tag: 2020-02-21T02:53:27+01:00 activity freely he no longer feel 2012-06-14T03:27:36+01:00 2012-06-14T03:27:36+01:00 tag: mbtchongsheng mbtchongsheng Originally just feel a little LingFeng often pain. Can make public to internal force into, he felt like a fall of fire, general burnt and clinking.For a while kung fu, the body have already is sweating. Show off their own make public effort to dispel the internal force of the chill his body, although loss some really yuan, but often LingFeng, it is the only way to do just have the largest persuasive. Actually make public that less than LingFeng often start the role of disease eradication, often Originally just feel a little LingFeng often pain. Can make public to internal force into, he felt like a fall of fire, general burnt and clinking.For a while kung fu, the body have already is sweating. Show off their own make public effort to dispel the internal force of the chill his body, although loss some really yuan, but often LingFeng, it is the only way to do just have the largest persuasive. Actually make public that less than LingFeng often start the role of disease eradication, often LingFeng have now of the disease, and his predisposition, think to basically solve, must improve the internal organs of uniting the constitution. Even so, ZhangYangYong internal force in LingFeng often run three body meridians circulation, also let LingFeng often feel cable car glides body, opened his eyes. Just like MengYi reacted like a sigh of relief, besides the sunglasses. Only feel eyes also can adapt to the light. Make public is smiling to stand up, took a clap your hands a way: "have to feel much more comfortable?" Often LingFeng activities once arm, this activity freely he no longer feel. Full of surprises mbt pia way: "really feel much more comfortable!" Make public say with smile: "what you call the disease is not healing stone can solve the problem, only to practice internal force, with some basic training, drug therapy, like this can completely solve the problem." LingFeng often to make public words have believed eighty percent, he nodded way: "a director, I wonder if you would like to receive the disciple I?" ZhangYangDao: "often sir polite, or that sentence, as long as you will come to help me, I do investment free teach you a set of internal strength method, we also wouldn't name a pupil, when friends!" Often LingFeng be boring pains for so many years. Have been longing for the can like normal person life, meet make public, finally let him see the hope of recovery, inner beggared description. Often LingFeng not the common person, he certainly know make public won't help of the something for no reason, the young a director is to want to get his return. Often LingFengDao: "a director, I promise to help you, but do business the people I have always free to lax. May you system suitable for me, I hope that life is not you to make sure that I freedom."

Make public say with smile: "no problem, as long as you can help me to do well, other investment promotion and capital introduction section of it doesn't matter problem!" Often LingFengDao: "have you this sentence, I trust!" Actually make public at present LingFeng how confident or not often, but GuJiaTong since LingFeng so often to esteem, prove this man shall not simple. Despite other silent, just his degree, Japan waseda university international economics doctor, this is not the ordinary people want to. Make public have recently begun to more and more value to degree up. He himself is now a correspondence undergraduate course in, graduated from a period of time and distance. For wide officer person, then handed over to a set of meditation LingFeng often takes time, often LingFeng are studying hard, but apparently he didn't say how much talent, very simple a meditation. Teach him two whole. Hours have grasp the key points. Four o 'clock mbt kisumu in the afternoon, make public received a phone call to epoetin epoetin show your nervous, "zhang, the director of the bad, the hiring too much. For discontent, recruit personnel had conflict between import, playing up!" Make public is wrinkly to knit the brows, surprisingly finally still made things, he whispered, "are there not the police? Start out, I'll go back to control processing!" Often LingFeng heard something born shortly after said to make public the past and look together. Make public now live from old municipal party committee not far. Less than ten minutes arrived there, see two or people surrounded the old municipal party committee meeting outside, the recruitment confusion, because now factory gave birth to fight. And temporary transferred to 20 of the police, the situation has been basic control,, the cause of the riot is very simple, that is some people waiting impatiently. So each other had conflict. Hundreds of five people were all temporary control up, JiangLiang came to the scene, saw make public. He waved to, make public walked past: "how are things?" JiangLiang wry smile way: "really have you! You what job fairs, even a person released after serving his sentence to join in the fun!"

Make public leng: "the situation? A?" JiangLiang pointed at the corner of the squat down a bald way: "this guy named GuoDongYi detention, three years out of the network for a month, now also to you here. You can apply for investment promotion do enough cow!" Make public a listen to the fire, according to GuoDongYi butt is a feet, GuoDongYi tread down to the ground. JiangLiang flurried stopped him: "what?" GuoDongYi bellow way: "the police a hit. The police a hit!" JiangLiang nu way: "give me to shut up, you still want to go in?" GuoDongYi was he a fright, honesty closed his mouth. Make public GuoDongYi nose pointing to scold a way: "I recruitment signs written out neatly, bachelor degree or above, major in you his mama graduate from primary school not incredibly also dare come over the abuse? Super sucks!" 【 YaNa style 】 chapter two hundred and sixty Book east righteousness despise way! "Cat" jin is a hot spot cat. Consumption as long as mbt haraka stroke, disorder "to investment. You tube what I graduated?" JiangLiang up in his head light took a slap: "be you this the bear kind, you can also pull to investment. Nowadays braggart don't declare dutiable goods?" GuoDongYi "hum, no longer speak. JiangLiang and make public went aside, he whispered, "see no. For the good and evil people mixed up, I doubt among was deliberately trick or treat you this job fairs, come so, was sure to get down that thing, maybe someone already against on it. "His words not finished, make public telephone rang up. The municipal party committee secretary DuTianYe direct phoned in. Roars way: "make public, what are you up to? LuanDanQin, fast into the job fairs, hurriedly give I joke ended up!" Make public well with me. He stood to the distance of the LingFeng often went, bad consciousness smiled say with smile: "now the scene in a bit of a mess, you join this big collective investment promotion do the mood is too urgent, so just appear for some unexpected situation." DuTianYe way: "you can really do, recruit better turn into a, nets to investment promotion to fisticuffs I toss out so much things!" "Du secretary of trust, I deal with it as soon as possible!" Make public hung up the phone, to LingFengXiao often laugh: "someone has here....... Things go up tong"

Often LingFengDao: "people come to so much. Recruitment standards to improve! The bank above is really too much." ZhangYangDao: "that will improve to graduate student degree!" Often LingFeng say with smile: "that to need not, so it's hard to find the real (tecoda recruitment is talent, or else or according to the English level come, requirements and English level is high degree, others first screened!" ZhangYangDao: "how to recruit?" Often LingFeng looked at the crowd, smiles to say: "two or people just, a director, we come, let others help maintain order! More than a hour should be able to fix!" Make public and often LingFeng came to PingWeiXi sit down, the others all were sent to maintain order, often LingFeng let to apply for one of the personnel in long lines before mbt sapatu came to epoetin at the gate is responsible for screening, bachelor degree once, phased directly, even if is such site left more than one hundred and thirty people. A player came to PingWeiXi before, often LingFengDao: "you have what special features?" "I'm familiar with languages, Britain, France, Germany and Italy and Japan!" Often LingFengYong Japanese greetings from a, and with Italian said 1, that player am tongue-tied, often LingFengDao: "go!" Two words have put out another. The next nets just went up, make public JiuDao: "go!" The players some not pleasure: "how to don't ask let me go?" ZhangYangDao: "you look like wouldn't meet my aesthetic standards, can not pass the interview!" This reason seem high-handed actually reasonable, if get investment promotion do, big officer person day watching the slanting melon crack the appearance of the date, the mood is hard to comfortable. The next a player English is good, that works in a bank, can often LingFeng asked a professional problem let his words, natural escape out of fate. Often LingFeng performance to make public, all this surprise, from the situation, he intimately familiar with at least seven countries or more languages and his financial accounting, economy, management all be called master, so the scene appeared English department, Japanese is the professional graduate is he asking too sails, financial management department of gao just before him depressed scene.

Make public and often drink tea LingFeng smiling. They offered little rest, the 21 people, estimates that less than half an hour to fix, make public have a premonition. With the standard of LingFeng often, today for the personnel to, I'm afraid of a pass all have no. ZhuXiaoYun replace epoetin shout number: "the number! ZhangRuiRong!" Make public looked up, it is a man in a simple girl, she was wearing a blue sportswear, chestnut plunge a ponytail, on the face and no makeup, although there is no QingChengQingGuo beauty, can also be called on the above the average, particularly difficult is looks pure, not many woman body of the world's taste. She look very calm, often LingFeng looked at her material, top write is flying years old, fudan university international financial professional, English level six level. Often LingFengYong English greets her a, ZhangRuiRong answer very fluently. Often LingFeng smiles to say: "young lady, besides English mbt ema chapter you still have what special features!" ZhangRuiRong in Korean way: "South Korea words. I walk in the streets of Seoul, others won't listen to my are foreigners!" Often LingFeng also use Korean way: "just say a few words of Korean is not what special features!" ZhangRuiRong way: "I will drink, can sing, can run jeet kune, can dance, I learned to international financial, when the graduation result in the same period the first rank in the graduates, and these are all true." Often LingFengYong English asked ZhangRuiRong a economic problems, ZhangRuiRong answer in English Flow. Often LingFeng satisfactory nodded, pointed to the side chair way: "come and help me to arrange material!" ZhangRuiRong shows light smile and often LingFeng so means she has through the investigation. Less than half the time when the next in LingFeng often and the rest of the people examine again, to incredibly and selected and to a man named ZhouYi young man. Because conditions do not conform to the investment promotion others do requirements, all be eliminated. The hiring of the day after completing a job, is already at p.m., make public looked at the time.

Really make me when to eat dinner 2012-06-14T03:25:40+01:00 2012-06-14T03:25:40+01:00 tag: mbtchongsheng mbtchongsheng Make public also ShiXiao was dumbfounded. He got up and offered GuJiaTong poured cup of black tea, put in his presence. Make public hold her hands, up her to pull down in his bosom, and took up her charming hindquarters let her sitting on his knees on, whispered: "how, recently belly pain?" GuJiaTong extremely enchanting saw his one eye: "since eat you gave me that after paying for a drug has good, you still really a gynecological Chinese poetry!" The smiling make public way: "not only that. Now Make public also ShiXiao was dumbfounded. He got up and offered GuJiaTong poured cup of black tea, put in his presence. Make public hold her hands, up her to pull down in his bosom, and took up her charming hindquarters let her sitting on his knees on, whispered: "how, recently belly pain?" GuJiaTong extremely enchanting saw his one eye: "since eat you gave me that after paying for a drug has good, you still really a gynecological Chinese poetry!" The smiling make public way: "not only that. Now you is true woman!" GuJiaTong red the face on him dozen once, arm hook in his neck, in his kiss on the lips a record little track: "strange, each time you are directly, but I why not pregnant?" Make public ha ha smiled to get up. GuJiaTong ashamed to be in public, malicious twist live his ear: "see you still dare to smile!" ZhangYangDao: "I use the internal force inactivated, these is on this kind of skill of few!" GuJiaTong red face the way: "I still think that you have a problem?" Big officer person ignore nu way: "incredibly doubt I have problems, like to try?" GuJiaTong scared to push his way: "don't be commit mbt tataga tomfoolery, somebody else not convenient!" At this time the secretary and HuYin bulletin said she would come. GuJiaTong from make public body up, into position to sit down, newsletter adjust clothing. HuYin she would walk into your office to make public smile, she walked up to GuJiaTong report of production. ZhangYangWang the GuJiaTong and HuYin's intimate conversation, between two people with such a tacit understanding, it gives birth to sense of comfort in the heart, this is state, this is expected to open the border of the officer person. The report's HuYin after, turned and walked away, when to make reasonable avoidance, in her heart clear. HuYin after she would go, GuJiaTong out of a piece of bank from handbags to ZhangYangDao: "this card. You take the first to use. Make public some wonder way: "what? Really make me when to eat dinner?" soft" GuJiaTong say with smile: "which have? Let's pharmaceutical factory you are a shareholder, although in science and technology manufacturer equity material on there is no indication of it, but I will not something for no reason greed not something that belongs to you."

ZhangYangDao: "we're still between each other?" GuJiaTong very earnest of say: "although regardless of each other, but this is your money, even if you take the money to spend on my own, will also give money to you!" She insisted that it card handed it to make public, little track: "but card is my name, avoid someone in this fuss!" She's very thoughtful consideration to make public. Make public say with smile: "the good elder sister, there have made much money?" GuJiaTong say with smile: "I actually give you is not much, according to the several drug sales ten percent of the profits to pay!" ZhangYangDao: "how many?" GuJiaTong way: "it's now two hundred thousand, according to current sales, there should be a year will be no lower than one million!" Make public a scare, I depend, the incredibly so easy to earn money, oneself muddleheaded became a millionaire. He put the card away, smiles to say: "the noon eat what? My treat! The river hotel casually you point!" GuJiaTong was he the BaoHu appearance laugh: "however, you still don't too high....... Is, after all, let people know six mouth as your ridge mbt staka beams is bad to say 2 d bone!" Make public nodded his head. GuJiaTong again way: "you don't have to work today? Not to say that do very busy merchants?" Make public took recruitment things said to her, GuJiaTong cannot help but say with smile: "GuangZhao wise men really is a good thing, but you so hiring the lack of clear purpose, I give you a suggestion!" Make public is sincere forward owed the owe body: "please gu always know!" GuJiaTong say with smile: "the real said to make investment promotion, first you have to have a wide range of contacts, this, you a considerable advantage, I, feed, and chu's collected, even including those friends around you. No matter which one can do you do work investment promotion." Make public nodded way: "or simply go? Do I Ming gets!"GuJiaTong way: "you honest point listen!" Big officer person sit right away. GuJiaTong way: "we can give you as a consultant at ordinary times, can help you to pay attention to the information in time. And these messages to you; but do the work, specific investment we are not the time and energy for all my friends, this talent is in existence. She open a drawer, take out their own address book. Find a person's name. Show make public looked at the way: "often LingFeng, Japan waseda university international trade, Ph.D.

In Japan, the famous enterprise work for many years, and now due to illness back out. I just was established in pharmaceutical companies have considered him, but he has no interest in business too much, he good family, parents are the dongjiang river, university of science and technology, the elder brother often old professor volley is Nancy city standing deputy mayor, my father was very appreciate his LingFeng. Often this year 29, is said to have had never, who filled the pursuit of money is not high, and body is not good, now the main speak on calligraphy and painting of energy, painting is a good picture, write a good word." ZhangYangDao: "this is talent ah, good tong. Help me contact his sister!" This fellow quite a bit for taste. GuJiaTong say with smile: "well, LingFeng are often very reputed visits, I this case? The Buddha will help you to contact him!" She picked up the phone, call and tell before make public: "this person horizon. Although I help you mbt wave high contact, but cannot guarantee that he will be ready to help you." ZhangYangDao: "no problem, I was always good! Convince him, I justify confident enough!" At noon on the make public and GuJiaTong together in the south for the work next to the temple SuCaiGuan contained fete often LingFeng. Big officer person is not like a vegetarian, but in order to show their sincerity, but also because KeSuiZhuBian. Often LingFeng figure is not high, people are very thin, pale and appearance some malnutrition, even in the hotel, he still wore dark glasses, it makes the person feels some distance, make public began to suspect that such a person will have what skill? GuJiaTong for him and often LingFeng introduced later. Make public the initiative and often LingFeng shook hands often LingFengDao: "I photophobia problem again, so where are with dark glasses, the two don't mind." GuJiaTong way: "often sir, you body or bad?" Often LingFeng wry smile way: "home for illness one and a half years now, not only have no signs of improvement, but worse! Now body joints everywhere, these bones pain if you meet YinYuTian is unbearable." He looked at the table vegetarian dishes way: "having a meal also is a gross. I live to animal. I to this point, have no fun." GuJiaTong way: "Mr. Often, I bring a director is specially trained you come!"

Make public nodded way: "yes, I am responsible for investment promotion do work, specially river please often over to help Mr!" Often LingFengDao: "I and gu always friends of many years, her face of course I want to, but a director, you can see I now body state, it was not suitable for work. But regardless. Since then, and I always will carry some of their own view!" To make public LingFeng often fall for a drink, often LingFeng incredibly even drink also don't drink, he only drink boiled water, in make public opinion, often LingFeng this kind of person all to no life fun. Often LingFeng took mouth cold boiled water way: "I am idle bored, talked about the economy, in fact river river reform of the roads or good, open area construction, improve the traffic. It is said that immediately and to improve the railway station, built the airport, saying that to become rich first roads, only good traffic environment, can better attract more and more merchants to mbt habari come to. But the river economic let me feel optional sex is too strong, may be you city leaders are anxious to show's sake, east a hammer of west a wooden stick, let's open area, it now to open OuDeZhan river all to no key! Lanshan economic open area main high-tech, dongjiang economic open area main electrical appliance industry, and do you open the main river area is what brand?" This sentence to make public the ear WenZhu, in his opinion as long as it is to the investment is, of course, the more the better. Which would also consider the problem of what flagship brand. Often LingFengDao: "highlight the key do the special features. To find the shortcut to the show!" ZhangYangDao: "highlight the key will let investors think we open area to do for your single?" Often LingFeng say with smile: "the samples as well as fine, do something, mark on both at home and abroad. The other relevant industries need not spend too much effort, will then show up." GuJiaTong way: "that main pharmaceutical!" Often the LingFengXiao shook her head: "must consider the characteristics of the place itself the most advantage, to seize the industry, it is possible in the shortest possible time to achieve maximum effect, create the strongest influence."

