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LiangChengLong into the room first go to the mother-in-law adult kowtow, ZhuangXiaoTang although don't like LiangChengLong, performance today is good, can not pass with LiangChengLong no face to face, give him a red envelope. Tone cold way: "you after two people live, the rest of me also don't say." LiangChengLong honest agreed a sound, this just to help LinQing room LinQing red red put on shoes wear the diamond ring, LinQing red today is amazingly happy, happy woman always the most beautiful. Wearing a white wedding dress LinQing red even in a bunch of beauty speak not been than go down. LiangChengLong mbt sale very look deep into LinQing red: "clear red, marry to me!" LinQing red nodded, in all the cheering, LiangChengLong picked up LinQing red left the house. The day of the wedding in the dongjiang river, the city government held a recruit, to come to the wedding many prominent figures, including provincial party committee secretary GuYun know, DaiShengChang SongHuaiMing, and more province standing all came over to celebrate. Dongjiang secretary of municipal committee of the beams are flat face the day is still foot, he only the nephew, so to LiangChengLong is amazingly care. Make public and JinMin son stood together, looking at the sight of the bustling scene, make public say with smile: "you have that South Korea's wedding? Busy. JinMin son way: "South Korea now many young people choose to western-style wedding!" Two people talking, dongjiang investment promotion LeiGuoYi do director walked to come over, to make public his smile nodded, and then to JinMin son way: "miss king not back to South Korea?" Recent LeiGuoYi are actively trying to pull the blue star group production base to the dongjiang river, so he and gold is still yuan, JinMin son before they are met. JinMin son way: "I leave plan to stay in China a!" Ray wine say with smile: "Mr Kim have revealed that he thought of the investigation?" JinMin son had to say with smile: "I never ask him about his business matters." LeiGuo live to see JinMin son breeze so strict can only forget about it, he again gather together to make public side: "a director and miss king knew?

Make public say with smile: "ray of director of our personal relationship also interested in?" Ray wine say with smile: "no, no, I'm just checking." He is not freely ask so simple, make public investment promotion do river presided over the work, in a sense, make public and he is a rival, in make public there before LeiGuoYi to persuade gold is still yuan blue star group production base with the dongjiang river in great confidence, can make public appear after, especially see today JinMin son relationship and make public, LeiGuoYi suddenly worried, make public won't cross put a waste to rob the son of the blue mbt swala star group to go river? With this idea, LeiGuoTao nature is vigilant up. At this time LiangChengLong called to make public over to help end wine, make public took the opportunity to go. Ray JinMin son again to the national wine way: "miss king, you need to spend several days in the dongjiang river? Shall I give you as a guide?" JinMin son smiled, and ignored him, to the distant ZhaoJing walked past. Come on the day of a lot of guests, LianGuoAn bureau ZhangBiJun also appears in the scene, she and her party secretary beams when it was a good relationship, make public with LiangChengLong to toast, ZhangBiJun waved to the ZhangYangZhao, make public came to her side, ZhangBiJun handed him a telephone number: "busy to give me a call!" Make public point nod, heart and the national security not said trouble yourself, he now HeGuoAn relationship is tacit understanding, said recently, the national security to him for help is some more, he didn't give the to the national security do what matter, monthly also took a national security wages, think quite some ashamed. Because of the present important leadership many, so everyone constraints of his own behavior, did not appear like others wedding common. ... All products like the wedding in an ordered do speak, not please and atmosphere, natural, this Wedding banquet at two o 'clock already over, beams Jackie chan and LinQing red began to see.

Make public had the task of principle with the woman, but ZhuangXiaoTang and not let daughter notice their relatives, so this table is empty down, LinQing red heart of course some not the taste, this shows, mother to her and beams Jackie chan's marriage or hold against the attitude. Take time to make public ZhangBiJun a call, and they knew that she didn't leave, but also in the parking lot? Hence walked past. The car came to ZhangBiJun Mercedes. ZhangBiJun way: "JinMin son again, this time to the dongjiang river, it is not and you about?" Make public say with smile: "you want to think more, the somebody else is to do business with me, have what relation?" ZhangBiJun way: "keep distance, her identity is very special, don't cause any bad international influence Make public smiled to get up: "you tube so wide!" "It doesn't matter, with the national security is my personal advice to you!" ZhangBiJun say that finish, pull open the folder, to mbt tunisha take a picture: "the people you should be familiar with!" Make public took the pictures looked at, don't feel distracted there. Photos are a pair of men and women are chatting, woman he is very familiar, impressively is the daughter of vice prime minister WenLing, male of handsome and uncommon temperament, in 3056 years old age of appearance. He has never seen, let the make public amazement, WenLing that zhang never 芶 smiles pretty face filled with smile and it really is too unusual. ZhangBiJun way: "this photo was taken in Seoul, pictures of women is the daughter of vice prime minister WenLing, men are HanGuoAn yu group the vice general manager of CuiZhiHuan!" Make public watched the picture: "they should can't is good on?" ZhangBiJun way: "I don't know, but it sure thing is that WenLing in South Korea and CuiZhiHuan during the very good relationship, the CuiZhiHuan with her to go to the south's quite a lot Make public dark call bad luck, it's for DuTianYe injustice, surprisingly WenLing that he got the top international green hat wearing, especially can spirit of be, this CuiZhiHuan was a south Korean people, how to see the this fellow also as DuTianYe the yes!!!!!

