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QinQing smile pinching his ear: "don't worry! People can't eat a into a fat man, you this time in the performance of the river, the river last ten best, in the province, two top ten honor has been fully affirmed the river in young cadre in the first place." ZhangYangDao: "let me go to host du secretary of investment promotion job in the department office, next year I work focuses on investment promotion and capital introduction and......."Qin inventory nod: "make public, you are in the dongjiang river and wu Ming met?" Make public their home in the south to avoid the affair said wu Ming, smiles to say: "that's really blame me, I suddenly brake that led to the two cars crashed into the car, but they also are too near, with how? He before you bad-mouth me?" "No, just said,mbt sale even seen you crash things don't say!" ZhangYangDao: "I don't like this person, feel he is false!" QinQing say with smile: "you or the temper, what all show play, and some things can hide in the heart or hidden in my heart." "If I what matter all the main hiding, not too sinister?" QinQing brushed by make public his chest way: "I believe, you to hide the yi who also won't be like that to me." Make public a face of bad to say with smile: "this but you said, I will not yi the hidden!" QinQing aware this fellow body changes, red the face on him dozen once, soft track: "have a meal!" Make public shook his head a will just stand up and down the QinQing, pressure to in the sand: "I want to eat you!" QinQingXing eyes half a comfortable, whispered, "you always regardless of time occasions!" Make public gently pull open her belt, breathing become some loud: "my party is not advocate in the practical work to the courage to break stereotypes, want to have innovative! This was a pioneering spirit." QinQing symbolic stopped two, j has been in the body quickly make public action next fall, she held make public face a way: "you can have this half of the work spirit is good, the sail..." Make public hug tight her charming hindquarters, low voice way: "I'm a doer." Vice mayor femininity beauty a way: "I like to do..."

Hisui valley also has hot springs, although not scale clear spring valley taishan city, but water quality is very good also, make public and QinQing after dinner, came to the hot springs, QinQing is ready and bring the swimsuit. Make public didn't matter so much, can only temporary in a convenience store bought a swim in the trousers, spent his 50 pieces, the same thing in the city at most is also ten dollars. More can spirit of be design also didn't have to pick, of the key parts of the trunks are printed with a Mickey Mouse, but there is no acquaintance, if meet an acquaintance, big officer person this man can throw big. QinQing conjoined dressed in black swimsuit, sexy charming hindquarters let make public may see blood BenZhang, Mickey Mouse design naturally the full many, QinQing noticed him change, can't help remind his way: "this is public, you convergence some!" Make public hey hey smiled to get up, two people with a bath towel into hot mbt karibu springs, here is all outdoor is given priority to, main pine culture, two people come to the pine needles in the pool, make public is very pleasing to the whole body submerged in water, enjoy the spring water to soak. QinQing sitting on his side, although QinQing already 28 years old, but still in your skin, beautify, this and her own maintenance is related to and make public to her deep breathing kung fu has the close relation. Qin QingDao: "you go home to and blue star is in the south of the group of gold is still yuan meet?" Make public laughed, just their this topic and not about the, it seems QinQing for blue star group of things have been concerned about, make public nods, QinQing in front, he doesn't have to hide anything: "left the mayor of the blue star group of interested, so let me please blue star group river to investigate!" Qin inventory nod: "as far as I know, gold is still said at the start of the yuan to the production base in one of the dongjiang and lanshan, and no account of the river." "So the mayor just parties come I left the work, the elder sister, if it's affecting to you, I can give up!"

Qin a pure in heart warming, she know make public is telling the truth, to her, make public can do many things, she shook her head. "let's between affection is one thing, work is another thing, lanshan of course is a good thing in the blue star, but gold is still yuan is not a fool, he will weigh the advantages and disadvantages of various aspects, the final option was in his there, according to me and he talks situation, gold is still not interested lanshan yuan to big, lanshan economic development level is higher, the production cost, artificial wage in the whole flat for the sea is highest, in my understanding, South Korea businessman is the most about the production cost, so the hope of lanshan is not big." ZhangYangDao: "I just was ordered to put him in the past, please review concrete things mbt nafasi not sure yet!" QinQing smiles to say: "ZuoYuanChao recently open area to the intensity of the river catch a at the National People's Congress, it seems that will let him have a lot of power." Make public know QinQing mean the election of mayor river things, if the past that and suspense, now almost does not exist any variables, LiChangYu recently bad luck repeatedly, achievements in world, there is what outstanding performance, and ZuoYuanChao in the open area construction and enterprise reform do well, has been of superior leadership of recognition, and, more important, party secretary DuTianYe river to he appreciate some more. ZhangYangDao: "who when the mayor and I have no relationship, anyway, not my job!" Qin QingDao: "have you considered the past county work?" Make public nodded way: "I'd like to go to XiaXian river, a county magistrate, that also is a party official, TuHuangDi!" QinQing say with smile: "you thought was wrong, but with your temper if put you county, still do not know how to do STH over and over again out of the action, I see DuTianYe may not dare you put out. Besides, he went to the river time is not long, work must need your aid and support in the short term, you don't want to go is....... " Update later, excuse me! Ten thousand words a concubine many! Continue to ask a monthly pass TuiJianPiao! Chapter two hundred and fifty-eight 【 tracking reports of 】