Make public is like have feelings, respectful way: "Mr. Chang. Please consider, can we do to investment promotion work?" Often LingFengDao: "not that I don't want to, but my body condition not allowed." ZhangYangDao: "I was a nasty temper, so also can't play out of the organisation, Mr. Often, as long as you promise to help me. I do investment can ensure that let you in a month to restore health. Body state all returned to normal!" Often LingFeng little surprised at make public, he thinks that make public is in great to know him to her illness, visited countless famous doctors, finally do not have any effect, but make public the haikou so unexpectedly boast. This is not exaggeration??? What??? GuJiaTong but don't think make public is in great boasts. The ability to make her more than anyone to clearly, an internal force can be used to destroy the people live sperm. On these and is there anything he can't do? Thought of here GuJiaTong a mbt shuguli gtx heart beating up pleased, by this fellow to go wrong, this time should think of it. GuJiaTong inner adjusted mood, often to LingFengDao: "often sir. That I can help a director, he will testify qigong is very severe of!" Often LingFeng say with smile: "I don't ZhangYangDao: "I'm not. Is the what qigong martial arts, you take medicine this disease is cured, must from within the internal strength training, use condition, I teach you a meditation pranayama method, you as long as you follow my ways to do that. I can guarantee you a month is to restore a normal." Often LingFeng see he said so sure. It also some believe, he whispered, "really?" Make public nodded. "Mr. Often willing to help me?" Often LingFengDao: "if a director really can cure me of problem, I must go to investment promotion do, help you!" "One!" Zhang: big officer will do persist, the day after dinner. The LingFeng often brought to his own house, he would be in the shortest time to obtain LingFeng often trust, must want to take out the can give him credit means. He let often LingFeng take your coat cross legs sat down, the LingFeng often sit behind in the, in the often LingFeng vest to finger holes, air inlet, lung, heart, instruct yu yu yu, fat, liver, spleen yu yu yu, stomach yu, triple warmer, kidney yu yu, qi hai shu point all the way, from BaiHuan yu yu turn up to the waist has been point to the way, wait for a way of acupuncture point time, change to stick in the palm, a stream of vigorous heat flow from LingFeng often a way through the rolling into the hole.

director later must take with him 2012-06-14T03:23:56+01:00 2012-06-14T03:23:56+01:00 tag: mbtchongsheng mbtchongsheng He whispered, "I've heard that city merchants to do a lousy job pressure have a heavy!" Make public say with smile: "the task haven't come down, the news has been all over the place." MaHuaCheng smiles to say: "I am in the mix in system for so long, or know several people." He paused a way: "a director, what I can do to help save?" ZhangYangDao: "I want from you hand over to help to borrow epoetin!" In fact the gang is all he epoetin brought out from the tourism administration, now do too much i He whispered, "I've heard that city merchants to do a lousy job pressure have a heavy!" Make public say with smile: "the task haven't come down, the news has been all over the place." MaHuaCheng smiles to say: "I am in the mix in system for so long, or know several people." He paused a way: "a director, what I can do to help save?" ZhangYangDao: "I want from you hand over to help to borrow epoetin!" In fact the gang is all he epoetin brought out from the tourism administration, now do too much investment idea, not a can assistant not line, so make public thought of epoetin. MaHuaCheng very pleasant nodded his head: "no problem!" He then added: "my son in the sasac, MaDeJun temper some stubborn, I want him to come with a temper, director of the world. The MaHuaCheng this face to make public or play. He nodded his head: "become, the formalities of his horse director do do this way, investment promotion no problem, I sure receive!" MaHuaCheng mbt kamba smile way: "a director later must take with him!" In fact his son's age three years older than to make public? But the level of MaDeJun sent more than make public, to now also is but a small section. Make public let epoetin the past is only the first step to epoetin subtle things, he in tourism administration office for years, when a set of authority is very clear. And the skill of writing the good article, just the papers report will tell the flaunting of many time. Investment promotion do look person many, can make public can't find a right-hand man, five, deputy director of is all useless guy, and four other people also are some through the relationship in. It was with these, want to complete the task in city is impossible. Want to make the investment promotion do work developed rapidly, it must establish their own newsletter cast. In this matter and DuTianYe make public the negotiations, he wants to expand the scale of investment promotion do, system researchers so much, make public want to face the society are the recruit better, as long as it is merely, can enter in investment promotion do, of course he recruitment of of these people will not have formal establishment, China merchants do hire personnel outside the system, make public is not the first precedent。

YunAn province south city has walked at the source ahead of them, hear YunAn province investment promotion do make prosperous, and the help from society to bring about. Secretary of municipal party committee and the city's mayor has nodded, make public recruitment plan is equal to get the identity, but he to the society in recruiting people thing, in investment promotion do internal but a stone arise layer waves, caused the big splash. When the opposition of nature is the deputy director of the five. They agreed that make public is in fooling around, China merchants do is directly under the government department, is not a country civil servants not qualified to do in investment promotion, can make public so a make, no matter who, as long as have the ability mbt changa to pull to investment, can enter in investment promotion do, be a part of it, it was just LuanDanQin. If this continues, state organs and private enterprise any different. XiaoGuiTang joint a help to the mayor, deputy director of the ZuoYuanChao opinion there, several deputy director of the emotions are some excited, XiaoGuiTang way: "left the mayor. We just can't understand, investment promotion do is the official state department, how can recruit better to the society? We these people that a not handle party and country for many years old comrades, zhang test so make, director of the majesty of the state organs? The government's system? Maybe he called some of the people have come in some investment promotion ability to be political consciousness? We office department, can not let a group of lack of party principles come in." ZuoYuanChao smiled to get up: "recruiting has yet to start, you one by one opinion how so big? Make public recruitment, and put forward not to say that all of these people for into investment promotion do!" Deputy director WangHaiQuan way: "but these people will ultimately under the banner of investment promotion do we go to attract foreign investment, left the mayor, if they do bad things. Not to affect investment promotion do, even affect the whole image of the river city government."

ZuoYuanChao heart some off now, he had a way: "you can really thoughtful consideration." WangHaiQuan way: "if really make this help the social personnel of without infiltrates the investment promotion do I don't want to do this, deputy director of!" WangHaiQuan just freely so say, he would like to take the expression of make public face for the society anger. That all the people can not think of things had, ZuoYuanChao way: "don't want to do well, think impassability! That first break!" WangHaiQuan leng: "left" mayor "I didn't mean it" "Then what do you mean?" "I'm just kidding!" ZuoYuanChao sneer at up: "are you kidding? You this group of people come running to kidding me? I meet with you, is taking the time to listen to you joking?" ZuoYuanChao face tight, murderous look looms. XiaoGuiTang the gang was suddenly realize that things, gentlemen, ZuoYuanChao wei, and he seems to play really, XiaoGuiTang flurried left in aid leave: "left the mayor, we don't hold up your work, we walk!" WangHaiQuan also follow added indignity depart, and he now had not hate two legs, leave ZuoYuanChao office. Haven't he go mbt narua out the door. ZuoYuanChao called out to him: "WangHaiQuan, immediately to the people's congress held, zhao there short-handed, back I gave him a sound, you said to help clean file!" WangHaiQuan eyes a black almost have no dizzy in the past, in a help colleagues speak from the mayor's office, several people looked at WangHaiQuan around. All with sympathy sunlight, a full face of injustice WangHaiQuan looked at XiaoGuiTang, today to find ZuoYuanChao, initiative is XiaoGuiTang, he is just a follower, didn't expect the last ZuoYuanChao fire in all himself. XiaoGuiTang also feel some embarrassed, but left the mayor since the words, they didn't also the ability to change, the collective protest quite some shooting yourself the meaning of the feet, not only against the black, no success make public, but will make WangHaiQuan from investment promotion do play out in. Between the world and woods have ears wall, recently make public through the river and a few are going in the mayor's secretary of very near, five, deputy director of the joint to the news of the ZuoYuanChao gone there, soon spread to his ear, make public heard that WangHaiQuan ZuoYuanChao to be from, joy nearly didn't laugh their tails off, but happy to joy, this is private, on the surface not reveal any make public the proud。

China merchants do internal meetings, make public specially put forward to want to WangHaiQuan off. Said off, WangHaiQuan face the ugly, he did not stood up, turn round and then out of the small conference room, people are compassionate, WangHaiQuan also is so, now that have been kicked out of the investment promotion do, he didn't have to stay here and see somebody else's supercilious look. Make public looked to XiaoGuiTang for four of the vice director, had the tourism bureau, check, this kind of thing now make public the processing have certain experience, he light say with smile: "it seems that the king to let's deputy director of the investment promotion do still has the emotional, much good of comrade, that what, let's get to the point, the people to call to today the purpose of the meeting is to give a deputy director of the king sent off, and the second is about moving of things, this is the third thing about let's recent work to hang down some recruitment! Also is recruiting!" No one to talk, all people already know hiring foreign workers have become fact, no one to protest, WangHaiQuan are the living example,mbt sport 2 only because many said a words, is DaiShiChang ZuoYuanChao to play out, ZuoYuanChao do so intention obviously, he kill chickens do monkey, that all the people can see clear, he is unconditional support of make public. XiaoGuiTang for's deputy director is now fully understand, at least in the river where no reasons things out, ZuoYuanChao support make public, party secretary DuTianYe and make public relations but also need not say much, some of them are just a fight but also somebody else. ZhangYangDao: "you have any advice for recruitment yet?" He stared into the XiaoGuiTang way: "xiao?" XiaoGuiTang shook his head. "I don't have the advice. How does a director said!" Make public heart dark joy, he cleared his throat way: "since like this, I would say, we do preliminary draft to investment promotion to set up a new department. For six of the six members of the department, requirements, and a strong ability social relations, have wide social responsibility.

Love of country, love for the socialist!" Here he paused: "the newspaper has published to go out, the specific recruitment by me and comrade epoetin by politics careful, responsible for xiao, everyone is responsible for see how?" Several of vice director of nodded listlessly, say no opinion. Make public face the society when recruiting people and not think of registration will be so hot, they temporarily in a conference room old municipal party committee for office in the first day came the three hundred and sixty-seven people, the scene is not expected to make public, he temporarily put all the investment promotion do others to come over, and then let the young people that help former do come over, through JiangLiang transferred six police at the scene to help keep order. Don't come to the people while many, quality is the good and bad are intermingled, make public is the tumult headache, simply put the scene employment to cui the responsible for, since the hair to the river pharmaceutical factory. GuJiaTong this two days in river, new drug has formally put into production, and according to the current orders. Sales mbt baridi extremely bullish on, she just in the computer in the preliminary estimate the first quarter profits, the rich return it is she had never thought of that. GuJiaTong heard secretary of XiaoHe bulletin, know ZhangYangLai, she smiles to say: "please he come in!" Voice nets fell, make public just opened the door and came in, GuJiaTong class sit chair, both hands together in together, finger against the lower jaw, smiling at ZhangYangDao: "a director today how free to me here?" Look upon the make public is the office of tong, gee great way: "is really quite good, gu is always have good taste, this office looks just give a kind of contemporary feeling!" GuJiaTong smiled to get up: "is one of my stylist friend help with Europe and America, go fashionable style!" Make public came to opposite her to sit down, take GuJiaTong cup sip, this just perceive the inside is red tea and frowned. GuJiaTong Chi laughing at a way: "what you drink. Somebody else to that!"

in order to free the property 2012-06-14T03:22:03+01:00 2012-06-14T03:22:03+01:00 tag: mbtchongsheng mbtchongsheng Say with smile: "how can he not come?" HuYin's way: "drink many, I worry about him drive an accident, so come over!" The vice GuJiaTong in settled in, whispered: "take-off time is good, the river is snowing!" HuYin's way: "you tonight for dinner, so his secretary du drink two cup, see snow, he didn't go. Tonight in the log cabin stayed." GuJiaTong nodded his head, did not speak. In fact, her to make public and the relationship between the HuYin she knew, also have long accepted it. But after all Say with smile: "how can he not come?" HuYin's way: "drink many, I worry about him drive an accident, so come over!" The vice GuJiaTong in settled in, whispered: "take-off time is good, the river is snowing!" HuYin's way: "you tonight for dinner, so his secretary du drink two cup, see snow, he didn't go. Tonight in the log cabin stayed." GuJiaTong nodded his head, did not speak. In fact, her to make public and the relationship between the HuYin she knew, also have long accepted it. But after all the two never in this issue discussed directly. HuYin she would also embarrassed to say, just openned a car to small lake nanhu silently the direction of the cabin. Because the snow, the bigger the so of the car is not on slowly, GuJiaTong way: "early know so, I will stay at the airport hotel, save trouble". HuYin RuQiao face a slight heat: "the good elder sister, don't trouble tong, log cabin just to build, you haven't seen!" "So fast?" "Well, that is the last time you to send in accordance with the plan of construction, in order to free the property right of trouble, hut is my name". GuJiaTong didn't mbt chapa gtx mind. She would feel HuYin can have the necessary explained: "I can at any time into your name." GuJiaTong insignificant say with smile: "feed, if she would mind if I, I will ask you to give me management pharmaceutical factory?. HuYin she would face a hot, it seems that but one's want to think more. At the beginning GuJiaTong in know make public and determine when to start chu relationship, have lost, but soon she was accepted the fact, she once tried to play alienated make public, not long before she realized her can't do it, in the brother after an accident, she thought of her first person is make public, may make public can't bring her marriage, but he brings his own security and warm feeling is that no one can replace. She is a HuYin reason awake the woman, her from the start in love with make public, have clear the position, well put her in the future and the relationship between the make public, she even see the make public problems. Want to solve some trouble for make public. Back to the villa, it was already midnight 12:00, make public have to sleep in the room. This let GuJiaTong and HuYin's comfortable many. HuYin she would give GuJiaTong arranged room, to the first floor room to sleep.

To GuJiaTong bedroom is the biggest one. Rush about a big, GuJiaTong really some tired, she lay in the warm baths, quiet quiet relaxing with his charming of hunman body, the door is pushed open. GuJiaTong surprised track: "who?" In the mirror to see make public slip of the smiling has come in, a pair of eyes looking at the GuJiaTong water vapor in the exquisite body jiao haunted, full of desire. GuJiaTong red the face which, will hand towel to throw the past him, make public and bath towel a off. Come on. Hands down in GuJiaTong smooth sweet shoulder, leaned over in her face kissed a record qiao. GuJiaTong cui way: "you not to drink more have been asleep?" "I pretend!" GuJiaTong anger way: "I am not river. You look no less do bad things!" Open arms GuJiaTong will mbt maliza make public body in the charming from baths held out, GuJiaTong out a scream, can immediately and shut your lips, fearing that voice drive HuYin radha. For GuJiaTong wrapped towels make public, smiles to say: "not afraid, the log cabin specially made sound insulation treatment, can not hear!" He GuJiaTong carry them in his bosom, and have put to shame and excitement. Put her arms around his neck, lips gather together in his ears bitten a gently, "I'm tired." Make public embrace her out of the bathroom, low voice way: "I came to help you relax!" GuJiaTong be him and put him in bed, and charming as mattess body ups and downs, before she pauses. Make public has EHuPuShi as blunt go up. GuJiaTong fine white jade arm stretched out, will berth lamp go out. Indoor into a darkness, she felt on a share on a cool idea, then make public burning Don't fear of the oppression. GuJiaTong tight live make public body, the dark feel slightly fierce jiang busy feeling newsletter full of himself, she couldn't help ah 1, begging forgi-veness must way: "you gently some" "No!!! I am a partial yokel!" GuJiaTong in his arm gently twist once, but matchless gentleness voice way: "what I like!" The snow fell silent, she would have HuYin go to sleep, but in the hazy, but felt someone came to your side. She is some surprising turned, almost scream, lips but was over, hear the voice of the make public way: "be me!"

HuYin's tight charming hindquarters this just relax, from the this fellow body state immediately she guessed he want to do what, red the face which cui way: "you don't honestly, not afraid Paul elder sister is back to know?" Make public say with smile: "she tired!" She HuYin quietly scold a way: "absurd, you play with enough" ah" Make public the HuYin bent down and kissed the's lips, warm hands touching her charming hindquarters, whispered, "strange, this wine is not SuXiaoGong add the aphrodisiac potion? I how so xing know, SuXiaoGong bring wine of course don't have any problems, make public so extraordinarily brave excited, not just because of the influence of alcohol, he tried to make GuJiaTong and HuYin radha both felt his love, he doesn't want to a single one of them felt left out in mbt raha the cold and feel his grievance. GuJiaTong woke up in his pyjamas came to the sitting room, and she would have HuYin now where breakfast, two people eye contact together, each other some blush, exactly what was born last night. Their heart is plainly, dark scold make public absurd and at the same time, also don't feel awkward. She would take the lead in HuYin broke this embarrassing atmosphere. Whispered: "he early in the morning to go to work!" GuJiaTong freely way: "is really energetic!" Spoken immediately feel some wrong, watching HuYin radha, HuYin's face has red, phase himself will also is same. Two people are all in business and waves. But last night the experience of this there has never been. When the relative alone could feel some shy and embarrassed. HuYin's way: "nothing to eat in the fridge, but also some eggs and instant noodles exquisite some!" GuJiaTong smiled, two people on the table relative and sit, each other's eyes fell on the other side of the powder above the neck, their neck are left a deeply kiss mark. GuJiaTong bite bite lips. Make public is really damn on top of the world, she can almost certain that he is intentionally. Specially for them a, mark. HuYin she whispered: "snow still didn't stop, if he does not give us dinner at noon, come over, I'm afraid we will be hungry belly."

"He is a bad thing!" HuYin radha sympathetically of nodded his head. Two people look at each other, understood each other heart in thinking about what, suddenly laughed together. Make public is also very happy, and although he didn't put HuYin radha and GuJiaTong ye together with big was sleeping, but two people from last night in light of the expression, certainly they have to accept the existence of each other, this is a very good start, make public the idea began to his future plan and, he began to see the harmony of hope. Heavy snow to the river traffic brought greatly inconvenience, make public from the south lake villa to municipal government office building, 10 km distance, witnessed the five accident. Road traffic has fully mobilized for, but still can't adapt to in a short time the lake-effect requirements, many enterprises and institutions and the organization from shoveling snow, the way you can see the ride from passers-by fall. The mbt pata snow buggies advantage was fully showed up, even so, make public came to the municipal government office building or spent more than forty minutes. What of the municipal party committee, yard in, all the way in front of the sweeping clean, but the snow was still in the sporadic, a little while the ground and covered the thin a thin. ZhangYangXian went to the former do, now director of the former MaHuaCheng do have several lad is lying in the central heating chat, ZhuXiaoYun see make public come in, surprise shouted to get up. Make public say with smile: "early morning, don't a surprised a first!" Busy to give his epoetin tea. ChenJian and HeShuLei two, each holding his over an arm please him to sit down. ZhangYangDao: "what? Really make me when strangers? I still do former vice director of!" The tea on before epoetin make public "zhang director, you now are in the heart save investment promotion do, recently didn't see you come here!" Make public ha ha say with smile: "you do I trust. Former now do on the track. Investment promotion over there, I do is virtually over there of course requires treatment!" When saying this heart not some satisfied, now holds the two big department is equal to the authority of scenery in many of the river is the degree ZhengChuJi cadre also not saw.

