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That help security haven't close, make public by their nose scold a way: "all stop for me, the police to enforce business!" The that girl screamed: "he is not the police, he was the robber!" That group of security and rounding up, make public nodded his head, pointing to the camera way: "I bubble hot spring, with the camera he took me, even in you I will complain!" A word and the security guards to frighten. Make public his fists on AIRS to play the name male reporters, the reporter is he playing afraid, ChanSheng way: "is... is liu's vice President for our interview mission... we...... we are not the couple......" Make public nodded his head: "calculate you wise, I tell you, you name yu I've got it, see today, hear what what, if leak out a word, I'm sure, let you two, in mbt shoes sale the lanshan no place to go, you vice President called???????" "LiuWenJun!" "He had bad luck!" DaiShiChang ZuoYuanChao way: "DongGongYu corruption and a case of misappropriating public funds, investors in caused extreme influence, the original and we agreed on many of the foreign investment, because this matter and become hesitate up, there are also many people who simply give up the river in the plan, we invest so much comrade, spend such a long time, so much energy, very not easy to set up image, because DongGongYu a person but suffered serious damage. The good faith once lost, want to play to set up, need to pay even more than in the past to the cost." He paused a way: "du put forward to develop secretary of anti-corruption action, I first hand up in favor of the river, the moth completely clear out!!!!" DuTianYe way: "top priority is to set up to our village people the confidence of the government, is to set up to our faith, investors river economic exhibition very not easy to pick up, we don't want to see who has just started, the river at once, even stopped economy reverse." He turned to ZuoYuanChao way: "left the mayor, this year's investment promotion work particularly important, do you want to focusing on it."

ZuoYuanChao nodded. The following time to the director of the National People's Congress ZhaoYangLin, for his upcoming NPC during a speech watch river, and puts forward several problems. All standing all understand, this year NPC the most important thing is the mayor elections, the mayor will DaiShiChang river in ZuoYuanChao and executive vice mayor LiChangYu between being to the present state of affairs, ZuoYuanChao obviously ideally the advantage, in fact in his job as a deputy mayor after that, have basic determined the position, is just LiChangYu stopover in tourism with a fine performance robbed him of some of the limelight, as LiChangYu YuCuo repeatedly, the distance between two people is the beginning more and more far. LiChangYu look very calm, although he was once reputed to it was long mbt sadiki on position, or even close to the infinite this seat, then he went to the wrong chess, above politics a small mistake can lead to lose everything, and events and let the provincial party committee secretary sanhuan road GuYun to know he produced a view, party secretary of HongWeiJi dim and leave let him this old students began the leadership of the river was isolated, LiChangYu heart has accepted the fact that under, he has no chance. ZuoYuanChao way: "want to establish the confidence of investors to our, the best way is to attract influential multinational group in, their role in driving the river is not a trivial. Recent AnDai group has river and engineering machine seeking cooperation, if can be successful cooperation, investment promotion and capital introduction to the river it will be a huge positive news. We HanYuan and blue star group kindly contact us and this is expected this month, the President of the blue star group, gold is Mr. Yuan will come to river expedition!" AnDai and blue star can say is South Korea's biggest two enterprises, if they can come to investment river, the river to the future of economic exhibition have considerable influence.

DuTianYe way: "the completion of the river at the sanhuan road city show also new chapter, with the New Year, I hope we make concerted efforts, sincere cooperation, create the river to the beautiful future." His summary in warm applause the end. DuTianYe returned to the office soon, DaiShiChang ZuoYuanChao came and greets, some things are not convenient put forward in the standing committee, so he'll come over for the first privately DuTianYe opinion. DuTianYe invited ZuoYuanChao sit down. ZuoYuanChao through this period of time and DuTianYe contact, have learned that some of his character, DuTianYe this person do things simply decisive, don't like slow, so talk to him best straightforward, but there is no need to beat about the bush, ZuoYuanChao way: "du secretary, I came to talk to you about the new airport and the construction of things." Under the new airport has been the idea of ZuoYuanChao, one of the original airport river is very mbt karani backward, and times have not adapted to the exhibition, in the long run will affect the pace of economic exhibition river. DuTianYe way: "this thing I have thought, but the new airport will need to invest and build large sums of money, we can't all depend on above, the last time the province to funding for meeting, I have to mention this song governor, want to fight a let's reputed airport in this area HangWu center, which can attract more overseas merchants to come to. Song is also support, but the governor said the money the problem, he also said very difficult." ZuoYuanChao way: "but if continue to maintain the status quo, airport has been can't satisfy the requirements of economic exhibition, and the position of the river, the airport now from downtown too close, to the life of the residents around also affected." DuTianYe way: "the issue is the money problems, sanhuan road engineering, open area construction has put our city financial firmly hold, now need money place too much, the railway station improvement project is around the corner, the new airport need construction, expansion project of qingjiang river port also mention the agenda, the river, you must want to show the economy make water and full range of traffic network, empty past network has dated, have cannot afford the ever-changing exhibition, but reform and construction need large sums of money, money is the biggest problem."

