must recover, otherwise they will be for his life sorrow." CaiXuDong stare big eyes. Make public again way: "you and GuMingJian things as soon as I give you a replacement, but didn't find out in this matter, you'd better be careful before speaking, otherwise I you of all the things that come out, let you shake who all have no good life". This sentence is threatened. CaiXuDong heart have hate and fear, he is unexpected this fellow why in this thing will be. CaiXuHong went up to the bed and make public deliberately sigh a way: "peace of mind for illness, don't want to think more." He CaiXuDong in the a pat on the back, got up and left.

The CaiXuHong LuoHuiNing and make public to before the elevator, LuoHuiNing to CaiXuHong way: "take good care of your brother, as long as people have to say what is safe." CaiXuHong nodded his head. Leaving the hospital wards building, LuoHuiNing way: "you just to CaiXuDong say?" Make public say with smile: "didn't say???????. LuoHuiNing stared at him way: "lie to me? Just now I can see that you mouth continuously move, must have said what!" Her mind careful, make public of these things natural hiding from her eyes. Make public ha ha say with smile: "I tell him. Let him be careful to talk, or I'll have the bad things he did all shakes out!" LuoHuiNing laughed: "you this boy, the somebody else all miserably to this sake, you could go to bed, I took the threat in the past when an accomplice, you the whole mix boy". she didn't angry, because she knew that GuJiaTong and make public of between ambiguous sincere feeling, make public standing position in family talk also granted. But listening to his meaning, seems to take some of the CaiXuDong lived public. Maybe this time the boy really can have some effect, thought of here mbt kesho black LuoHuiNing way: "turn back I do with you with a dad said, if convenient to word, still let him to talk to." Make public shook her head: "a temporary don't, gu secretary has not come, I think he must feel have idea LuoHuiNing nodded way: "GuYun know this person with very considerate, hope he has the ability and CAI minister agreed!" Better to make public review of Paul apartment. GuJiaTong have to wake up, she just a shower, dressed in dark red silk pajamas sit quietly in the sitting room, hand took the half a cup of red wine, beautiful eyes sad to look out of the window. Make public came to her behind the big, fall in her sweet shoulder on, GuJiaTong put down the glass, shake his hand, held in his bosom. Make public leaned over, on the face of her face which, whispered, "drink?" "A little!" "Alcohol grief sorrow to worry more!" GuJiaTong way: "you go out stem what?" Make public took just and LuoHuiNing went to the hospital to see CaiXuDong things said, GuJiaTong listen to make public said the word of the CaiXuDong is sure to keep, also long sighs. ZhangYangDao: "there is one thing I don't understand it.

MingJian yesterday just from drug rehabilitation center out tonight, with an accident, what please him out to dinner? How he can find CaiXuDong and XuNa?" GuJiaTong way: "that XuNa and Ming alive, you know, I'm the dongjiang river, the MingJian get to Beijing, surprisingly she also with the back, MingJian is in her encouraged to learn drugs Make public sighs: "such beauty, MingJian this accident has relationship with her!" GuJiaTong way: "as you say, like someone deliberately urged MingJian do that?. Make public nodded way: "go! Go to poise, clear when exactly bar gave birth to what". LinYuWen is a very sketchy with woman, bar the events last night life, let poise bars be temporarily shut, she also to the public security organs with the evidence. Make public and GuJiaTong find her, LinYu WenZheng locked the door from the bar, the last night after the attack was born, the most recent period bar is won't have what business, she plans to leave here alone. Aware of the identity of the GuJiaTong after, LinYuWen light smiled say with smile: "I'm just an innocent victim to the public security organ, have clear all mbt pata black the things, and no need to explain to you!" She was about to leave. ZhangYangDao: "you said it does not matter, but you CaiXuDong and the relationship between the unusual like?" LinYuWen angry turned: "sir, I don't know what you mean! Everyone speak is to responsible, if you to my reputation is caused damage, I will consider to court rather lawsuit." Make public lazy way: "miss Lin is a wise man, now do you still live in the LongYu village?" LinYuWen of eyes evident in a panic, she bit biting his lips turned to go, hear ZhangYangDao: "I think we still have the necessary talk about". LinYuWen stopped, pointed to the opposite of the coffee shop. Make public although did not say the specific details, LinYuWen has already understand, oneself and CaiXuDong things between, the somebody else know understood, that night she and CaiXuDong touching, under a bed out of nowhere to them a crazy clap, that be a shadow hangs over the LinYuWen heart always, LinYuWen has been considered WangXueHai planning it. LinYu quiet at the sight of static young humanitarian: "say, you find I want to ask???????"

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