ZhuXiaoYun way: "zhang, the director of JiangLe can now, when the prestige of the party secretary, secretary after long-term political." Make public say with smile: "how?? Or you'll regret it SuJiang to pedal, now change in time!" ZhuXiaoYun red face cui way: "a director, which have so said family!" A group of people together to laugh. ChenJianDao: "a director, heard that enterprises do and investment promotion, do to move together?" Make public nodded way: "good, move to old municipal party committee, share an office building yard, and I would be convenient, province upstairs downstairs to HuiCuan." HeShuLei way: "a director, heard that DongGongYu the charges not light, like corruption many!" ZhangYangDao: "heel you have relationship?" HeShuLei shan shan say with smile: "it doesn't matter!" "Then don't ask, system speak???????" ZhuXiaoYun way: "every man own skunk. Which tube others tile cream!" Make public pointed to ZhuXiaoYun way: "something goes wrong ah, who taught you? Is SuJiang that mix son!" ZhuXiaoYun way: "tell him it doesn't matter, it is my own wu to come!" Talking and laughing all the time, MaHuaCheng clip broken umbrella to walk to come in, he and make public a. Hello, sigh a way: "snow and bigger, not so much a few years under the snow......." Epoetin mbt kaya way: "horse director sigh what spirit? Michael cover three layer is this year, next year under the head slowly. Good sleep!!!!!" MaHuaCheng way: "there is good and bad. In many places the power went out, everyone work isn't very convenient traffic department, under a lot of pressure." ZhuXiaoYun way: "what is director of the horse, think about is comprehensive cadre." MaHuaCheng smiled, and to ZhangYangDao: "investment promotion do there work? I heard that you add to the city this year a lot of task!" ZhangYangDao: "I used to think that do a beggar, former do can now look at, China merchants do is the real beggars do, special reached out his hand to others priest MaHuaCheng way: "now beggar WanYuanHu also many!!!!! I see those people in the square of begging, monthly income is higher than me!" ZhangYangDao: "China is so big, what people have, these phenomena to the much more." MaHuaCheng know do not good situation of the investment.

Chapter two hundred and fifty-nine 2012-06-14T03:19:38+01:00 2012-06-14T03:19:38+01:00 tag: mbtchongsheng mbtchongsheng With the change of the quick, let's HuYin and make public have to admire, anyway, let's HuYin, the sound DuGe is anyway not shout of export. DuTianYe although heart feel some wrong, but didn't also objected, after all, make public here, there is no stranger, SuXiaoGong so call pour a nothing important also. Sue little mandarinate since: "eat what?" ZhangYangDao: "food I point, and burned the goose, the wild turtle stew, with four word vegetables!" SuXiaoGong this just think of yourself as wine f With the change of the quick, let's HuYin and make public have to admire, anyway, let's HuYin, the sound DuGe is anyway not shout of export. DuTianYe although heart feel some wrong, but didn't also objected, after all, make public here, there is no stranger, SuXiaoGong so call pour a nothing important also. Sue little mandarinate since: "eat what?" ZhangYangDao: "food I point, and burned the goose, the wild turtle stew, with four word vegetables!" SuXiaoGong this just think of yourself as wine fell in the car, got up and went out to take the liquor, back when holding a five pounds of wine with jars came in. Make public and DuTianYe winery is superior, from the jar will see that some of the different, DuTianYe took the altar wine, took a look, some astonishment way: "this altar wine can be a year." SuXiaoGong XiaoYingYing doesn't speak. DuTianYe put the wine jars looked it over, and lift looked at the bottom, is startled way: "this altar wine mbt kipimo have fifty years?" Chapter two hundred and fifty-nine 【 wine with the wind 】 Sue small mandarinate since a! "With more than fifty years, my grandfather to the past is woven factory. Sleep copy mouth wave win, wei he heard the news, specially for the altar wine, eight in old house buried up he said the war of resistance against Japan hit eight years, do not know to want how long can China recoveries, common people to live a good life. Then buried the altar when eight wine. Wine has ten years caches of, so well wine should be around 1935 brewing. To XiongNian liberation, my uncle, triumphant return. Grandpa opened an altar wine, closing of time, I two" come back, my grandfather and opened an altar. Soon the domestic political upheavals. My grandfather had been taken, and because of his illness plus heart grievances. Leave soon died, my uncle, they also because of my grandpa's things been affected, who don't recall also have six altar wine. Until after the end of the cultural revolution, my father was able to think of it, and in that time I remember father and two "opened an altar wine, two people got drunk and cry, laugh is not long, my father died, and my two" also passed away in 85, I also gradually forgotten about it. The first two days old house to tear open change, I suddenly thought of it, in the yard, dug up six altar wine, now have existed in the royal holiday wine cellar.

Today please DuGe for dinner, so I specially take a altar!" DuTianYe way: "so precious. I have some reverential awe!" Sue little mandarinate since: "you are my help benefactor, and an altar wine?" Make public have know SuXiaoGong good at communication, said SuXiaoGong are not the heart DuTianYe? His heart for DuTianYe p slow, after all SuXiaoGong and HongWeiJi things make your topic. DuTianYe political future good, can't be affected her. Make public say with smile: "I also like to drink, how don't you out for I drink?" Sue little mandarinate since: "last week just thought of things, you want to drink just to take!" Make public DuTianYe from received his that altar wine. Weighed the deal, then pat to la FengNi seal, a enticing bouquet elegant in the atmosphere. Make public in small bowl fall down a bowl, clear colour, fragrance pubi. DuTianYe great way: "good wine!" HuYin's boss will come up without cold dishes, at this mbt katika time, with a flowing out from under the snow. SuXiaoGong open steamer to HuYin radha and red wine on himself, she raised his glass way: "let's cheer today not drunk everything!" DuTianYe frank loudly way: "good!" He leans back stem this bowl of wine, and wine only feel them. Long pure, full-bodied soft, unrecoginized bouquet inward parts. A warm feeling of the womb stretch to spread. Instantly spread through the whole body, every pore feel comfortable. Make public is also a dry that a bowl of wine. Great way: "good wine! What good wine!" HuYin she would say with smile: "are you a cat, wine. Today let you meet good wine I'm afraid for a drop of not left." DuTianYe way: "good wine can't alone!" ZhangYangDao: "this wine made me suddenly thought of luoyang spring!" "Luoyang spring?" DuTianYe wine culture to absorb is quite deep, but also have never heard of this wine. He know what make public is in nostalgic? Make public say with smile: "accidentally drink to, small mill. Now was closed for years!" He is not to say false words, the distillery had closed at least to the one thousand years. HuYin radha and SuXiaoGong conversation and business related.

She HuYin because business reasons, has been listed as a sign the bill will be real holiday unit, to make your new SuXiaoGong a woman hairdressing club interested. The woman talked about beauty never stop. Make public and DuTianYe is chatting something else, ZhangYangDao: "your house to do have no?" DuTianYe nodded his head: "good, next week, this year Spring Festival move past lives I put all parents took it, and let my brother and sisters all of them to the Chinese New Year river!" Make public wanted to think, to a recent busy always had no occasion to ChunYang visits father and mother, also should take the time to go back to a trip. DuTianYe looked out of the window, it was dark. Heavy snow mountains and rivers will cover, everywhere is a snow-white scene. HuYin she whispered: "xue jing beautiful!" SuXiaoGong sigh a way: "it seems that tonight I royal holiday and no business......." Make public smile way: "snow day drink day, this weather drink most great but!" DuTianYe mbt nama think of is the snow will bring trouble river, the pressure of the department of transportation tomorrow of highways and big, the river traffic face under a lot of pressure, hope years later sanhuan road project completion after open to traffic, highway traffic conditions to improve. Make public and DuTianYe are mass, just two hours an altar wine has been they stem bottom up, of course, make public is the main force, DuTianYe also drink nearly 2 jins. He saw the snow still didn't stop signs, and got up and went way: "this go, otherwise the snow will FengLu......." ZhangYangDao: "I send you!" Sue little mandarinate since: "or I to send it. You drink so much wine not safe, feed, she would you send make public back!" DuTianYe also way: "you that jeep and then throw in here, and come back tomorrow open!" Make public point nod, SuXiaoGong has put his ", DuTianYe her forced Mr Car, snow is slippery, SuXiaoGong also dare not drive fast, after a long while, she just drive the big red audi sight of the path. She HuYin to make public to his jeep keys, the snow is so big, or the open buggies some be guided. Make public is just slightly JiuYi, smiles to say: "I have no matter son, drive no sweat!" She HuYin little track: "so heavy snow, let's not go back tonight!"

Make public leng leng, time and not the xi come over: "that what, what are you going to in the car? The car cold!" The HuYin RuGong face which cui way: "what a shame! You want to where go to!" She open the door started the jeep, make public also follow to drill in. She didn't tell HuYin and in SuXiaoGong's car after forced to leave, but to the opposite direction, along the south lake reservoir dam of careful progression, make public this just understand she is to go to small lake nanhu villa, make public say with smile: "there can live for?" She HuYin captivating smile way: "go to you know it!" Just a little way, HuYin pays for half an hour's drive, the wooden villa roof has been covered with snow, she would stop HuYin jeep, make public headed off down, but see wooden stand there quietly in between landscape, like a beautiful picture. She HuYin walking arm in arm with his arm, along the snow-covered road walked past, open the gate. Enter it, in the yard of everything by the snow cover, just built good pool is no water injection, is also covered with snow. She HuYin from take out the key in the handbag. Will mbt rafiki the door open, a stream of wood and the smell of it. Walk into the room, she took his palms, the hall light lit up, orange light, let just experience the storm's they felt a warm. The display of wooden cabins will also log primarily. Let a person feel the warm warm, make public in the sand to sit down, she would HuYin will be key to throw in tea table: "you have a rest, I go to kettle!" Make public nodded his head, he walked along the stairs to the second floor, there were three log cabin , Fu, two rooms. Besides have two bathrooms, two rooms the kitchen, the sitting room also small a baby; From the second floor of the sitting room door can pull to wooden platform, in the platform on, as far as the small lake nanhu kethleen 's5 small lake nanhu has completely the ice, it fell a thick layer of snow that looks like a flat a piece of white snow fields. Make public suddenly thought of, if the own confidante all around, that this is how of happiness, left hold right embrace, before the night, the life is so husband after what asks? HuYin she slipped into his back. The body of the make public embrace from behind, soft track: "it's cold outside, back to the house to go!"

Make public patted her back, two people together into log cabin, downy lamplight to bring people warm at the same time. A kind of ambiguity of the atmosphere also easily be out, sitting in sand, drank a cup of HuYin radha bubble good black tea, make public hand began to troubled on her activities up. She HuYin the glad eye such as silk, charming pressed to make public on the body, your breathing will become more rapid rise. Finally can't stand make public the damned hand, JiaoSheng way: "take a shower, sleep?. Make public certainly understand her in the words meaning, is preparing to go to the bathroom, his mobile phone rang, through to the phone, but GuJiaTong call you back. GuJiaTong haven't talk hit two sneeze: "make public, I'm at the airport!" Make public is not what she meant: "here, you don't snow rush back!" GuJiaTong way: "river airport, the plane delayed two hours, very not easy to fall down. This want to give you a surprise, the mbt moja airport shuttle bus and bad on the road, where are you, quick to pick me up!" Make public looked at HuYin radha, at that time do not know how to answer, leng carried a way: "I will go to pick you up, and right field road is?" Get in GuJiaTong affirmative reply after, make public have hung up the phone, said the heart trouble, HuYin radha and GuJiaTong struck a, the bowl of water tonight what DuanPing? HuYin radha expression but there are not any different, her soft track: "you take a shower? I to pick up beautiful tong elder sister, you drink, snow and big, drive not safe". She picked up the key on the tea table. ZhangYangDao: "you be careful." HuYin she would say with smile: "know, her face kissed a play written, rose up and departed. Big officer person breath, walk into the bathroom. Bubble is in bath crock put hot water, the mind at the moment and some dizzy, she would know he HuYin and GuJiaTong relationship, GuJiaTong also understand that he and she HuYin between the ambiguity, but this layer ChuangHuZhi finally still not crush, tonight or honest. , GuJiaTong in JiChangLu classy for nearly an hour. Now to see make public jeep to come over, she took the baggage from the bus went down. Open the door, to see their own is to pick HuYin radha. She wants to know HuYin radha and make public together.

as soon as possible to help 2012-06-14T03:17:49+01:00 2012-06-14T03:17:49+01:00 tag: mbtchongsheng mbtchongsheng Make public took the opportunity to complained. ZuoYuanChao say with smile: "don't worry, as soon as possible to help you solve!" He went on to make public spoke about this year's investment promotion task, the preliminary plan, investment promotion of investment promotion missions will do in the basis of last year doubled. Make public didn't feel this is what important event, in his view to attract investment enterprise reform than the difficulty of the small lot. But when he put most of the ci Make public took the opportunity to complained. ZuoYuanChao say with smile: "don't worry, as soon as possible to help you solve!" He went on to make public spoke about this year's investment promotion task, the preliminary plan, investment promotion of investment promotion missions will do in the basis of last year doubled. Make public didn't feel this is what important event, in his view to attract investment enterprise reform than the difficulty of the small lot. But when he put most of the city's preliminary plan to do in the interior of the investment promotion meeting said, the whole investment promotion do immediately fry pan, the deputy director of the XiaoGuiTang for is, XiaoGuiTang loudly protested: "a director, last year we have completed the task of investment promotion very reluctantly, now to give us city doubled task, no consideration to the reality, we do business in only ten people, where so many investment recruit? A director, it must mbt shoes sale and above talk about." "About what?" XiaoGuiTang way: "of course is talk about the index, even if it can't keep down last year, also can't go up the index so much, we finished the task will deduct pay bonuses, if that's the index, and I'm afraid we these people a year to drink northwest wind......." Make public say with smile: "there is pressure will have power!" Several other name also in succession, deputy director of the filed a opinion, deputy director WangHaiQuan way: "the past dong, we of the director of the index rising investment promotion do most no have twenty percent." He say that finish this sentence and feel some wrong. Make public sneer at a way: "dong director been detained, she corruption misappropriating public funds, has offended the laws of the state, wang seems a good relationship with her!!!!!" WangHaiQuan red face the way: "colleagues, I'm just a hard-eyed!" Zheng, deputy director of the new hydrographic: "add a ten percent return about, if is one hundred percent, we simply to finish, since finished the task, we stay in the investment promotion do? Wait for a sham?" Make public say with smile: "today is New Year on January 3, has only just begun, you one by one they said the more discouraging words, I also wonder, investment promotion work so hard to deal with?

Is but the city added some tasks, you see you one by one sorrow." XiaoGuiTang way: "how can not sorrow? Now what age, be in WuJi FuKuaFeng, people have more bold in how much, I'd like to a river in investment promotion and capital introduction to, but I say out billions, I do get? I said go out, and who would believe? A director, you still deliberating once, and talk to the city, the index is not matter. Things" Make public heart this help the worldly play looked down upon the system operator, usually a RenMoGouYang, to do a specific work, soon suffer badly, ZhangYangDao: "you don't get to complain, and now is just a preliminary intent, haven't settle down, if DongGongYu does not have an accident, this year's mission would have come down, I understand that to you, at mbt kifundo that time in the city to task is the basis of last year by one hundred and twenty, now because DongGongYu an accident, considering the investment promotion of difficulty do, just to give you a twenty percent reduction, if not letter, who find left the mayor asked!" Few of the deputy director of the make public that also hear said the remarks stopped, ZhangYangDao: "is there, the city inside let us and do all moved to old former municipal party committee courtyard, office place ready, I go to see the environment, it is also good, we next week moved past!" XiaoGuiTang way: "so suddenly!" Make public say with smile: "all right, let's move past investment promotion in the day to do, in this office is not convenient!" He took up the folders on the desk "ke, this is he just a habit, says nothing can be more diversity. Few of the rose up and leave the deputy director of the small meeting rooms, went outside, deputy director ZhengXinHai walk to XiaoGuiTang side sigh a way: "it seems that this year's hard times." XiaoGuiTang way: "day fall down a big top, let's not take charge again, tube so much?" The make public accounting MengMei stayed, MengMei has received the notice of account thaw, her long sighs way: "finally!" These days she truly was afraid to make money. Can make public immediately now, the account thaw also not is what good thing, MengMei took a thick stack votes let him sign it, this is left over issues before, big officer person spent a whole afternoon, to find out that these tickets purposes, is preparing to sign yu, was knocked on the door gently。

HuYin she came in, she say with smile: "a director, is really rare, you could honestly stay in the office." Make public looked up the wall clock on the wall, this just know already diameter off work, I sigh a way: "vexed, true in with his mama be vexed, this investment promotion do business expenses really much!" HuYin she would say with smile: "how to just get tired of the office?" Make public nodded way: "I don't have a capable assistant!" He took those bills into the drawer: "home, leave!" HuYin's way: "I come over is to want to let you to do me a favor." Make public say with smile: "help you? As you have the need to, I must do my best!" HuYin radha to listen to his the implication, white his one way: "seriously, I want to please YuZiLiang, ZhouXiuLi couple when mbt unono we factory medical adviser." Make public want to down. After all, he and YuZiLiang or some friendship, oneself to mention this, YuZiLiang shall not refuse to already he'll give YuZiLiang dozen telephone, YuZiLiang with left? YongJun together, make public to during the river, he and left YongJun and medical cooperation for the things about several times, attitude is not as start so resolutely. YuZiLiang to make public the telephone, he was left with YongJun investigation mining bureau central hospital? Jiang city the first people's hospital just keep mining bureau to gobble up the central hospital, foreign say the power-and-power union, in fact mining bureau central hospital has become the first people's hospital river affiliated hospitals. YuZiLiang hear that, smile and promised to come down, make public the telephone to the HuYin radha, let her directly and YuZiLiang said, she would HuYin on the phone and YuZiLiang agreed to meet the talk the time. Put down the phone, she would HuYin happily collected, in make public face kissed a record. In make public stretched out his hand to embrace her to before, lightsome and turn around and returned just of the seat. Make public exclaimed: "for a while, you don't pay attention to how the action newsletter!" HuYin's way: "still not you taught that set of fighting skill, I practice every day!"