Difficult way's death changed, and now women are like small? Make public heart think so, can the mouth but way: "you of the national security may also be idle, all the day was staring at the somebody else's private affairs, he almost caught up with Hong Kong paparazzi......." ZhangBiJun way: "CuiZhiHuan identity let we suspect, this person is most likely to South Korea, he is close to WenLing agent ten have * * with other purpose ZhangYangDao: "why want to tell it to me? You should just tell it to the deputy prime minister to!" ZhangBiJun way: "we are not really evidence. So can only prevention". "This and I have a relationship?" ZhangBiJun sure nodded way: "HanGuoAn yu group and the engineering machine factory is talk about cooperation river, according to know I said, South Korea negotiators is CuiZhiHuan, I think you into this matter, pay more attention to the trend." ZhangYangDao: "don't worry, whether he is the south Korean spy, I will be a good pay attention to mbt chapa him." Not for other, just for DuTianYe, he should do so. ZhangBiJun way: "I'll send someone to assist you in the river of work!" ZhangYangDao: "I seem to....... Not to need someone to help!" ZhangBiJun smiled to get up: "always on it is no good!" "How do I think you want to look for person is to spy on me?" ZhangBiJun way: "don't worry, you are not up to the level!" LiangChengLong attended the wedding, all people each rush thing, JinMin son in the afternoon of the jet to Beijing, she go there and spend the New Year to meet the mother. ZhangYangZe open LiangChengLong crown to the dongjiang water of the east LinShan jc county jade valley, to here is about to go QinQing prior and jade valley of royal cabin of the New Year. QinQing chose here and make public meet, because LinShan is located in the east lanshan and dongjiang between, between the distance of the city from all but one hundred kilometers, and here is just open the leisure holiday resort, visitors rarely, QinQingHe make public are public figures, they must be holding. Make public the cold mountain east into LinShan, east LinShanZai even the apparently can't and taishan in qing dynasty, but the elevation four hundred meters but the hill, wins in beautiful, everywhere mountain spring lakes, mountains, and set each other off.

It was winter, can the valley above freezing temperatures, he lifted up his eyes and looked around, everywhere was green vegetation, its maturity, pleasing to the eye. Make public of jade from pine road into the valley, although it is the first day of the New Year, not many people came to the holiday, he directly into the car cabin area, came to the old, before the wooden villas, far see QinQing stood in the log cabin before, the warmth of her grown long body the charming the outline of the outline of the outline of set a golden, like the shining goddess. Make public push through on the car door. QinQing as merry as a little bird to him to run to come over, and only in such a place, QinQing have been able to discharge the usual false face, show a true self. QinQing jumping up and ran to mbt nane make public, make public a will embrace her, hug qin qingyuan and turned two laps, QinQing slender leg hook lives his waist, active and soft on the lips. Long kiss, make public have tapped her * *, will QinQing down, two people hand wan, hand into the cabin. Log cabin in the equipment were complete, an hour earlier QinQing arrived here, will have air conditioner, indoor warm, make public take off a fur coat, see the restaurant table had a lot of food, can not help but say with smile: "are you going to a pretty good!" QinQing charitable say with smile: "I am in the city government held a meeting, noon meal they thrust out come over, to buy some lanshan before special!" Make public sitting in sand, patted sand, QinQing came to his side sit, brushed by his arms, in the bosom of make public, QinQing can completely relax yourself and be back to her female side, as the vice mayor lanshan, on her build a strong determination must be the image, but she also need care, she also need to love. Make public light fondle QinQing show a way: "tired not tired? Or you stop for a rest, I went to dinner!" Qin paint shook his head, took a delete... : stop! "Forget congratulations, top ten young but a province the reputation it out." "I see these things the very weak, provincial top ten young better than a ZhengChuJi cadres to benefits."

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