Mention money immediately ZuoYuanChao silence down, no matter how good their idea, finally has to be built in the economic basis, without the foundation anything is the castles in the air. DuTianYe way: "the recent YunAn province city of south source things did you hear?" ZuoYuanChao say a way: "you are to say the south city municipal government auction source in with the land things?" DuTianYe nodded way: "we municipal government office building in with municipal party committee, the downtown and at the beginning of the city planning has relationship, river, administrative region, enterprise business district area function division, lead to confusion now urban pattern of clutter, the serious influence on the city exhibition, want to be in the old based on the transformation as mbt fumba the exhibition, to establish a new one to lower the cost of!" ZuoYuanChao way: "and constructed also want money! That we have in the past have considered, but because the money ran aground off midway." DuTianYe came to jiang city map before, pointed to the open area south of plot: "this large area can plan, if we adopted the auction house of old municipal way to getting the money in with, then use these funds in the area set up administrative region, what I say is administrative region!" ZuoYuanChao say with smile: "du secretary, south source in with house by auction municipal plot criticism don't light, we repeat, will certainly facing huge pressure." DuTianYe way: "fear of pressure still can make it what great things? But it was only a thought, and put into practice remains to be proven, left the mayor, this year's investment promotion and capital introduction work must be to catch, focusing on!" ZuoYuanChao way: "make public in investment promotion do, the merchants inviting work this year to read his!" "Try to fit his work, try to give him convenience condition!" ZuoYuanChao nodded way: "don't worry, I'll pay attention to du secretary of!" ZuoYuanChao to make public is valued very much, this is not just because of the DuTianYe and make public relations, and it's not because of make public Beijing, but because make public really have the ability, in investment promotion, the past he made outstanding contribution。

ZuoYuanChao the make public that to his office, the city will be in the New Year with his plan briefly said once. Make public understood and river in with municipal government 6 are short of money at this a, oneself do a bit is not the time to investment promotion, it seems that this year's investment promotion task to heavy many than last year. Left wave in a way: "I thought about this, in order to office is convenient, in the old city municipal party committee special allocated a house to investment promotion do use, this building is the investment promotion after former unit and do the two departments to deal with things, you also convenient." ZhangYangDao: "left the mayor, you should not to me for dead tired?" ZuoYuanChao say with smile: "out whoever! The blue star group of gold is Mr. Yuan this month to determine the river to to inspect?" Make public nodded way: "no problem, and the specific date not finished yet, he should go to Beijing mbt amali after meeting held dealers!" ZuoYuanChao way: "this time try to win, add the blue star group has almost AnDai group of the two big enterprise, South Korea in we will all have investment river......." ZhangYangDao: "HanYuan of technology of Europe, America, Japan than but not in terms of the Middle East Asia, how do you are just after their?" ZuoYuanChao say with smile: "we open area size can not compare with of river, the influence of the dongjiang as contracted, so also can do without." Make public ha ha laughed, ZuoYuanChao spoke these words is practical. He thought of investment promotion do because DongGongYu events and lead to account freeze thing, made mention at the left aid. After all, the book on investment promotion now do money or move, make the whole investment promotion do TianNuRenYuan, although it is public unit, can now go out what do not want money? ZuoYuanChao way: "you said of this thing I will soon help you solve the problem, DongGongYu has basically been made clear, China merchants do account also may not always be frozen. No money down, even the entertainment and not to come out, the somebody else investors to, and to see you so mean, even meal not language, also have what investment of the yellow." "Is not! I go to the travel expenses haven't submit an expense account dongjiang!"

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