Make public ha ha laughed, and he teaches these confidante fighting skill goal is to let their self-defense, lest meet accident, now it one by one all made progress, wait until their internal strength with foundations after, can consider to teach some advanced fighting skill.HuYin's way: "I'll treat you to dinner!" Make public say with smile: "or the south lake the farm house!" HuYin she nodded, get up first left, and now is the time from work place in with politics, she inconvenience and make public counterparts. Make public office for a while in, this just downstairs start his jeep jeep driving to the gate, see DuTianYe walked to come over, because DuTianYe lives in the next government's in with a move, so he seldom labor driver, are walking back to place. Make public stopped a car window falling way: "du secretary, don't I send to you?" DuTianYe than with his kind, opened the door to sit in. "Where to? A?" DuTianYe a jolt neck way: "to find a place to drink!" Make public leng once: "the son so good interest? Don't go back to accompany your service stars?"DuTianYe stared at him: "SuYuanYuan caught a cold!" Make mbt sadiki black public say with smile: "I feel you today how free!" He drove to open the direction of the reservoir region south lake. DuTianYe also not ask him where to, put out the radio tuned to the local machine, is at this time broadcast news, now news also is not substantial content, DuTianYe heard two is boring closed: "you make a joyous to the dongjiang!" Make public smiled to get up: "I that but let's cadres, let's xu river by the minister can't let the people so humiliate!" DuTianYe way: "regard the secretary I scolded!" ZhangYangDao: "I see him quite good of, on this thing on our side!" DuTianYe way: "he said I, small collective organization bending over backward ideas too heavy!" Make public smiles to say: "good, and through this matter, you du cadre of river defend the interests of the image is set up, xu minister things, and let's unprecedented leadership solidarity river foreign." He said this DuTianYe listen to also couldn't help laughing: "you! What are your truth, right, XuBiao recovery?" "I don't see yao great things, then rest half a month is almost!"

DuTianYe nodded, and was about to speak, his cell phone rang, and it is from the SuYuanYuan, the telephone of SuYuanYuan nasal are very heavy, still worrying about the DuTianYe evening meals, DuTianYe heard her ill still does not forget to take care of their own thing, the in the mind it some moved, whispered: "don't worry, I have dinner together and make public, what your peace of mind for illness, rest for a few days, I don't consider the matter". Hung up the phone, see ZhangYangZheng with eyes of the corner of his eye he looked at her, some disgruntled stared at him: "what? Haven't seen the other people make a phone call?" ZhangYangLe: "call common, but du such a gentle call secretary of the first time I've seen." DuTianYe XiaoMa way: "your boy again, be careful of your nonsense I the position of!" "I don't believe, du secretary for integrity, selfless, how do the communique about nay?" DuTianYe laughed, and laughter did not lie, make mbt gil gil public telephone rang, it is SuXiaoGong call up and say, want to let make public about DuTianYe eat together, thank DuTianYe last save her thing. Make public listen and smile looked at DuTianYe, he promised: "so, you would have to go to the south lake farm house, she also went to the HuYin, night you please to have a meal!" Hung up the phone, DuTianYe cannot help but ask: "who? We two people eat don't need so selectmen?" "I said du secretary, I HuYin and she would almost have a meal together, is your hard follow ceng rice, as to who else to, with you all right?" See SuXiaoGong, DuTianYe also relieved to, SuXiaoGong say with smile: "du secretary, I have been looking for a chance to express gratitude, but considering you work too busy, can't scare you, today happened to have the chance, this meal must let me shout!" HuYin's way: "get, hong jie come, that I will put the treat the opportunities to you!" DuTianYe smiles to say: "now that sit together, everyone still only talk about friendship, other things don't ask!" He is not to suggest that SuXiaoGong secretary is hanged on the mouth. How SuXiaoGong sophistication, right away that the DuTianYe mean, smiles to say: "that I'd cry DuGe!"

investors in caused extreme 2012-06-14T03:15:55+01:00 2012-06-14T03:15:55+01:00 tag: mbtchongsheng mbtchongsheng That help security haven't close, make public by their nose scold a way: "all stop for me, the police to enforce business!" The that girl screamed: "he is not the police, he was the robber!" That group of security and rounding up, make public nodded his head, pointing to the camera way: "I bubble hot spring, with the camera he took me, even in you I will complain!" A word and the security guards to frighten. Make public his fists on AIRS to play the name male reporters, the reporter is he playin That help security haven't close, make public by their nose scold a way: "all stop for me, the police to enforce business!" The that girl screamed: "he is not the police, he was the robber!" That group of security and rounding up, make public nodded his head, pointing to the camera way: "I bubble hot spring, with the camera he took me, even in you I will complain!" A word and the security guards to frighten. Make public his fists on AIRS to play the name male reporters, the reporter is he playing afraid, ChanSheng way: "is... is liu's vice President for our interview mission... we...... we are not the couple......" Make public nodded his head: "calculate you wise, I tell you, you name yu I've got it, see today, hear what what, if leak out a word, I'm sure, let you two, in mbt shoes sale the lanshan no place to go, you vice President called???????" "LiuWenJun!" "He had bad luck!" DaiShiChang ZuoYuanChao way: "DongGongYu corruption and a case of misappropriating public funds, investors in caused extreme influence, the original and we agreed on many of the foreign investment, because this matter and become hesitate up, there are also many people who simply give up the river in the plan, we invest so much comrade, spend such a long time, so much energy, very not easy to set up image, because DongGongYu a person but suffered serious damage. The good faith once lost, want to play to set up, need to pay even more than in the past to the cost." He paused a way: "du put forward to develop secretary of anti-corruption action, I first hand up in favor of the river, the moth completely clear out!!!!" DuTianYe way: "top priority is to set up to our village people the confidence of the government, is to set up to our faith, investors river economic exhibition very not easy to pick up, we don't want to see who has just started, the river at once, even stopped economy reverse." He turned to ZuoYuanChao way: "left the mayor, this year's investment promotion work particularly important, do you want to focusing on it."

ZuoYuanChao nodded. The following time to the director of the National People's Congress ZhaoYangLin, for his upcoming NPC during a speech watch river, and puts forward several problems. All standing all understand, this year NPC the most important thing is the mayor elections, the mayor will DaiShiChang river in ZuoYuanChao and executive vice mayor LiChangYu between being to the present state of affairs, ZuoYuanChao obviously ideally the advantage, in fact in his job as a deputy mayor after that, have basic determined the position, is just LiChangYu stopover in tourism with a fine performance robbed him of some of the limelight, as LiChangYu YuCuo repeatedly, the distance between two people is the beginning more and more far. LiChangYu look very calm, although he was once reputed to it was long mbt sadiki on position, or even close to the infinite this seat, then he went to the wrong chess, above politics a small mistake can lead to lose everything, and events and let the provincial party committee secretary sanhuan road GuYun to know he produced a view, party secretary of HongWeiJi dim and leave let him this old students began the leadership of the river was isolated, LiChangYu heart has accepted the fact that under, he has no chance. ZuoYuanChao way: "want to establish the confidence of investors to our, the best way is to attract influential multinational group in, their role in driving the river is not a trivial. Recent AnDai group has river and engineering machine seeking cooperation, if can be successful cooperation, investment promotion and capital introduction to the river it will be a huge positive news. We HanYuan and blue star group kindly contact us and this is expected this month, the President of the blue star group, gold is Mr. Yuan will come to river expedition!" AnDai and blue star can say is South Korea's biggest two enterprises, if they can come to investment river, the river to the future of economic exhibition have considerable influence.

DuTianYe way: "the completion of the river at the sanhuan road city show also new chapter, with the New Year, I hope we make concerted efforts, sincere cooperation, create the river to the beautiful future." His summary in warm applause the end. DuTianYe returned to the office soon, DaiShiChang ZuoYuanChao came and greets, some things are not convenient put forward in the standing committee, so he'll come over for the first privately DuTianYe opinion. DuTianYe invited ZuoYuanChao sit down. ZuoYuanChao through this period of time and DuTianYe contact, have learned that some of his character, DuTianYe this person do things simply decisive, don't like slow, so talk to him best straightforward, but there is no need to beat about the bush, ZuoYuanChao way: "du secretary, I came to talk to you about the new airport and the construction of things." Under the new airport has been the idea of ZuoYuanChao, one of the original airport river is very mbt karani backward, and times have not adapted to the exhibition, in the long run will affect the pace of economic exhibition river. DuTianYe way: "this thing I have thought, but the new airport will need to invest and build large sums of money, we can't all depend on above, the last time the province to funding for meeting, I have to mention this song governor, want to fight a let's reputed airport in this area HangWu center, which can attract more overseas merchants to come to. Song is also support, but the governor said the money the problem, he also said very difficult." ZuoYuanChao way: "but if continue to maintain the status quo, airport has been can't satisfy the requirements of economic exhibition, and the position of the river, the airport now from downtown too close, to the life of the residents around also affected." DuTianYe way: "the issue is the money problems, sanhuan road engineering, open area construction has put our city financial firmly hold, now need money place too much, the railway station improvement project is around the corner, the new airport need construction, expansion project of qingjiang river port also mention the agenda, the river, you must want to show the economy make water and full range of traffic network, empty past network has dated, have cannot afford the ever-changing exhibition, but reform and construction need large sums of money, money is the biggest problem."

Mention money immediately ZuoYuanChao silence down, no matter how good their idea, finally has to be built in the economic basis, without the foundation anything is the castles in the air. DuTianYe way: "the recent YunAn province city of south source things did you hear?" ZuoYuanChao say a way: "you are to say the south city municipal government auction source in with the land things?" DuTianYe nodded way: "we municipal government office building in with municipal party committee, the downtown and at the beginning of the city planning has relationship, river, administrative region, enterprise business district area function division, lead to confusion now urban pattern of clutter, the serious influence on the city exhibition, want to be in the old based on the transformation as mbt fumba the exhibition, to establish a new one to lower the cost of!" ZuoYuanChao way: "and constructed also want money! That we have in the past have considered, but because the money ran aground off midway." DuTianYe came to jiang city map before, pointed to the open area south of plot: "this large area can plan, if we adopted the auction house of old municipal way to getting the money in with, then use these funds in the area set up administrative region, what I say is administrative region!" ZuoYuanChao say with smile: "du secretary, south source in with house by auction municipal plot criticism don't light, we repeat, will certainly facing huge pressure." DuTianYe way: "fear of pressure still can make it what great things? But it was only a thought, and put into practice remains to be proven, left the mayor, this year's investment promotion and capital introduction work must be to catch, focusing on!" ZuoYuanChao way: "make public in investment promotion do, the merchants inviting work this year to read his!" "Try to fit his work, try to give him convenience condition!" ZuoYuanChao nodded way: "don't worry, I'll pay attention to du secretary of!" ZuoYuanChao to make public is valued very much, this is not just because of the DuTianYe and make public relations, and it's not because of make public Beijing, but because make public really have the ability, in investment promotion, the past he made outstanding contribution。

ZuoYuanChao the make public that to his office, the city will be in the New Year with his plan briefly said once. Make public understood and river in with municipal government 6 are short of money at this a, oneself do a bit is not the time to investment promotion, it seems that this year's investment promotion task to heavy many than last year. Left wave in a way: "I thought about this, in order to office is convenient, in the old city municipal party committee special allocated a house to investment promotion do use, this building is the investment promotion after former unit and do the two departments to deal with things, you also convenient." ZhangYangDao: "left the mayor, you should not to me for dead tired?" ZuoYuanChao say with smile: "out whoever! The blue star group of gold is Mr. Yuan this month to determine the river to to inspect?" Make public nodded way: "no problem, and the specific date not finished yet, he should go to Beijing mbt amali after meeting held dealers!" ZuoYuanChao way: "this time try to win, add the blue star group has almost AnDai group of the two big enterprise, South Korea in we will all have investment river......." ZhangYangDao: "HanYuan of technology of Europe, America, Japan than but not in terms of the Middle East Asia, how do you are just after their?" ZuoYuanChao say with smile: "we open area size can not compare with of river, the influence of the dongjiang as contracted, so also can do without." Make public ha ha laughed, ZuoYuanChao spoke these words is practical. He thought of investment promotion do because DongGongYu events and lead to account freeze thing, made mention at the left aid. After all, the book on investment promotion now do money or move, make the whole investment promotion do TianNuRenYuan, although it is public unit, can now go out what do not want money? ZuoYuanChao way: "you said of this thing I will soon help you solve the problem, DongGongYu has basically been made clear, China merchants do account also may not always be frozen. No money down, even the entertainment and not to come out, the somebody else investors to, and to see you so mean, even meal not language, also have what investment of the yellow." "Is not! I go to the travel expenses haven't submit an expense account dongjiang!"

time in the performance 2012-06-14T03:13:55+01:00 2012-06-14T03:13:55+01:00 tag: mbtchongsheng mbtchongsheng QinQing smile pinching his ear: "don't worry! People can't eat a into a fat man, you this time in the performance of the river, the river last ten best, in the province, two top ten honor has been fully affirmed the river in young cadre in the first place." ZhangYangDao: "let me go to host du secretary of investment promotion job in the department office, next year I work focuses on investment promotion and capital introduction and......."Qin inventory nod: "make public, you are in the dongjiang QinQing smile pinching his ear: "don't worry! People can't eat a into a fat man, you this time in the performance of the river, the river last ten best, in the province, two top ten honor has been fully affirmed the river in young cadre in the first place." ZhangYangDao: "let me go to host du secretary of investment promotion job in the department office, next year I work focuses on investment promotion and capital introduction and......."Qin inventory nod: "make public, you are in the dongjiang river and wu Ming met?" Make public their home in the south to avoid the affair said wu Ming, smiles to say: "that's really blame me, I suddenly brake that led to the two cars crashed into the car, but they also are too near, with how? He before you bad-mouth me?" "No, just said,mbt sale even seen you crash things don't say!" ZhangYangDao: "I don't like this person, feel he is false!" QinQing say with smile: "you or the temper, what all show play, and some things can hide in the heart or hidden in my heart." "If I what matter all the main hiding, not too sinister?" QinQing brushed by make public his chest way: "I believe, you to hide the yi who also won't be like that to me." Make public a face of bad to say with smile: "this but you said, I will not yi the hidden!" QinQing aware this fellow body changes, red the face on him dozen once, soft track: "have a meal!" Make public shook his head a will just stand up and down the QinQing, pressure to in the sand: "I want to eat you!" QinQingXing eyes half a comfortable, whispered, "you always regardless of time occasions!" Make public gently pull open her belt, breathing become some loud: "my party is not advocate in the practical work to the courage to break stereotypes, want to have innovative! This was a pioneering spirit." QinQing symbolic stopped two, j has been in the body quickly make public action next fall, she held make public face a way: "you can have this half of the work spirit is good, the sail..." Make public hug tight her charming hindquarters, low voice way: "I'm a doer." Vice mayor femininity beauty a way: "I like to do..."

Hisui valley also has hot springs, although not scale clear spring valley taishan city, but water quality is very good also, make public and QinQing after dinner, came to the hot springs, QinQing is ready and bring the swimsuit. Make public didn't matter so much, can only temporary in a convenience store bought a swim in the trousers, spent his 50 pieces, the same thing in the city at most is also ten dollars. More can spirit of be design also didn't have to pick, of the key parts of the trunks are printed with a Mickey Mouse, but there is no acquaintance, if meet an acquaintance, big officer person this man can throw big. QinQing conjoined dressed in black swimsuit, sexy charming hindquarters let make public may see blood BenZhang, Mickey Mouse design naturally the full many, QinQing noticed him change, can't help remind his way: "this is public, you convergence some!" Make public hey hey smiled to get up, two people with a bath towel into hot mbt karibu springs, here is all outdoor is given priority to, main pine culture, two people come to the pine needles in the pool, make public is very pleasing to the whole body submerged in water, enjoy the spring water to soak. QinQing sitting on his side, although QinQing already 28 years old, but still in your skin, beautify, this and her own maintenance is related to and make public to her deep breathing kung fu has the close relation. Qin QingDao: "you go home to and blue star is in the south of the group of gold is still yuan meet?" Make public laughed, just their this topic and not about the, it seems QinQing for blue star group of things have been concerned about, make public nods, QinQing in front, he doesn't have to hide anything: "left the mayor of the blue star group of interested, so let me please blue star group river to investigate!" Qin inventory nod: "as far as I know, gold is still said at the start of the yuan to the production base in one of the dongjiang and lanshan, and no account of the river." "So the mayor just parties come I left the work, the elder sister, if it's affecting to you, I can give up!"