ZhangYangShen agree, he whispered, "the problem of river, director of investment promotion to do too much DongGongYu also because of corruption and misappropriating public funds been detained, you say a small river, how so many corrupt officials?" Qin QingDao: "most cadre is good still, you see is just part of the moth just. " "Just a bit of bad a soup. You don't look down upon this part of the moth, they've put us these cadres authority reduce a lot." Qin QingDao: "want to promote cadres in common people idea of the status, have to starts from oneself, only practices good self-discipline, whole-heartedly for common people, to make them work gradually returned to us these cadres of faith." Make public and not the kind of thought QinQing height, but he is greedy in with unclean * * hatred,mbt night these cadres to harm than the thief the robber, they failed to live up to common people's trust. ZhangYangZheng preparing to speak of time, suddenly aware of camera flashes the distance the two, if is ordinary people should not pay attention, can make public is different, he is very sensitive to the reaction around, he lifted up his eyes, and looked around, they see the distance of a man and a woman are taking pictures, hot spring is strictly prohibited photos, don't know how they put the camera brought in, but the man shot of the Angle just can put him and QinQingZhao in, make public immediately alarmed. He walked out of the pool, QinQing little surprised way: "what matter?" Make public has come before the man, and the man to see ZhangYangChao he comes, obviously some alarm, tried to put a brave face on it: "old...... the wife, change a pose......" The woman is with a make a flirtatious action. Make public looked at the woman smile 1, he went to take a bottle of drinks back. The couple see nothing, seems to be relieved to, they continue to take pictures. Make public also didn't take reason they, back to the hot springs in the pool, QinQing little track: "how?" Make public down voice way: "the boy was, like stealing * take us!" QinQing also nervous to get up: "how to do?" ZhangYangDao: "that's ok, cannot run him!"

Two people leave the hot spring, make public let QinQing first back to the cabin, and QinQing worry he trouble, insist on together with him, two people came to the car and it didn't take me long to see the couple change came out. Make public down the window, he ErLi is strong, the couple's dialogue is very clear came into his ears. The man way: "he seems suspect me, I'm glad I response in time!" The woman said, "you never really small, see him scared to even look have changed, if I would doubt you!" The man say with smile: "you cooperate well, let's go!" Make public QinQing in the car and he let, strode past, the man saw make public, with the woman frighten flurried sign their way into the car, make public came to sign, before they have launched, make public the hands when the rear of the car is raised, the sign is the driving, two rear wheel idling just can't move on. The car to the men and women scared face all white, what is this person! Only by his strength unexpectedly can put nearly one and a half tons of cars to lift it. The man finally gave up fled, remove the car, make public also open hand, rushed to the,mbt nafasi black opened the door, the man is a drag on from the driver's down. The man panic call way: "what are you doing? I...... I call the police!" Make public sneer at a way: "the police? You his mama to go in with report!" With one blow he smashed in the this fellow's face, played the man nose broken blood flow, loudly ask for forgiveness. The that girl from the get out of the car, she grabbed the make public arm screams: "kill people!" Make public note of pushing her to one side, and then found in the car to the camera, in the car also found two pieces of ministry, make public a see it more big fire, pointing to their nose scold a way: "the reporter ah, which club?" Two people all don't talk. Make public the remembered that look at the yu, sneer at a way: "the morning newspaper, the courage lanshan quite big!" Need not ask, this both is tracking QinQing come over, make public the camera open, will pull out of the film inside. The camera thrown back in the car and grabbed the male reporters collar son, root root smoke he two box on the ear: "mama of, who let you come, say!" QinQing originally want to get off to prevent, you can see there's a security come over, also dropped the idea, still stay in the car.

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