Qin a pure in heart warming, she know make public is telling the truth, to her, make public can do many things, she shook her head. "let's between affection is one thing, work is another thing, lanshan of course is a good thing in the blue star, but gold is still yuan is not a fool, he will weigh the advantages and disadvantages of various aspects, the final option was in his there, according to me and he talks situation, gold is still not interested lanshan yuan to big, lanshan economic development level is higher, the production cost, artificial wage in the whole flat for the sea is highest, in my understanding, South Korea businessman is the most about the production cost, so the hope of lanshan is not big." ZhangYangDao: "I just was ordered to put him in the past, please review concrete things mbt nafasi not sure yet!" QinQing smiles to say: "ZuoYuanChao recently open area to the intensity of the river catch a at the National People's Congress, it seems that will let him have a lot of power." Make public know QinQing mean the election of mayor river things, if the past that and suspense, now almost does not exist any variables, LiChangYu recently bad luck repeatedly, achievements in world, there is what outstanding performance, and ZuoYuanChao in the open area construction and enterprise reform do well, has been of superior leadership of recognition, and, more important, party secretary DuTianYe river to he appreciate some more. ZhangYangDao: "who when the mayor and I have no relationship, anyway, not my job!" Qin QingDao: "have you considered the past county work?" Make public nodded way: "I'd like to go to XiaXian river, a county magistrate, that also is a party official, TuHuangDi!" QinQing say with smile: "you thought was wrong, but with your temper if put you county, still do not know how to do STH over and over again out of the action, I see DuTianYe may not dare you put out. Besides, he went to the river time is not long, work must need your aid and support in the short term, you don't want to go is....... " Update later, excuse me! Ten thousand words a concubine many! Continue to ask a monthly pass TuiJianPiao! Chapter two hundred and fifty-eight 【 tracking reports of 】

ZhangYangShen agree, he whispered, "the problem of river, director of investment promotion to do too much DongGongYu also because of corruption and misappropriating public funds been detained, you say a small river, how so many corrupt officials?" Qin QingDao: "most cadre is good still, you see is just part of the moth just. " "Just a bit of bad a soup. You don't look down upon this part of the moth, they've put us these cadres authority reduce a lot." Qin QingDao: "want to promote cadres in common people idea of the status, have to starts from oneself, only practices good self-discipline, whole-heartedly for common people, to make them work gradually returned to us these cadres of faith." Make public and not the kind of thought QinQing height, but he is greedy in with unclean * * hatred,mbt night these cadres to harm than the thief the robber, they failed to live up to common people's trust. ZhangYangZheng preparing to speak of time, suddenly aware of camera flashes the distance the two, if is ordinary people should not pay attention, can make public is different, he is very sensitive to the reaction around, he lifted up his eyes, and looked around, they see the distance of a man and a woman are taking pictures, hot spring is strictly prohibited photos, don't know how they put the camera brought in, but the man shot of the Angle just can put him and QinQingZhao in, make public immediately alarmed. He walked out of the pool, QinQing little surprised way: "what matter?" Make public has come before the man, and the man to see ZhangYangChao he comes, obviously some alarm, tried to put a brave face on it: "old...... the wife, change a pose......" The woman is with a make a flirtatious action. Make public looked at the woman smile 1, he went to take a bottle of drinks back. The couple see nothing, seems to be relieved to, they continue to take pictures. Make public also didn't take reason they, back to the hot springs in the pool, QinQing little track: "how?" Make public down voice way: "the boy was, like stealing * take us!" QinQing also nervous to get up: "how to do?" ZhangYangDao: "that's ok, cannot run him!"

Two people leave the hot spring, make public let QinQing first back to the cabin, and QinQing worry he trouble, insist on together with him, two people came to the car and it didn't take me long to see the couple change came out. Make public down the window, he ErLi is strong, the couple's dialogue is very clear came into his ears. The man way: "he seems suspect me, I'm glad I response in time!" The woman said, "you never really small, see him scared to even look have changed, if I would doubt you!" The man say with smile: "you cooperate well, let's go!" Make public QinQing in the car and he let, strode past, the man saw make public, with the woman frighten flurried sign their way into the car, make public came to sign, before they have launched, make public the hands when the rear of the car is raised, the sign is the driving, two rear wheel idling just can't move on. The car to the men and women scared face all white, what is this person! Only by his strength unexpectedly can put nearly one and a half tons of cars to lift it. The man finally gave up fled, remove the car, make public also open hand, rushed to the,mbt nafasi black opened the door, the man is a drag on from the driver's down. The man panic call way: "what are you doing? I...... I call the police!" Make public sneer at a way: "the police? You his mama to go in with report!" With one blow he smashed in the this fellow's face, played the man nose broken blood flow, loudly ask for forgiveness. The that girl from the get out of the car, she grabbed the make public arm screams: "kill people!" Make public note of pushing her to one side, and then found in the car to the camera, in the car also found two pieces of ministry, make public a see it more big fire, pointing to their nose scold a way: "the reporter ah, which club?" Two people all don't talk. Make public the remembered that look at the yu, sneer at a way: "the morning newspaper, the courage lanshan quite big!" Need not ask, this both is tracking QinQing come over, make public the camera open, will pull out of the film inside. The camera thrown back in the car and grabbed the male reporters collar son, root root smoke he two box on the ear: "mama of, who let you come, say!" QinQing originally want to get off to prevent, you can see there's a security come over, also dropped the idea, still stay in the car.

Dongjiang secretary of municipal 2012-06-14T03:11:23+01:00 2012-06-14T03:11:23+01:00 tag: mbtchongsheng mbtchongsheng LiangChengLong into the room first go to the mother-in-law adult kowtow, ZhuangXiaoTang although don't like LiangChengLong, performance today is good, can not pass with LiangChengLong no face to face, give him a red envelope. Tone cold way: "you after two people live, the rest of me also don't say." LiangChengLong honest agreed a sound, this just to help LinQing room LinQing red red put on shoes wear the diamond ring, LinQing red today is amazingly happy, happy woman always the most beautiful. W LiangChengLong into the room first go to the mother-in-law adult kowtow, ZhuangXiaoTang although don't like LiangChengLong, performance today is good, can not pass with LiangChengLong no face to face, give him a red envelope. Tone cold way: "you after two people live, the rest of me also don't say." LiangChengLong honest agreed a sound, this just to help LinQing room LinQing red red put on shoes wear the diamond ring, LinQing red today is amazingly happy, happy woman always the most beautiful. Wearing a white wedding dress LinQing red even in a bunch of beauty speak not been than go down. LiangChengLong mbt sale very look deep into LinQing red: "clear red, marry to me!" LinQing red nodded, in all the cheering, LiangChengLong picked up LinQing red left the house. The day of the wedding in the dongjiang river, the city government held a recruit, to come to the wedding many prominent figures, including provincial party committee secretary GuYun know, DaiShengChang SongHuaiMing, and more province standing all came over to celebrate. Dongjiang secretary of municipal committee of the beams are flat face the day is still foot, he only the nephew, so to LiangChengLong is amazingly care. Make public and JinMin son stood together, looking at the sight of the bustling scene, make public say with smile: "you have that South Korea's wedding? Busy. JinMin son way: "South Korea now many young people choose to western-style wedding!" Two people talking, dongjiang investment promotion LeiGuoYi do director walked to come over, to make public his smile nodded, and then to JinMin son way: "miss king not back to South Korea?" Recent LeiGuoYi are actively trying to pull the blue star group production base to the dongjiang river, so he and gold is still yuan, JinMin son before they are met. JinMin son way: "I leave plan to stay in China a!" Ray wine say with smile: "Mr Kim have revealed that he thought of the investigation?" JinMin son had to say with smile: "I never ask him about his business matters." LeiGuo live to see JinMin son breeze so strict can only forget about it, he again gather together to make public side: "a director and miss king knew?

Make public say with smile: "ray of director of our personal relationship also interested in?" Ray wine say with smile: "no, no, I'm just checking." He is not freely ask so simple, make public investment promotion do river presided over the work, in a sense, make public and he is a rival, in make public there before LeiGuoYi to persuade gold is still yuan blue star group production base with the dongjiang river in great confidence, can make public appear after, especially see today JinMin son relationship and make public, LeiGuoYi suddenly worried, make public won't cross put a waste to rob the son of the blue mbt swala star group to go river? With this idea, LeiGuoTao nature is vigilant up. At this time LiangChengLong called to make public over to help end wine, make public took the opportunity to go. Ray JinMin son again to the national wine way: "miss king, you need to spend several days in the dongjiang river? Shall I give you as a guide?" JinMin son smiled, and ignored him, to the distant ZhaoJing walked past. Come on the day of a lot of guests, LianGuoAn bureau ZhangBiJun also appears in the scene, she and her party secretary beams when it was a good relationship, make public with LiangChengLong to toast, ZhangBiJun waved to the ZhangYangZhao, make public came to her side, ZhangBiJun handed him a telephone number: "busy to give me a call!" Make public point nod, heart and the national security not said trouble yourself, he now HeGuoAn relationship is tacit understanding, said recently, the national security to him for help is some more, he didn't give the to the national security do what matter, monthly also took a national security wages, think quite some ashamed. Because of the present important leadership many, so everyone constraints of his own behavior, did not appear like others wedding common. ... All products like the wedding in an ordered do speak, not please and atmosphere, natural, this Wedding banquet at two o 'clock already over, beams Jackie chan and LinQing red began to see.

Make public had the task of principle with the woman, but ZhuangXiaoTang and not let daughter notice their relatives, so this table is empty down, LinQing red heart of course some not the taste, this shows, mother to her and beams Jackie chan's marriage or hold against the attitude. Take time to make public ZhangBiJun a call, and they knew that she didn't leave, but also in the parking lot? Hence walked past. The car came to ZhangBiJun Mercedes. ZhangBiJun way: "JinMin son again, this time to the dongjiang river, it is not and you about?" Make public say with smile: "you want to think more, the somebody else is to do business with me, have what relation?" ZhangBiJun way: "keep distance, her identity is very special, don't cause any bad international influence Make public smiled to get up: "you tube so wide!" "It doesn't matter, with the national security is my personal advice to you!" ZhangBiJun say that finish, pull open the folder, to mbt tunisha take a picture: "the people you should be familiar with!" Make public took the pictures looked at, don't feel distracted there. Photos are a pair of men and women are chatting, woman he is very familiar, impressively is the daughter of vice prime minister WenLing, male of handsome and uncommon temperament, in 3056 years old age of appearance. He has never seen, let the make public amazement, WenLing that zhang never 芶 smiles pretty face filled with smile and it really is too unusual. ZhangBiJun way: "this photo was taken in Seoul, pictures of women is the daughter of vice prime minister WenLing, men are HanGuoAn yu group the vice general manager of CuiZhiHuan!" Make public watched the picture: "they should can't is good on?" ZhangBiJun way: "I don't know, but it sure thing is that WenLing in South Korea and CuiZhiHuan during the very good relationship, the CuiZhiHuan with her to go to the south's quite a lot Make public dark call bad luck, it's for DuTianYe injustice, surprisingly WenLing that he got the top international green hat wearing, especially can spirit of be, this CuiZhiHuan was a south Korean people, how to see the this fellow also as DuTianYe the yes!!!!!

Difficult way's death changed, and now women are like small? Make public heart think so, can the mouth but way: "you of the national security may also be idle, all the day was staring at the somebody else's private affairs, he almost caught up with Hong Kong paparazzi......." ZhangBiJun way: "CuiZhiHuan identity let we suspect, this person is most likely to South Korea, he is close to WenLing agent ten have * * with other purpose ZhangYangDao: "why want to tell it to me? You should just tell it to the deputy prime minister to!" ZhangBiJun way: "we are not really evidence. So can only prevention". "This and I have a relationship?" ZhangBiJun sure nodded way: "HanGuoAn yu group and the engineering machine factory is talk about cooperation river, according to know I said, South Korea negotiators is CuiZhiHuan, I think you into this matter, pay more attention to the trend." ZhangYangDao: "don't worry, whether he is the south Korean spy, I will be a good pay attention to mbt chapa him." Not for other, just for DuTianYe, he should do so. ZhangBiJun way: "I'll send someone to assist you in the river of work!" ZhangYangDao: "I seem to....... Not to need someone to help!" ZhangBiJun smiled to get up: "always on it is no good!" "How do I think you want to look for person is to spy on me?" ZhangBiJun way: "don't worry, you are not up to the level!" LiangChengLong attended the wedding, all people each rush thing, JinMin son in the afternoon of the jet to Beijing, she go there and spend the New Year to meet the mother. ZhangYangZe open LiangChengLong crown to the dongjiang water of the east LinShan jc county jade valley, to here is about to go QinQing prior and jade valley of royal cabin of the New Year. QinQing chose here and make public meet, because LinShan is located in the east lanshan and dongjiang between, between the distance of the city from all but one hundred kilometers, and here is just open the leisure holiday resort, visitors rarely, QinQingHe make public are public figures, they must be holding. Make public the cold mountain east into LinShan, east LinShanZai even the apparently can't and taishan in qing dynasty, but the elevation four hundred meters but the hill, wins in beautiful, everywhere mountain spring lakes, mountains, and set each other off.

It was winter, can the valley above freezing temperatures, he lifted up his eyes and looked around, everywhere was green vegetation, its maturity, pleasing to the eye. Make public of jade from pine road into the valley, although it is the first day of the New Year, not many people came to the holiday, he directly into the car cabin area, came to the old, before the wooden villas, far see QinQing stood in the log cabin before, the warmth of her grown long body the charming the outline of the outline of the outline of set a golden, like the shining goddess. Make public push through on the car door. QinQing as merry as a little bird to him to run to come over, and only in such a place, QinQing have been able to discharge the usual false face, show a true self. QinQing jumping up and ran to mbt nane make public, make public a will embrace her, hug qin qingyuan and turned two laps, QinQing slender leg hook lives his waist, active and soft on the lips. Long kiss, make public have tapped her * *, will QinQing down, two people hand wan, hand into the cabin. Log cabin in the equipment were complete, an hour earlier QinQing arrived here, will have air conditioner, indoor warm, make public take off a fur coat, see the restaurant table had a lot of food, can not help but say with smile: "are you going to a pretty good!" QinQing charitable say with smile: "I am in the city government held a meeting, noon meal they thrust out come over, to buy some lanshan before special!" Make public sitting in sand, patted sand, QinQing came to his side sit, brushed by his arms, in the bosom of make public, QinQing can completely relax yourself and be back to her female side, as the vice mayor lanshan, on her build a strong determination must be the image, but she also need care, she also need to love. Make public light fondle QinQing show a way: "tired not tired? Or you stop for a rest, I went to dinner!" Qin paint shook his head, took a delete... : stop! "Forget congratulations, top ten young but a province the reputation it out." "I see these things the very weak, provincial top ten young better than a ZhengChuJi cadres to benefits."

GuYun know nodded 2012-06-13T03:21:01+01:00 2012-06-13T03:21:01+01:00 tag: mbtchongsheng mbtchongsheng LuoHuiNing to ZhangYangDao: "this person is very painful CAI minister son, even some of the children, so XuDong complexion was not obedient, and then into the build appoint, the turbulent life carelessly, and now finally out of the important event!" She paused and sigh a way: "not old homely child is this, like, their tutors should be very strict, but why make such a mistake!" ZhangYangDao: "to let them know, you say they may have two elder brother?" LuoHuiNing insignificant say with smile: "thi LuoHuiNing to ZhangYangDao: "this person is very painful CAI minister son, even some of the children, so XuDong complexion was not obedient, and then into the build appoint, the turbulent life carelessly, and now finally out of the important event!" She paused and sigh a way: "not old homely child is this, like, their tutors should be very strict, but why make such a mistake!" ZhangYangDao: "to let them know, you say they may have two elder brother?" LuoHuiNing insignificant say with smile: "things become so big, the whole city all know the elder brother, CAI minister the temper? Not willing to!" "If CaiXuDong safe?" LuoHuiNing looked at the make public, she certainly understand the meaning of the make public, also know that make public means, make public want to visit CaiXuDong, but also want to help CaiXuDong tide over the difficulties, he wants to resolve this matter, LuoHuiNing from the bottom of the make public is want to help, but she also mbt tabia understood that, this matter to want to dissolve the odds are slim, she sighed way: "make public, it is not convenient, the stranger in how to do it, I want to know GuYun than others have to understand!" The standing committee on GuYun know did not show any different, his expression still thou not wave. On this morning, a newspaper story about GuMingJian murderers XiaoZiBao were scattered in the provincial government of the door on the main road. Almost immediately in the topic of the already, GuYun know also saw that piece of XiaoZiBao, surprised news spread at the same time, his heart is also understand, it not only related to the son, also some people through this thing to malicious revenge, are using this thing damage his reputation. GuYun know in politics experienced countless waves, has long been the storm not jing uniting the mentality, the more serious things, his heart the more calm. After the meeting, DaiShengChang SongHuaiMing caught up with the first leave of GuYun know, low voice way: "gu secretary!" GuYun know nodded, smiles to say: "walk while say!" SongHuai md: "the things I've heard Beijing!"

GuYun indifferent know say with smile: "news travels fast, it is to let I didn't think of!" In SongHuaiMing before, he did not conceal necessary. SongHuai md: "the world never short of his little man." GuYun know: "tomorrow I will go to a trip to Beijing!" This has been on the SongHuaiMing expected, he whispered, "gu secretary trust, flat sea thing I'll attend to!" GuYun know: "people want to say, how say, I get this deal with, will give us a clear statement!" SongHuai md: "your housework didn't need to be made to others!" GuYun know thoughtful way: "there is a position, your problems will mbt garissa be all!" CAI left to take care of the house CaiXuDong is CaiXuHong and CaiXuMei sisters, and, of course, many CaiXuDong abandoned qi stay there for help. The arrival of the LuoHuiNing let CAI was very moved by the family, but they also see the LuoHuiNing side make public, for the purpose of LuoHuiNing immediately produce the police fear the heart. But because LuoHuiNing identity put in there, and they even have a heart of ideas, the mouth or bad to say it out. LuoHuiNing to CaiXuHong way: "jerry rainbow, this is my godson make public, he and XuDong the past are good friends, I heard that XuDong things that come and see!" CaiXuHong or show a magnanimous, to make public smile nodded, CaiXuMei no sister that the self-control, cold looking at make public, although did not say what, but don't welcome to make public the meaning has been played very full. Make public won't and a. The woman dispute, and what's more, the gu indefensible, he wanted to do something to help gu some pressure off. In the ward of the visit, CaiXuMei finally can't help to 1: "my brother is still very weak, and is not suitable for too many people visit!" LuoHuiNing smile on his face still: "jerry may, is let me go?" A Ran words CaiXuMei face changing color, CaiXuHong flurried explained: "ROM the aunt, twilight may not mean that! She usually talk shoot from the lip," LuoHuiNing way: "30 years old, you should learn to control their own mouth! Don't forget, whose daughter are you and some words freely said, others will blame you out of the parents tutor lax!"

Zhang flail heart dark joy, to let them know neville, imposing manner is not disappear. CAI is said to be home and sisters flushed and in front of LuoHuiNing they simply had no rebuttal of courage, can only eyes looked down at the make public follow LuoHuiNing into care. Two change of isolation uniform, LuoHuiNing laid flowers aside, she didn't close to the bedside. Make public to bed, looking at the CaiXuDong pale face, heart andao: "but I don't know how this fellow hurt?" He stretched out his hand and took CaiXuDong wrist, low voice sigh a way: "XuDong! It's me, make public! I'm coming to see you!" In the voice with a stream of sadness seems to, in fact CaiXuDong of help and he has nothing to do, he just won't to this fellow? Sad, but performance is a must. CAI home with the sister and come in and see make public performance, unexpectedly really some believe he and brother are good friends. Make public to detect CaiXuDong fine weak pulse, a stream of interest mbt shuguli in the quiet sent in CaiXuDong was is in the dim moonlight, in make public the MaiXi stimulating, unexpectedly really opened my eyes. See the eyes of the make public, he ate a surprised, but the muzzle is covered with oxygen mask, to speak. So close to the distance make public of course can't speak aloud, otherwise will hear people around, he used the sound into the secret to CaiXuDong way: "CaiXuDong very heavy. I give you hurt medicine, you win me to eat the commanded according to the kernel month must recover, otherwise they will be for his life sorrow." CaiXuDong stare big eyes. Make public again way: "you and GuMingJian things as soon as I give you a replacement, but didn't find out in this matter, you'd better be careful before speaking, otherwise I you of all the things that come out, let you shake who all have no good life". This sentence is threatened. CaiXuDong heart have hate and fear, he is unexpected this fellow why in this thing will be. CaiXuHong went up to the bed and make public deliberately sigh a way: "peace of mind for illness, don't want to think more." He CaiXuDong in the a pat on the back, got up and left.

The CaiXuHong LuoHuiNing and make public to before the elevator, LuoHuiNing to CaiXuHong way: "take good care of your brother, as long as people have to say what is safe." CaiXuHong nodded his head. Leaving the hospital wards building, LuoHuiNing way: "you just to CaiXuDong say?" Make public say with smile: "didn't say???????. LuoHuiNing stared at him way: "lie to me? Just now I can see that you mouth continuously move, must have said what!" Her mind careful, make public of these things natural hiding from her eyes. Make public ha ha say with smile: "I tell him. Let him be careful to talk, or I'll have the bad things he did all shakes out!" LuoHuiNing laughed: "you this boy, the somebody else all miserably to this sake, you could go to bed, I took the threat in the past when an accomplice, you the whole mix boy". she didn't angry, because she knew that GuJiaTong and make public of between ambiguous sincere feeling, make public standing position in family talk also granted. But listening to his meaning, seems to take some of the CaiXuDong lived public. Maybe this time the boy really can have some effect, thought of here mbt kesho black LuoHuiNing way: "turn back I do with you with a dad said, if convenient to word, still let him to talk to." Make public shook her head: "a temporary don't, gu secretary has not come, I think he must feel have idea LuoHuiNing nodded way: "GuYun know this person with very considerate, hope he has the ability and CAI minister agreed!" Better to make public review of Paul apartment. GuJiaTong have to wake up, she just a shower, dressed in dark red silk pajamas sit quietly in the sitting room, hand took the half a cup of red wine, beautiful eyes sad to look out of the window. Make public came to her behind the big, fall in her sweet shoulder on, GuJiaTong put down the glass, shake his hand, held in his bosom. Make public leaned over, on the face of her face which, whispered, "drink?" "A little!" "Alcohol grief sorrow to worry more!" GuJiaTong way: "you go out stem what?" Make public took just and LuoHuiNing went to the hospital to see CaiXuDong things said, GuJiaTong listen to make public said the word of the CaiXuDong is sure to keep, also long sighs. ZhangYangDao: "there is one thing I don't understand it.

MingJian yesterday just from drug rehabilitation center out tonight, with an accident, what please him out to dinner? How he can find CaiXuDong and XuNa?" GuJiaTong way: "that XuNa and Ming alive, you know, I'm the dongjiang river, the MingJian get to Beijing, surprisingly she also with the back, MingJian is in her encouraged to learn drugs Make public sighs: "such beauty, MingJian this accident has relationship with her!" GuJiaTong way: "as you say, like someone deliberately urged MingJian do that?. Make public nodded way: "go! Go to poise, clear when exactly bar gave birth to what". LinYuWen is a very sketchy with woman, bar the events last night life, let poise bars be temporarily shut, she also to the public security organs with the evidence. Make public and GuJiaTong find her, LinYu WenZheng locked the door from the bar, the last night after the attack was born, the most recent period bar is won't have what business, she plans to leave here alone. Aware of the identity of the GuJiaTong after, LinYuWen light smiled say with smile: "I'm just an innocent victim to the public security organ, have clear all mbt pata black the things, and no need to explain to you!" She was about to leave. ZhangYangDao: "you said it does not matter, but you CaiXuDong and the relationship between the unusual like?" LinYuWen angry turned: "sir, I don't know what you mean! Everyone speak is to responsible, if you to my reputation is caused damage, I will consider to court rather lawsuit." Make public lazy way: "miss Lin is a wise man, now do you still live in the LongYu village?" LinYuWen of eyes evident in a panic, she bit biting his lips turned to go, hear ZhangYangDao: "I think we still have the necessary talk about". LinYuWen stopped, pointed to the opposite of the coffee shop. Make public although did not say the specific details, LinYuWen has already understand, oneself and CaiXuDong things between, the somebody else know understood, that night she and CaiXuDong touching, under a bed out of nowhere to them a crazy clap, that be a shadow hangs over the LinYuWen heart always, LinYuWen has been considered WangXueHai planning it. LinYu quiet at the sight of static young humanitarian: "say, you find I want to ask???????"

reaction to his family from CAI 2012-06-13T03:19:14+01:00 2012-06-13T03:19:14+01:00 tag: mbtchongsheng mbtchongsheng He sighed way: "regard, you always go back to rest, here I am staring at! What passed, I'll call you!" GuJiaTong shook his head, the condition is not clear, how could she assured? At this time XuZiDa to call the truth, GuJiaTong picked up the phone away into the distance. XuZiDa voice seem to be some tension: "the good, the bad to do things Paul, your brother tong injury that CaiXuDong, is built appoint, deputy director of the health minister chua his father is my father and is also old friends. He sighed way: "regard, you always go back to rest, here I am staring at! What passed, I'll call you!" GuJiaTong shook his head, the condition is not clear, how could she assured? At this time XuZiDa to call the truth, GuJiaTong picked up the phone away into the distance. XuZiDa voice seem to be some tension: "the good, the bad to do things Paul, your brother tong injury that CaiXuDong, is built appoint, deputy director of the health minister chua his father is my father and is also old friends. Their old house of CAI such a son. If something had happened, I'm afraid" "I know!" GuJiaTong dim and hung up the phone. ZhaoGuoJiang concern at GuJiaTong: "gu total, is not quite trouble?" GuJiaTong forced smile, she looks very pale. ZhaoGuoJiang way: "you haven't eaten it. I go to buy you breakfast!" GuJiaTong shook her head: "don't bother, bought I can't eat any more!" The operating room lights was put out at last, GuJiaTong stood up, and she and ZhaoGuoJiang afraid to come near, far from looking at the door of the operating room, and the reaction to his family from CAI, CaiXuDong should not worry about life. CAI mbt sirima home to the direction of someone they seem. ZhaoGuoJiang low voice remind way: "let's go!" GuJiaTong nodded, and ZhaoGuoJiang together in a hurry left here, but when they came to the time before the elevator, and heard a voice behind call way: "you stop!" GuJiaTong stopped, looked around, but see a woman to 30 s she walked by. She is CaiXuDong sister CaiXuMei, she recognized the GuJiaTong, just because the injury so concerned about brother and not pay attention to GuJiaTong also came here, GuJiaTong rose up and departed, CaiXuMei now to see her, so just ran after me. Facing the injured family GuJiaTong somewhat nervous, she still surface calm as normal, whispered: "seek me something?" CaiXu MeiGong the circles way: "I know who you are! I knew you, is your brother. He was a murderer GuMingJian! What do you want? They?" GuJiaTong some panic turned, and she pressed the elevator, want to leave here as soon as possible.

CaiXuMei voice stirred CAI home several of men, they also walked to come over, CaiXuMei mood very excited, she caught GuJiaTong arm: "you GuGuRen so grass tube? I want your life to my brother a say!" GuJiaTong pale face which way: "I'm sorry. Let's just calm down, the police will deal with it!" ZhaoGuoJiang also accompany say with smile: "I think is probably misunderstand!" ZhaoGuoJiang say well, this words say export immediately angered CAI home several of man, a burly man, and caught the ZhaoGuoJiang collar put him down on the wall: "fuck you big ye of! All murder or misunderstand?" Scene suddenly confused, and GuJiaTong harsh voice way: "you let him go! Things have life. Naturally to judge the law!" A man pointed to GuJiaTong nose nu way: "don't look you are a woman, I took you from this have to throw out!!!!" The elevator door slowly open, dressed in black leather coat make public out of the elevator, his eyes and looking mbt sawa around at all fall in the quiet of the above GuJiaTong face which. Show the sunlight bright smile: "the good tong elder sister! Someone humiliate you?" GuJiaTong see make public the warm face. No longer can not inhibit the sour, a pair of beautiful eyes welled tears of glittering and translucent, born of infinite heart feeling, make public smiles to say: "not afraid! Have me in!" Just the man GuJiaTong fingers sneer at a way: "Ran is you!" Before he moves, make public has been lightning was holding his fingers, a twist a wrong, the man's middle finger to immediately take off, the pain he cries up. Make public sigh a way: "I am this person may not be the most see big man bullying woman, have skill you rushed me!" ZhaoGuoJiang also break the flight the man's palm came to GuJiaTong side. CaiXuMei way: "phone, call the police!" A slightly smoky female track: may, you make enough? Also don't think home is not enough mess? " CAI static down family, but see a 3023 old girl walked to come over, she is CaiXuYang two younger sister CaiXuHong, is currently in a office under the state council, 16 female CAI is the most CaiXuHong looked at GuJiaTong nodded way: "you go, here don't welcome you!" Make public didn't speak, to the man grabbed his arm, help him to take off to finger reduction.

He told CaiXuHong way: "I and CaiXuDong are good friends, help me to him!" CaiXuHong fought to heart sad way: "!" Of the two house CAI miss the performance is quite a bit of tolerance. Enter the elevator, GuJiaTong and powerless against the public in body, make public open arms, living his charming pulled hindquarters. ZhaoGuoJiang early in Beijing, two people of the relationship will cried foul, so replace didn't see, came to the first floor hall, ZhaoGuoJiang excuse find familiar physicians to ask, left in a hurry. Make public hold GuJiaTong came to the car, looked at her face which haggard, full of pity way: "I take you to eat something, then rest!" "I can't eat!" ZhangYangBan up face way: "be sure to eat. Otherwise I spank you!" GuJiaTong bite bite lips, finally obedient nodded his head. Make public with GuJiaTong came to the hospital opposite of breakfast to spread, for two cage tianjin dumplings point two bowls of soybean milk, he received a phone call after mbt nafasi white that, dusty to Beijing, is a little hungry, GuJiaTong although also be night didn't eat, can whine worry, without any appetite, in make public of the build, mian mix ate two steamed stuffed bun, drink a bowl of soya-bean milk. After breakfast, make public let GuJiaTong lying in a jeep in sleep, have rested from more than ten minutes, ZhaoGuoJiang called him, and said CaiXuDong have been away from the dangerous life, but GuMingJian altogether CaiXuDong poke through the five knife, lead to CaiXuDong spleen removed, left the liver resection, bowel was also part of the surgical removal, a lot of blood loss, at present it is in a coma, prognosis effect is hard to say. CAI family mood is very excited, be sure to CaiXuDong TaoHai justice. GuJiaTong heard that CaiXuDong dangerous without life, this just long sighs, she immediately to the father called. Telephone, reported the news to the father. GuYun know this all night and couldn't sleep. Although he turned on the flat sea, but not without a heart all the attention of Beijing xuan condition, son provoked the scourge is not little, to a woman barrel hurt CaiXuDong, already broke the law. GuYun know understand the son of waiting for what will be. He dare not go to the end of the matter results, now he can do is play a father's role, try your best to find out the cause and effect of this matter.

GuYun know: "the good tong, tomorrow I will fly to Beijing, you don't make a move, also don't and CAI home life, all temporarily to your contact XuBoBo processing, I've told him." "Dad, I know!" GuYun know again way: "keep raising there first, don't tell her!" GuJiaTong bit biting his lips: "I'm sorry. Dad!" GuYun know smiles to say: "silly wench, you have no excuse me my place, MingJian he's doing something wrong, should be responsible for yourself!" Hung up the phone, GuJiaTong and couldn't help but cry. This period of pressure is too great to let her have to bear. Make public of love her sweet shoulder, on her forehead kissed a record way: "I send you back to rest. The other things you don't want to wait for you, first come over to say again first! Daddy" GuJiaTong nodded his head. The GuJiaTong back to make public place, he to rest, about the evil in the case of coffee from zhaohui than meet, evil from zhaohui because I was caught in the traffic jam mbt fanaka gtx of the agreed time than for twenty minutes late. Make public today show enough patience. Help from zhaohui called a cup of blue evil, evil from zhaohui took out the handkerchief wiped the sweat on his forehead, and then end up coffee cup took a bite. ZhangYangDao: "so cold day, still make so many sweat. It seems a little empty ah, I help you clinic's pulse!" From zhaohui xing smiled, but have not put his hand reached out, fall coffee cup way: "GuMingJian CaiXuDong assassination is to a woman, the woman that XuNa. Things after birth, she ran away! There is no whereabouts, GuMingJian to addicts. Once before and XuNa cohabitation over time, his drug may and has a direct relationship XuNa. GuMingJian into drug rehabilitation center, after XuNa soon and CaiXuDong mix together. That's exactly what led to the GuMingJian suddenly out of control in the bar, he found XuNa, want to take her CaiXuDong. Find the stop, start to copy with the fruit knife CaiXuDong even more to stab sword!" Make public sigh a way: "the impulse is the devil, GuMingJian not what good temper, but after all he is a trained education, and is not a FaMang, why be wrong so outrageous?"

Evil word from zhaohui "one in drugs, character born after the change will not independent, the ability to control his emotions certainly sent some, plus, before he had not a few wine, is perhaps the alcohol anesthesia he! Let him become rampant!" Make public freely asked: "in British Columbia accident?" "Manners bar, the boss called LinYuWen!" "LinYuWen?" Then some of the make public stare big eyes, LinYuWen and CaiXuDong relationship. He more than anyone to clear, LinYu twisted and WangXueHai cloth is in CaiXuDong around the pieces, isn't this a series of things and WangXueHai relevant? Can WangXueHai why do you do that? From zhaohui xing low track: "is not remind of what?" "Help me find XuNa! This woman must know what! I can guarantee that, GuMingJian CaiXuDong assassination of things not so simple!" From zhaohui xing light smiled: "make public, I know you and family-centered relationship is very good, but do not because this matter and affect mbt lami you to the case, the judge is one common QingSha case, criminal motive, witness who saw the accident material evidence do, and the family is very foundation, but also not easy and CAI home the generation. I see GuMingJian this trouble!" Chapter two hundred and forty-two of the hero to follow 】 Month from zhaohui points xing afternoon! After. Make public to let them know ROM evil spirit rather a call. "The state council and is deputy prime minister, is also the health minister CaiSiXiang directly under leadership, WenGu face CAI home must give some. Make public and is not to want to let LuoHuiNing interfering with this, he just wanted to go to visit CaiXuDong, now CaiXuDong's still alive. The injury and GuMingJian later the perpetrator criminal responsibility has the close relation, if he is ok. It might also be able to head in the right direction shows, if there really is what happens to, I'm afraid the revenge is" a big. LuoHuiNing also have heard about it. She didn't think of make public reaction could be so rapidly, the first time arrived Beijing, this shows the godson of relationship is not GuJiaTong and general, LuoHuiNing was is going to visit CaiXuDong, hear the meaning of make public, not hesitate promised to take went with him. To the north sea on the way to the hospital。

turned his face looked at him 2012-06-13T03:17:34+01:00 2012-06-13T03:17:34+01:00 tag: mbtchongsheng mbtchongsheng She would make fun of HuYin way: "WangDao going to please his clap x-rated slice?" The king must ha ha big say with smile: "a director's shape is very good, is the best I've ever seen a!" How to make public the smiling Xin yan way: "I figure good?" What Xin YanGong a face which cui way: "how do I know?. Make public turned again to HuYin radha, HuYin fear she would ask the this fellow what outrageous words, frighten right away to a part to go. The king must raise and the film and television coope She would make fun of HuYin way: "WangDao going to please his clap x-rated slice?" The king must ha ha big say with smile: "a director's shape is very good, is the best I've ever seen a!" How to make public the smiling Xin yan way: "I figure good?" What Xin YanGong a face which cui way: "how do I know?. Make public turned again to HuYin radha, HuYin fear she would ask the this fellow what outrageous words, frighten right away to a part to go. The king must raise and the film and television cooperation river things. Make public say with smile: "have already and lee vice mayor said. His side have no problem, you take time to talk to him, the specific details you agreed!" The king must joy way: "thank you for a director bother!" Advertising although already shot over, but the brand new drug has not established, she would ask for make public opinion HuYin, make public want a way: "just call a needle card!" "A shot?" Make public nodded way: "a shot!" Beijing's autumn the temperature has very low, GuJiaTong wearing a brown leather dust coat, standing in the golden of fallen leaves, quiet quiet mbt wingu looking at the door of rehabilitation. GuMingJian tall figure finally appeared in drug rehabilitation center outside, until the iron slowly close behind him, he then turned around and look out over the elder sister, face smile appear a little stiff. GuJiaTong greeted him, want to the hands of the trunk took the brother, GuMingJian whispered, "I'll do it myself!" Then he strode to the front of the Mercedes went, the suitcase on the reserve. GuJiaTong start the car, whispered, "MingJian, are you blame me?" GuMingJian shook his head, pull open the shade of the make up lens, took a look oneself of face, low voice way: "it was I wrong, and you have what relation?. GuJiaTong wen wan say with smile: "MingJian, I help you arranged ticket, tomorrow to saipan on holiday. For fun!" "I don't want to go!" GuJiaTong slightly YiZheng, turned his face looked at him: "why?" GuMingJian from store content box of take up the GuJiaTong bag lady cigarette, to take a lit. Take a hard, full of feeling way: "I lost a lot of time, I don't want to continue to waste it." "MingJian!" GuMingJian way: "elder sister, I know you for me, but I have no good, I'm an adult, I don't want to so big is in the care of your life, I can handle their own things.

Can I responsible for himself!" GuJiaTong silence down, she realized that brother put himself on his concern and care as a kind of negative tired, she whispered, "MingJian, I would be prepared to blue ocean to you!" GuMingJian didn't speak, and, after a good half-day have way: "blue ocean is your blood and bit you made, I don't!" GuJiaTong way: "I later life, will go to pharmaceutical factory; I can't give consideration to the sea! Bunches. You don't have concerns. I regret embellish to you. Sigh the blue ocean real to you. I won't have any of the blue ocean business interfere." GuMingJian down half the window, the window of cold wind to come in, he narrowed his eyes seem to feel comfortable some: "elder sister, give me some time, let me alone?" GuJiaTong slowly nodded his head: "have time, to dad a call!" Continue living Beijing or have quite a lot of friends. From the day of the drug rehabilitation center, WangXueHai will call greetings,mbt sini and invited him to the zijin cabinet. Party to welcome him. GuMingJian consider it, and promised to go. Because GuMingJian prior requirements be sure to clean. WangXueHai didn't ask others. Looking at a full table of substantial dishes, GuMingJian insignificant say with smile: "let's two people, don't so big scene!" WangXueHai say with smile: "you is my best friend, today to celebrate your escape cage, regain a new life. I said what had to said!" GuMingJian sighed, WangXueHai put the bottle of louie 13 open, give him to a cup, end up glass way: "after have any plan?" GuMingJian end up took one sip of the wine cup, low voice way: "my elder sister to blue ocean to me! I want to be long stay in Beijing!" WangXueHai way: "with a flat sea so good conditions you don't use, run to the Beijing to do???????" GuMingJian with he touched glass: "you in the dongjiang river, the piece of land?" What about the things WangXueHai appear rather helpless. Dongjiang copy woven department stores investment is his business suffered from the biggest since the setback: "still stalled in there, dongjiang city government struck tomb, because let me stop open!"

GuMingJian frowned way: "is really not!" WangXueHai way: "what is the han dynasty tomb? Just a common grave, a bit of archaeological value all have no, not because LiangChengLong bid bears a grudge, and using his failure in the relationship between the dongjiang deliberately give I made hard!" GuMingJian way: "LiangChengLong this person is not simple!" WangXueHai sneer at a way: "he is on his uncle to give him up, LiangTian is deputy prime minister and walk was close, this society, where have to pay attention to relationship!" GuMingJian and didn't have a lot of interest in this. Took a sip of the wine and touch out a box of marlboro, started to smoke. WangXueHai looked at GuMingJian way: "is a chain-smoker ah, is still thinking about that thing?" GuMingJian shook his head: "forget! Don't!" WangXueHai sigh a way: "joy of field of play even if the thing, I didn't expect you will and XuNa entangled so long time, more thought that she will advise mbt kimondo you touch the thing!" GuMingJian wry smile way: "I don't blame you, is my own bad" he paused again way: "XuNa?" "This woman? She tube drink!" WangXueHai urged. GuMingJian perceive to some wrong, low voice way: "XuNa do now?" "She someone!" GuMingJian holding his glass hand trembled. See that he tried to control his anger: "Who?" "MingJian, this dusty woman you don not serious, take part in accidental amusement play it?" "You tell me who is it?" "Build appoint a cadre, CaiXuDong!" Make public is in at one o 'clock in the morning is short of the phone woke up with a start, he picked up the phone and call came GuJiaTong panicked voice: "make public" only let out a cry make public, she began to cry. Make public worry to the extreme, thought she what: "the good tong elder sister, why? You don't cry, stable in the mood to say again first!" "MingJian take away, said he hurt!" Make public heart a heavy, GuMingJian had just come out from the drug rehabilitation center, how so quick story out? This period of time in order to brother things, GuJiaTong rushing around, in the spirit has been under huge pressure, she thought things from now on will be well. But things didn't expect the violence GuMingJian and with the attack has plunged, have strong GuJiaTong could no longer bear, she thought of her first person is make public.

Make public comfort way: "the good elder sister, don't cry, Paul day fall down and I in! I'll be right to go to Beijing to!" GuJiaTong tearful nodded, she ChanSheng way: "now still don't know the man is alive or dead. I don't know what to say to my father!" Make public whispered, "hide not to live! You still like your father to tell the truth, he will not sit back ignore!" GuJiaTong stable the mood way: "this judicial organ has intervened each other's background is also very complex!" "Don't think about other things, you must not nasty, tomorrow I will to Beijing!" "Make public!" In the GuJiaTong chung dumb Chiang's taste. One thing make public and did not say wrong, father even if at all is not deceive, GuJiaTong and ZhangYangTong after finish words, finally decided to father a telephone. GuYun known this phone, only family know, he wrung bright berth lamp, pick up the phone, the heart has been aware of must have something important mbt tupu life, this is a kind of natural feeling. GuJiaTong in and make public said after this event. Sentiment has been stable for many, her little track: "dad! Haven't sleep?" GuYun know from her daughter's voice still detect a strange, he whispered, "the good MingJian had an accident. Is it made?" GuJiaTong surprised father keen insight, she gently well with me. "Don't panic, slowly say!" GuJiaTong this just will often things said the younger brother, from GuMingJian for a call XuNa woman, and appoint a cadre of gave birth to conflict, a hot GuMingJian mind with fruit knife chuo hurt each other, now of the cadre is still in hospital. 's still alive, police have put GuMingJian away. GuJiaTong way: "I've been looking around for XuZiDa let him go to ask, flat sea I didn't dare to Beijing office, afraid they bring up the bad influence!" GuYun know heart heavy on top of the world, he was silent for a moment, have a way: "the good tong, you have done well, it temporarily stir not flat sea Beijing office. I'll give it to you XuBoBo to make a phone call. Let him help you find out it over there, the public security organ, let the help with you, this of things no matter how MingJian hurt the cause, has become a fact, he broke the law of the country, you go to the hospital and wait, to see the case, if the "Daddy! You to Beijing?"

GuYun know not talking, after a long time just openings way: "something clear after, I'll go to!" At one o 'clock in the morning is no flights to Beijing. The train is same, can make public know. Now is the GuJiaTong needed him most help, he must appear as soon as possible in GuJiaTong before and he decided to drive went to Beijing. Drove into the high road after, to make public security from zhaohui and made a phone call, he had commissioned from zhaohui shut and take care of better tong, toward the fai may be able to know and some the truth of the matter. By this fellow at midnight from zhaohui xing wake appear a little angry, but when he heard about GuMingJian hurt also appears rather surprised: "this thing I don't know! He is not in the drug rehabilitation center? Just out. This little trouble it is not save worry!" ZhangYangDao: "boss this time you have to help me check, the cause and effect of the clear. I'm to Beijing? Come out, again good mbt goti thank you!" In the impression of evil from zhaohui this fellow also have never had so polite, and he seemed to homely things or really worry, evil from zhaohui nodded way: "I help you find out, the way you drive safely!" , GuMingJian continuous two knives let each other, liver and spleen rupture. Appeared massive haemorrhage, surgery has conducted five hours, still see the wounded from the inside out. GuJiaTong more and more nervous, each other's family, are in the operating room door sweating out, sometimes hear the mewl of women. GuJiaTong far away, far from looking at the family. She can't go past, while her heart is extremely stray helpless, and even a side that talk person all have no, she always thought that his strong enough, but when things real life. She didn't realize her wish have a pair of solid arm let her rely on, she is some tired close beautiful eyes. "Despite the total!" Blue ocean Beijing branch of the ZhaoGuoJiang appeared in front of GuJiaTong. GuJiaTong opened his eyes, whispered, "farewell, order?" ZhaoGuoJiang far to took a look, in GuJiaTong side sit down, whispered, "it is because a woman!"

undoubtedly the most outstanding 2012-06-13T03:16:00+01:00 2012-06-13T03:16:00+01:00 tag: mbtchongsheng mbtchongsheng Library long prison since the only return to office, now make public and Ann language in office to learn to have the morning diarrhoea, two people is to the south of the temple square commercial forest subsequent open plan come over, relocation and QiaoMeng between married have reached an agreement, according to the new planning "south Lin temple square commercial will in the original foundation expand a third, Ann language in order to send this morning is to plan, according to the regulations, Library long prison since the only return to office, now make public and Ann language in office to learn to have the morning diarrhoea, two people is to the south of the temple square commercial forest subsequent open plan come over, relocation and QiaoMeng between married have reached an agreement, according to the new planning "south Lin temple square commercial will in the original foundation expand a third, Ann language in order to send this morning is to plan, according to the regulations, LiChangYu reviews get discussion on the standing committee after, can finally decided decider. LiChangYu took the plan, this thing he knew very, QiaoMeng warm are not to be afraid of is gossip, but QiaoMeng warm since intervention, this thing is no problem, the so-called discussion is just a cover, who also won't open and jstars enemy, and what's more, QiaoMeng slow expansion of the south Lin temple square commercial scale plan is at all to the good mbt kisumu 2 economic exhibition river. It would not make public and how many relations, was the language morning took him hard with coming together. LiChangYu say with smile: "AnXiaoJie of the proposal I will carefully, and give you a reply as soon as possible!" Ann language morning smiles to say: "thank you for mayor li!" LiChangYu way: "you're welcome, you of the river relocation is obvious economic help!" He and to ZhangYangDao: "make public, the reform of the knitting factory lane? That help workers recently and did not continue to trouble?. ZhangYangDao: "tianjiao group has initially agreed to into the information management and the second copy woven factory clothing factory, is currently asset appraisal business accounting, factory workers not to let a person get in the mood after laid-off commitment stable, open area many former director XiaoLin woven into copy for the whole of the factory with the present condition is stable." LiChangYu nodded his head, make public is really a member blessing, the past several deputy mayor, YanXinJian is undoubtedly the most outstanding performance of not one, not make public to do after former, continuous SanBanFu.

Reputed brewery, river pharmaceutical factory, reputed copy woven factory, three big enterprise reform make USSR plopping applet, let YanXinJian this charge the deputy mayor of industry face is light, and in the city of form within the position also has rise of power. LiChangYu also heard some news, recently make public and YanXinJian, such as XiaoMing people have got close, he judge the make public is helping DuTianYe formation of his political team. Let LiChangYu disappointment, did not walk into DuTianYe field of vision. LiChangYu think of a standing committee just now, low voice way: "forget congratulations, the city decided, let you represent in the top 10 young river province campaign!" Because the standing committee just issue only ended, make public and didn't get the information, heard the results natural glad unceasingly, he say with smile: "thank you for mayor li!" LiChangYu say with smile: "you don't need to thank me. Most mbt panda of the vote you a ticket! You also calculate open history first, the past is a river in the top 10 young." ZhangYangDao: "he that bits are also yielded me!" This fellow to is not know modest. LiChangYu way: "to be the low-key time or low-key some!" He meant to make public have won the battle, should be appropriate some convergence. Zhang yan smiled did not speak. LiChangYu again way: "I heard that you have the WuGongGui sued court, said he slander your reputation. Against him libel!" Make public nodded his head: "I have evidence. He belongs to the face to slander shameless, I pretend to be sick in the hospital. First, a national cadre mean to that point, how will give him a little teach scrape." LiChangYu sigh a way: "you! No plain and neat, have to toss out something to heart just comfortable!" "Is he first made me!" LiChangYu also lazy tube he matter to the this fellow now strength, want to deal with a small section chief of the environmental protection bureau is also points scored things minutes, LiChangYu now think is made to DuTianYe task, it looks like the new secretary of municipal party committee of his work was not pleased with the result, if education reform in the words continue to inaction, his future would be more dark. Ann language morning way: "lee's mayor, I still have a thing!"

LiChangYu nodded way: "AnXiaoJie please say!" "My grandfather was once in the black hills son contributed more by school, he wanted to help the children in their hometown. We discuss, decided to help the grandfather through the go ahead, we're going to take out hk $twenty million to help show the education of the river behind, hope mayor li can provide convenient!" LiChangYu eye a light, Ann language it was morning lifesaver, twenty million financial donation education. Although not likely to be completely reform education system's appearance, also can let recently at least a pool of education reform appear with light color. He smiles to say: "I welcome the decision of the AnXiaoJie hands, you trust, we will support you river education work!" He paused again way: "AnXiaoJie, have you mbt imara thought of education, participated in the river by river education system reform?" Ann language morning little surprised way: "as far as I know, the mainland is not little said private school?" LiChangYu way: "we are looking into the experience of the reforms in advanced and now coastal cities have a lot of successful joint education precedent, AnXiaoJie might as well to think about it." Make public smile remained silent, he is watching out, LiChangYu caring on the morning the mighty man, language. Want to let her out more money to help the river education reform, this also showed LiChangYu in education reform recently got into trouble. The two men returned to the former do, Ann language morning way: "lee mayor offer is very interesting, if really allow private investment in education, and there will be paid back up." Make public little interest in, he lazy way: "investment education is benefits the country and the later generations, the big event, do you really want to do is do bai, replace turn deserves another." Ann language morning stared his one eye: "you just mean?" "I said wench, you the man how so sensitive?"

When talking to someone to come to visit, it is environmental protection bureau pollution control section chief WuGongGui, this fellow a face of embarrassment, if not by force does not have method, he also can't active house, now make public has to take him to court, the environmental protection agency is under great pressure, chief GengQi let WuGongGui as soon as possible to solve the problem, or let he suspended! WuGongGui courage active house, today he went to make public apology. Make public ignored WuGongGui, still and Ann language morning spoke. WuGongGui can't bother them, honesty in the room stood until the morning go, language, wu Implement a ten-day book pick and different body together) read what manner "clam rape outside Big officer person eyelid all no search. Picked up the newspaper shook herself, casual way: "why?" WuGongGui whispered, "zhang director, I came today is specially to your apology." "Oh! Where did you wrong?" WuGongGui mbt moto heart said I don't know you is wrong. I know you are make public, I his mama far away from, and his speech but he didn't dare to say so, whispered, "I shouldn't have personal SiYuan to work. To a director caused the bad influence!" Make public the newspaper to throw a sneer at the table: "personal SiYuan? I tell you nothing SiYuan! Whether you think I hit you wrong?" WuGongGui didn't speak. ZhangYangDao: "I know you defy spirit, you go, let's court see!" WuGongGui a listen to panic, "a director. I" I was wrong! " Indifferent to make public say with smile: "wrong! I almost forgot, are you apologize to me! The apology was a little sincerity!!!!!!!!! You will kneel to me and a cup of tea, the past things I will tell you a deleted, or I will not believe you sincerity!" WuGongGui a round face go red, this fellow is such a bully, incredibly let oneself give him on his knees, and she had gold, and shall not be killed humiliated! I his mama be quit, I also can't be you this insult! He almost the impulse of the twist to go, right now and think of their situation, make public defamation against him, HuYin's hand holding his recording record.

The thought of these things, thought suddenly turned into men can stretch ability the ruthless. WuGongGui bit biting his lips, he went to make public the cup before up, his legs a song of kneeling down. Make public is deliberately playing tricks on him, didn't expect the this fellow really got down on my knees, it seemed to him that is really taking the fellow's shameless degree. WuGongGui went way: "director zhang tea". Once people put his own corruption aside, any matter all not scruple. Make public took the cup and took a drink, leisurely way: "know I why want to beat you? Be clear their case to deal, you harassment hu, let me very uncomfortable!" At this time ZhuXiaoYun suddenly opened the door and came in, saw scene a scare, flurried and back out, she really can't understand and wide officer person in which play? WuGongGui embarrassed face flushed with anger, in the heart understand this thing perhaps will soon spread, and can now that on his mbt fora knees, make public not to let him up, he also couldn't up, otherwise the not white kneeling? Make public cup falling way: "get up!" WuGongGui this just standing up. ZhangYangDao: "see at you so sincere sake, a past matter son let's a deleted, you continue to dry your section chief, but after the best strict control over the national standard, not using their authority to dry out of bounds things!" WuGongGui repeatedly nod, right now can't find a hate stitched into. WuGongGui leave after former do, ZhuXiaoYun have had him to make public the pass out things kneel. From then on the tough wide officer person is added in the history of absorbing. Make public or some acting talent, the king in old street scenes must and gave him up the two shots. Of course should make public the requirements, all related to his lens is either figure, or is a vision. On the TV show one's face in public things, make public doesn't like. HuYin's early to cut expressed satisfaction with the samples, how Xin yan shooting full part covered with red down jacket also came to see the effect before the camera. See big officer person topless appears on the screen, and what she would HuYin Xin yan and laughed, and the king must way: "director zhang is acting talent. If in the entertainment industry exhibition might become the state superstar!"

he has made up his mind to 2012-06-13T03:12:30+01:00 2012-06-13T03:12:30+01:00 tag: mbtchongsheng mbtchongsheng To retreat from the body way: "I said, I don't take this girl!" That makeup girl all cover their lips way: "hate, the somebody else is a man!" Speaking in public is finger chest muscle poked chuo, big officer person of nausea a cold fibrillation: "dare again touch I take out your ya of!" DuTianYe in purple xia view turned a turn, recently the torch is also more and more on the purple xia leavened, old Taoist li xin busy to the righteous pilgrims signed solution, natural too busy eyes the strange To retreat from the body way: "I said, I don't take this girl!" That makeup girl all cover their lips way: "hate, the somebody else is a man!" Speaking in public is finger chest muscle poked chuo, big officer person of nausea a cold fibrillation: "dare again touch I take out your ya of!" DuTianYe in purple xia view turned a turn, recently the torch is also more and more on the purple xia leavened, old Taoist li xin busy to the righteous pilgrims signed solution, natural too busy eyes the strange visitors. DuTianYe in purple xia view NaZhuan a circle. Head to make public the stone floor of said, stone floor closed door, ChenChongShan is not at home, DuTianYe are preparing to go to the purple xia view of ask, see a spirit of the old man carrying a shotgun wooed mbt shoes sale basket, hand carry a goose go up. ChenChongShan does not know the present is his own son, although some days ago to give his wife when the grave 1, ChuZhenNa ever to take photos for him to see, ChenChongShan refused, he has made up his mind to, in this life won't appear in the son of the world. ChenChongShan expression is very cold, just like the taishan hard rocks of the qing dynasty, decades of wind and frost hone formed his now rarely and stranger exchanges of character. DuTianYe greeted him with a smile: "is ChenShuShu?" ChenChongShan slightly YiZheng, white eyebrows slightly raise way; "I don't know you like?" DuTianYe say with smile: "I call DuTianYe, my father is DuShanKui!" ChenChongShan as heavy hammer hit by heart. The whole people immediately silly in there, the hand that wild goose dropped unexpectedly fell to the ground. DuTianYe to ChenChongShan so response feel some strange, no matter what happen to him that, before the old man is his own father. He bowed ChenChongShan picked up the ground for the goose. ChenChongShan looked at DuTianYe appearance, the heart of the warmth of a sour taste dispersion to spread. He thought of lost his wife QiuMin, looking at the DuTianYe outline, like when I was young. "ChenShuShu! ChenShuShu!" DuTianYe for two consecutive sound to get ChenChongShan aroused from meditation, he newsletter straightened mood, revealing a small curt smile way: "the chief's son, good! Good".

He took the DuTianYe hand the goose: "quick! Sit inside!" ChenChongShan walk into the room and threshold is nearly tripped over, thanks to DuTianYe timely carried her up. DuTianYe appreciate ChenChongShan calligraphy in the room, ChenChongShan give he made a cup of wild tea. Until now ChenChongShan are not from excited trees down, he a shaky voice way: "day, at noon in the wild, eating here!" DuTianYe say with smile: "no, my father let me give you to get some things!" He put the gift of the ChenChongShan pass, ChenChongShan nodded. "sit down." He didn't DuTianYe in the face of the open, but came to the back. The inside is a printing package, sew up very reinforced, and ChenChongShan opened the parcel, but see the inside is a set of old children has mbt tenga faded bedding, ChenChongShan saw the bedding decorative pattern, circle suddenly red, his wife left the wear is the dress before, ChenChongShan affectionate touch with bedding, two lines of murky waters of the tears ran down his manly face slide. There are also a letter. ChenChongShan tore open the envelope and spread writing paper. Inside the DuTianYe written eight character horoscope, in addition to a red rope string up peach wooden peace operators. ChenChongShan memory suddenly back to more than 30 years ago, his hand to give his wife peace operator worn on the wrist: "quick! This is carved with my own peace operator, to bless you in the safety of the mother DuTianYe wait outside for ten minutes now to see ChenChongShan came out, ChenChongShan tried to control his emotions, in the opposite DuTianYe sat down, and smiles to say: "the day the river to center field, you travel?" DuTianYe smile shook her head: "turn their work, will stay for a long time, and I will settle down here, my parents took a live a long time, when the time comes, you can meet." "Well, well, well". DuTianYe way: "I heard ChenShuShu write a good word, can help me to write a word?" ChenChongShan nodded his head: "I'm going to write to you." DuTianYe and not think of ChenChongShan promised so happy, and how can he know, don't say that is to write, he is the ChenChongShan also won't refuse any request, in the heart of the ChenChongShan, his wife and children too much debt of too many, if possible.

He would do everything in his power to compensate them, his wife died, all of his love have poured in DuTianYe's body.Make public and what Xin yan in the 11 o 'clock to visit the stone floor, two people shooting in points of smooth, came to before the stone floor, see SangShan Chen and DuTianYe are DuTianYe see coming make public, and got up and went way: "so long!" Make public say with smile: "shot a few scenes. So delayed!" DuTianYe afternoon also want to see ChunYang open area. So now put down the mountain, ChenChong check. Extremely reluctant to his heart go, but this kind of words and can't speak, just invite them to stay for dinner. Make public understand ChenChongShan thoughts, to DuTianYe way: "old man a gracious, Chen or here let's eat a meal to walk again!"DuTianYe mbt kesho consent. To make public the father and his son want to give him the opportunity to create some get along. Let Xin yan to cook what, ChenChongShan has faded the goose good hair, make public a good after, what Xin yan with stone mountain a stew pot ear t. mongolicum....... Filled with the aroma. Because the afternoon and investigation, DuTianYe and didn't drink, ZhangYangWang with their father and son, was more looks more like, before departing, ChenChongShan and to make public a bag of dried wild mushrooms, how to Xin yan a spike, and as for DuTianYe is obtained with the writing ChenChongShan banners and infinite, future success. ChenChongShan listened from make public DuTianYe river has served as the party secretary, that is later will certainly have a chance to meet up, in the heart is glad and font. DuTianYe the time they left, make public deliberately fell in the final, low voice to ChenChong mountain: "old man, how do I feel Chen this DuTianYe looks like you?" ChenChongShan slightly YiZheng, immediately perceive to make public HuaLiYouHua, eighty percent are know oneself and the relationship between the DuTianYe, but since he did not TiaoMing ChenChongShan is not admit, low voice way: "you don't blather." Make public say with smile: "become, I don't blather, I go!" ChenChongShan called out to him, low voice way: "free often come to sit!" ZhangYangXin leader will be: "you feel it, has the time I used to sit and social secretary!"

The standing committee on Monday, the topic is finally landed in the top 10 young to elect province on ZuoYuanChao according to the offer, the standing committee of the vote. This kind of thing was not kind to the standing committee of labor. But because of a series of turmoil caused by before the election, so can only use this seemingly fair way to solve. Fair never is relative, most people think fair, director of the National People's Congress ZhaoYangLin but it didn't seem fair, his son-in-law SunDongJiang all in all should win, should become outstanding young representatives of the river, but the DuTianYe arrival messed up his plan, DaiShiChang ZuoYuanChao fandango, this help all to curry favor with the new standing committee of municipal party committee mbt kafala secretary, the result is don't want to think more. After the vote and without any accident, make public to overwhelming advantage was elected as the top ten provinces young candidate, of course, pku secretary SunDongJiang is still top of the youth river. But this is a when some timid. No meaning. Top 10 of the top 10 river sea of peace gap as provincial party committee secretary and party secretary, the difference is no ordinary big! ZhaoYangLin mood now bad on top of the world, DuTianYe just declare the meeting closed, he left the meeting room. LiChangYu also ready to go, but it was DuTianYe stop. DuTianYe please him to go to his office. Something to talk about and he alone. LiChangYu wasn't immediately to DuTianYe office, and went outside to smoke two cigarettes, was the nicotine addiction, this just to find DuTianYe. DuTianYe find LiChangYu is talk about education reform of the river, the river education system recently complained a continuous stream of petitions, many questions are concentrated in there, if not as soon as possible to solve, sooner or later, will escalate. LiChangYu also understand problems do exist. But education reform is not to say that the change will change, the current education system has been implemented for decades, want to reform talk easy? DuTianYe way: "we the direction of reform is to acquire material civilization and spiritual civilization.

Education reform double harvest is the top priority of the good education mechanism, only to ensure the peace of mind to class, the worker spread to the country to train and conveying more available, education is related to the future of our nation, never let relax LiChangYu way: "du secretary, I have been thinking about this matter, but education and enterprise in different, enterprise reform if failed, but we can never the education if reform fails, there is no important opportunity to, we can't take the child when experiments DuTianYe way: "I said these words mean and not take the child when experimental products, but to improve education quality". LiChangYu way: "in fact education system now appear restless mentality, and teachers' salary income has a direct relationship as a non-profit unit, the teacher, the income and all walks of life can't, and the individual first, compared the progress of the reform enterprise then, different, caused the social income different. So will have to build atomic bombs than the income selling tea said. LiChangYu is not without doing the work, the most recent period in the mbt tembea coffee condition of the education he carried out a series of investigation and analysis, the master a lot of information. DuTianYe way: "long comrade yu, since you are the problem, don't hesitate, to do something to improve teachers' income! They have higher incomes, the mindset is peace." LiChangYu way: "now education are to rely on state funding, education funds under want to promote their wages, difficult! It's quite difficult!" "The hardest! If you don't do, the problem will never be solved! Long yu comrade, you need to be action!" It DuTianYe euphemism, can LiChangYu or to listen to criticism of the meaning, LiChangYu some depressed left DuTianYe office, is the secretary of municipal committee of the first fire from his head to burning? Chapter two hundred and forty-one of the winds up xi 】

the issue of mayor tamper with 2012-06-13T03:10:44+01:00 2012-06-13T03:10:44+01:00 tag: mbtchongsheng mbtchongsheng DuTianYe stared at him way: "you little boy to me nonsense! You think everyone like you?" He intended to board up face way: "say, you how Xin yan with how?" "Innocence, pure, a glass of water, said out certain to let you down!" DuTianYe shook her head. "I don't believe in! Your boy had better give me the convergence points, is my niece collected, if you dare I'm sorry she, I first not let you!" Make public cough a track: "I said, I just talk of du on where to? How do you to women so interested?" DuTianYe stared at him way: "you little boy to me nonsense! You think everyone like you?" He intended to board up face way: "say, you how Xin yan with how?" "Innocence, pure, a glass of water, said out certain to let you down!" DuTianYe shook her head. "I don't believe in! Your boy had better give me the convergence points, is my niece collected, if you dare I'm sorry she, I first not let you!" Make public cough a track: "I said, I just talk of du on where to? How do you to women so interested?" DuTianYe ha ha smile 1, end up with glass he touched, will the rest of the wine to drink a dry, employed a peanuts into his mouth: "you to ZuoYuanChao and LiChangYu how see?" Make public lean back on the back: "bad to say, they all have strengths and weaknesses. LiChangYu mbt meli practical, but things tend to be conservative cautious, ZuoYuanChao long run, but do things some radical!" DuTianYe way: "as far as I know your private feelings and said LiChangYu better, it is he brought you out of the hand ChunYang promoted up." Make public point nod, think of yourself and LiChangYu during the past was between Sarah laughing in the heart. If not LiChangYu and GeChunLi peep of cheating in the river, he made the mistake of the met, would not walk into political career? And if not LiChangYu in, now has become too came. ZhangYangDao: "for good, but I LiChangYu he many times not to do some force! It is a lack of final drive!" "ZuoYuanChao?" "He for the past me, but since the last and lanshan competition national economic open after the things. Of my attitude improve!" DuTianYe smiled to get up: "that's because. Now a lot of people know that you are the governor's future son-in-law, song or deputy prime minister of the godson!" Make public say with smile: "also is not just this reason, I estimate that he didn't want to and I am afraid of me, mainly is in him and LiChangYu competition on the issue of mayor tamper with." DuTianYe nodded way: "you make to break skill is the first-class!" ZhangYangDao: "you asked me so many do you want to do in their two people in a choice?"

DuTianYe way: "the two men are not too much suspense, LiChangYu used to get their appreciation, secretary of the river can be the other day, to GuJiaTong accident sanhuan road brought some trouble, this made the gu secretary was not happy. LiChangYu although river in tourism to make some contribution to the river, may to the old industrial base for. The leaders would like to see is not the result of tourism industry, but each big enterprise change!" ZhangYangDao: "you are to say LiChangYu catch the wrong key?" DuTianYe way: ", he could have different functions in education and medical make some achievements, but his luck and seem to be not too good, education system, medical system had an accident, couple of things make him the impression in the province is much mbt tembea worse!" Make public low voice way: "you to his impression also not good?" DuTianYe way: "I spoke to him the impression still can. At least one can withstand the investigation of the commission for discipline inspection, the volunteers in the party spirit in principle not too many Ran problem! But I now he is rare in female six words, such as what you said just now, he works for thousand cautious. Will and set aggressive reform is, a careful person. It's hard to do lead the burden of this reform. ZuoYuanChao person is different, he is missing * point, the look LiChangYu greater than, and he always is make economic background!" Make public say with smile: "you not afraid he robbed you stole the show. This kind of words? And only he dare to ask out. DuTianYe say with smile: "I wish he robbed me of my thunder, as long as the reform of the river to make up, the economy can get real exhibition, rob some thunder?" ZhangYangDao: "you tend to ZuoYuanChao reason is because LiChangYu is HongWeiJi factions of the people? You don't want to use him?" DuTianYe way: "is not don't want to use, but to consider how to use, again say the mayor's candidate I said is not! Only to advice! I tend to ZuoYuanChao was the real reason for the leadership, he is better than the relationship LiChangYu, want to lead a team, the government must be able to will be a very good cadre unity around themselves.

Of course this is only in their initial impression, a lot of things to come and see later on ZhangYangDao: "have no much time, and, after a year's NPC!" DuTianYe say with smile: "YanXinJian is a doer, his mind not XiaoMing flexible, but this man have bear!" Make public heart dark joy, if oneself DuTianYe this in the comments told YanXinJian, I'm afraid, vice mayor of music and the strict to sleep. DuTianYe chat xing is strong, can make public starts her yawn: "not line, I could not support the, have to go back to sleep." DuTianYe but way: "here are guest room. You can stay here with me talk more for a while!" "That what DuTianYe say with smile: "you somehow is also a national cadre, have to pay more attention to the impact "I didn't do it out of bounds, you don't use the color with the glasses watch me not?. " The second day early in the morning, zhang coconut six was DuTianYe from slumber, this is to let his secretary du with to green yunfeng? Make public mbt tariki looked at the time, but at five o 'clock in the morning, and shook her head. "are you energy excess, sleep so late last night, the son and got up early!" "Early to early in the afternoon, I'm going back to ChunYang open area see!" Make public having either way: "early know so let your driver to be with you." He first to any Xin yan a call, about what Xin yan together up the hill. Wait until he finished washing gargle, came to the restaurant. Now Sue slow has sent entertainment for breakfast, it is not the star up. Make public and DuTianYe after breakfast, how Xin YanCai came to a house number, girls home dress always need time, make public hands her early in the way the eat, take the responsibility of the DuTianYe driving, let the party secretary when the driver, are not ordinary treatment. DuTianYe is the second time to clear taishan to, but the last time is to follow together to eat meat make public. And not enough time to enjoy the scenery of taishan. This was an opportunity to visit the qing taishan. The road to the green has laid yunfeng finished, they came to clear a foot of the time is 6:30, b the convoy have been arrived in 66. Enter the scenic area, you can see a huge billboard, printed the taishan and tourism ambassador clear what a giant photograph of Xin yan, DuTianYe say with smile: "it is clear HeXiaoJie taishan tourism ambassador!"

ZhangYangDao: "now it seems that ChunYang Xin yan signing can be occupied with the cheap, at the outset endorsements to much ah, now Xin yan endorsements of started rising. No, not bothering to might". What Xin yan cui way: "I was so snobbish? I love the mountains and rivers, not really considered money thing!" DuTianYe say with smile: "entertainment can have HeJie character of this does not see more!" ZhangYangZheng want to speaking to, she would HuYin the phone call came in, HuYin she would be looking for sending fighters into his obsequies: "make public, you have to turn what Xin yan I where to go?" Make public say with smile: "I said hu, early in the morning, the internal heat of how so big? She's here, we go to the qing taishan playing!" HuYin's way: "said today, even signing you introduce me to the Hong Kong director must also HeXiaoJie consultations with the king of the details of the shoot." ZhangYangDao: "the evening should go back!" "You mbt haraka black have to clear the taishan? King in film and television, must base, you took the time to meet with him, to see if his plan". Automobile driving to rush dragon waterfall stop, the journey they need to walk, walk more than a hour after, came to the sea of qingyun, make public received the king must call, he is base on location? And how to make public and Xin YanXian to him there to see. DuTianYe didn't have much interest in this kind of thing. And make public agreed in the purple xia view see each other, he alone went to the top of the mountain. Pharmaceutical factory must take advertising is to find the king of make public recommend, the king must also very to make public face, just a symbolic ten thousand yuan fee, he Xin yan cooperation before and what photographed the river brewery advertising. Make public and what Xin yan came to exterior base, the king must is directing the photograph of a group of ace of the battle scenes, two stuntman action is not in place, the film is not satisfied, spirit the king must use the ji inside gung la of cantonese a scold mercilessly, and then put the site to the deputy director. To make public in front, the king must face and smile an idea: "a director, not you as to qing taishan come!"

Make public smiled: "everyone is the man, I accompany HeXiaoJie come talk about advertising things!" The king must way: "I have an idea, just make this clear, HeXiaoJie change into the costume CaiYao taishan, then switch to an ancient medicine fang pictures. The antique, lasting appeal is boundless!" He is a pay attention to efficiency of person: "HeXiaoJie since I'm here, today let's clear shots of the taishan to finish filming, back to fill some old street river took the lens, the whole advertising than". What Xin yan also didn't want to shoot a delay too long time. She nodded way: "into! Finishing signing is the same HuYin again she would they are all brothers, of course, need not worry about the default problem. ZhangYangDao: "that you stay here. I have to let shot to the top of the mountain to see see!" The king must but way: "you don't have to rush off! This advertising have to please a director help!" He had seen of make public skill,mbt sirima black so there will be such a request. ZhangYangAn way: "force on national cadre to you when an actor, you can think of enough!!!!! Please afford me?" 7 The king must say with smile: "director zhang figure. I'm going to have a type of advertising in pharmaceutical companies to give you a figure." "What?" "Half that!" "Your brain? Let me have a short that a party member take off in holding play?" The king must way: "my idea is a girl, the ancient medicine CaiYao basket, carrying one slip down from the cliff, the key moment, a * * in the upper body strong LouFu a seize her. Then two people fall in love at first sight, and the camera then switch to the ancient medicine the making process of the lane and then switch to you two continus back, a director of the global didn't want to. I can only find someone else Big officer person listen to, to find someone else with any Xin yan continus, this also get, my woman which can let others touch!!!!! He immediately nodded way: "I shot a!!!!!! So make public also follow makeup girl into the make up. Now that is LouFu, clothes will not, of course, is showily, put on a gingham trousers, deng top straw sandals. Upper body * *, big officer person don't normally have little exercise, size and strong and handsome, muscle well-balanced, because the skin long after sunlight is also healthy tan, the dia in gas makeup girl dia, stretch out LanHuaZhi pinching make public arms way: "You figure it. This fellow was wide officer person got chills.